Will your term change people's first impression of Hamilton, and make that first impression more attractive to visitors, students, commuters and newcomers? If so, how?

Responses to the question: "Will your term change people's first impression of Hamilton, and make that first impression more attractive to visitors, students, commuters and newcomers? If so, how?"

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Baldasaro, Michael James Yes Yes, I believe my term in office will change everyone's first impression of Hamilton and make that first impression more attractive to everyone.

The first impression of Hamilton will be, what the Hell, these people are survivors and know how to live well.

Today we have a dysfunctional Council and City Services because our Leaders have not been capable of working with and communicating with Council or City Employees.

As Hamilton's Chief Justice of the Peace, I will run City Council as the Court and Civic Parliament it is and should be. I will work to place time limits on Councilors submissions accordingly. We must do our homework at home and bring to the Council Table short concise submissions, just as we do when we run as Candidates for Office.

We will once again be known for our prosperity, fairness and innovation, especially in the Industrial fields due our employment of vacant buildings and U.S. Steel and other workers in order to make equipment to supply our new found Industries for harvesting, handling, research and processing Hemp/Marijuana products.

We will provide Bus Depots/Stations where Buses will service and reside throughout each City of the G.H.A., Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook, Hamilton, Mount Hope and Stoney Creek. Our fleet will all run on bio-fuels grown and developed within the Greater Hamilton/Hemp Area.

We will be known for our ingenuity by creating the Office of 2 Councilors per Ward, one of whom will be wo-man-dated to be a female. This will reduce the need to throw away millions of dollars we now spend on Consultants and will raise the bar for contenders seeking Office while providing greater representation more evenly for everyone so we may better find solutions to the problems facing everyone in our Area which should and will be rated fairly and equitably.

We will build condos, residences and entertainment at the West Harbour and a Crystal Palace as it was when Gore Park was glassed in. Indoors and out-door walkways from Gore Park over top Jackson Sq. all the way down to the West Harbour. Hamilton will be a destination for to enjoy year round. inside and out.
Bratina, Bob Yes During my first term Canadians will be hearing different things about Hamilton than what they have heard, especially from the Mayor's office during the previous two terms. The Mayor is or should be the number one salesperson for Hamilton.

The thing that will be significantly changed is the Hamilton "brand". At one time "made in Japan" implied cheapness and low quality. That was changed diametrically in a generation after the 2nd World War. We can do that for Hamilton.
Butani, Mahesh P. Yes My term will be defined by the theme: HamiltonNow! - not our yesterday, not our tomorrow, but our NOW!

It will strengthen our shaky confidence in our own abilities to seize the moment and run with it in order to carve out our own destiny -- an act of 'community self actualization' that is rooted in implicit respect for our younger generation and their dreams & aspirations; while not loosing our deep admiration for our seniors and their contributions.

My proposal to develop an open citizens office in the mayor's office called InnoHa! - short for "InnovateHamilton" - will define new standards in community collaboration; organizational transparency & public accountability; and cutting edge innovations in sustainable living.

Creativity or a' creative city' will be the natural outcome of adopting these principles, and the first impressions of my approach will be: a truly open and welcoming Hamilton - which will never again have to shout out aloud about its attractiveness, but by the very way it conducts itself, will be perceived as one.
Eisenberger, Fred Yes We have already made great strides with new anti-graffiti measures, by reviving a program to plant flowers on traffic medians, thereby erasing urban blight, and through our Clean and Green by 2015 program of cleaning up the city.

Going forward, our Pan Am Games initiative will be a driving force in cleaning up our community through brownfield re-development, new sport infrastructure, and a legacy of increased activity in wellness. Hamilton will never be the same as we welcome the world with open arms during the 2015 Pan Am Games.
Filice, Pasquale Yes Yes, fix downtown first. It's imperative or change will not come.
Haines, Andrew Yes If Hamilton became known as the City which is, truly, guided by its own citizens.,

If Hamiltonians were given the opportunity to love each-other and to help each other just a little more than they already do.,
If Hamilton NO LONGER NEEDED to have homeless shelters or soup wagons.,
If Hamilton had easy access to affordable and efficient transit.,
If Hamilton RE-emerged as the "Centre of the Universe", THE place to be, THE place to work, THE place to raise a family and THE place to invest-in, what would ALL that say about those of us here, in the Hammer?

As I have asked countless times: PLEASE visit www.UsNowfilm.com and see exactly what I want to introduce to Hamilton.

And remember: "Career Politicians" are a lot like diapers: they need to be changed often and for the same reason.
Hamilton, Glenn Yes Yes, I would change our image to a new business hot spot so jobs and new companies are plentiful and bring new life to our business sector for jobs. I would make City Hall business friendly. I would also aggressively market and change Hamilton to express all our natural beauty, arts and lifestyle. We need a new Hamilton and that's me. Vote Glenn Hamilton for Hamilton on Monday Oct 25th.
Leach, Ken Yes People's first impression of Hamilton is negative at first glance. Entering the downtown core is a lesson in social planning gone wrong. We have grouped all of our social services in a single area. Through simple use of postal code sampling, we could shift social services to the areas at risk, while changing the face of the downtown core.
Marrone, Tone Yes I believe that our city's image is the most critical issue facing this city. Poverty has helped develop the image we have,so in a round about way,poverty is the most critical issue facing Hamilton today. People in poverty need to have a sense of purpose in life. We as a municipal government have to help facilitate programs that will enrich the lives of the less fortunate and develop a renewed sense of belonging and purpose.

My platform has been based on a rejuvenated city that will be pleasing to the senses. A city that looks beautiful will attract people and business. Making that ideal a priority is exactly why I'm running for Mayor. Hamilton needs a new image. My term as mayor will concentrate on bringing the arts and entertainment world to our community. I envision a major film festival,studios in our brownfields, a vibrant clean downtown, a major theme park somewhere on our waterfront and a state of the art Pan American stadium at confederation park. I would like to have a consensus on bringing a casino to Hamilton ,if the people want it, why not. Tourism is big business that our community is missing out on. It's time for a change.
Speziale, Gino Yes To achieve this goal of changing people's perspectives and first impression of Hamilton, I as Mayor would institute and charge all councilors to obtain an accurate census from their respective constituents on how to improve, revitalize and to embrace the changes that need to be made by the people and for the people. Only citizens can see the real light that shines on their community. By instituting their recommendations which could and in some cases would infringe and superseding Federal and Provincial laws.

At best, laws of the land are created by individuals that are so far removed from the common citizen of Hamilton and Region that their decisions at the Provincial and Federal levels respectively, causes greater hardships for our citizens then beneficial as it was intended. The negative impacts of our City have greater challenges than most other Municipalities. Such as having the HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT in the nation, being the highest TAXED Region in the Province, having the highest CRIME RATE PER CAPITA in the Nation and just about TWENTY FIVE PERCENT(25%) of the population is living on or below the POVERTY LINE. All these unsustainable conditions create enormous and immense hardships and stresses on our citizens. Statistic show that the percentage of citizens throughout this Region are among the highest living with all levels and stages of depression. These alarming levels have not been seen or documented since the second world war.

Most of which is induced by living standards and conditions that should not be and are mostly forced upon the citizens by laws that deter the good citizens of our Region to do the right thing in bad times. By shear numbers of the population, each community would present their councilor a list of recommendations (demands) that may include the elimination of crime such as drugs, prostitution and gang activity from their community and a completion date to ensure the mandates are completed. The councilors will be held accountable to ensure all is completed within the time allotted to the satisfaction of the concerned citizens. If the mandate is not completed or did not meet the citizens expectation, the community could start proceedings to remove the councilor from his or her position under a new law which I as Mayor will put on the table for a vote and ensure it passes. Any councilor that votes against it will show their true colour and motive for their position in Council. This is were laws of the land could be infringed upon. Laws will be passed that states "Any person that infringes or violates another person in any way and found guilty will be fined no less than $25,000 per charge. Court and policing costs will be covered and the difference be given to the victim. Any person caught in the act of illegal entry of a citizens home will have no rights of defence and any actions taken by the citizen to protect his or her home and family will not be chargeable in this act of defence.

These are a few examples of the necessary changes needed to turn the City and Region around. At which point all systems are in place, the natural metamorphosis from being labeled "The armpit of Ontario", "The filthy City", "The City with nothing to offer" and many other negative impressions will be replaced with valid statements such as " The safest City in Canada", "True City of ambition" and "The City to work in, raise a child in, play and enjoy in and most importantly, to retire in".
Waxman, Steven Yes Hamilton is troubled by perceptions which become realties to thos who perceive same. We must appear cohesive and organized and strive to become 'ambitious' once again. We must ensure that there is substance behind any image campaigning. You can only sell waterfalls so much before they dry up!
Ward 01
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McHattie, Brian Yes The key to this image change for Hamilton is to change the view from the Burlington Skyway. Brainstorming on this is required but I like Councillor Bratina's water fountain idea (aka Lake Geneva in Switzerland), wind turbines or similar. Earlier I proposed a shared Hamilton-Burlington tourism centre off Eastport Drive beside the Canada Centre for Inland Waters and the bird breeding islands, capturing tourists before they go over the Skyway on their way to Niagar Falls

We need to continue working on restoration of downtown Hamilton with more investment in the Core versus greenfield urban boundary expansion. Likewise the greenfirld fascination needs to shift to brownfield restoration.
Ward 02
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Caplan, Marvin Yes Micro loans, small business incubators, literacy, nutrition, parenting training and more should be facilitated. Changing the view of steel mills is difficult.
Castle, John Yes Pave Main St. (hitting those potholes, cracks, ridges) as you drive into town does not create a favourable first impression.
Coleman, Shane Yes My term will bring about long needed change in Hamilton. I have prepared a downtown beautification project.

We will be supporting Urban Greening including rooftop gardening, urban gardening, promotion of wind and solar.

Anti-graffiti programs, by giving these young budding artists other areas to express their talent.

Hamilton has been labeled an anti-business city. I want to change that. As a business owner I understand many of the challenges and difficulties they face. If we work in tandem bringing people to live and work downtown again while supporting business we will see a downtown revitalization which will awe visitors, students, commuters and newcomers.
Farr, Jason Yes I hope so - that's the point. If I work hard, listen and appreciate and respect the process... great things can fall into place.
Gentile, Matteo Yes If I am fortunate enough to represent ward 2, my term will definitely change perceptions. First I will change the perception of city hall with my four guiding principles.

1 - work with integrity...do what you say and say what you do.

2 - do it with respect. Regardless of differing opinions, you convey respect.

3 - Due diligence and process effect decision making, not personal agendas and

4 - when it involves spending, ask how will we be paying for it.

Next I will fight for the city to remediate Brownfield's to attract development. In my opinion if we really want to move forward on getting the Brownfield's developed, we have to stop talking about it and DO something about it. It is why I am saying the city needs to take the lead, remediate the lands or provide great incentives for others to do so. I do not want to have another wasted generation of talk...let's get it done!
Ielasi, Pat Yes I don't know if it will haven in the first term but I would like to see a Centralized Public Transportation Hub at the West harbour site, Go Train, Go Bus, and city Buses making there stop at same location. Residential Condominium, with coffee shops, restaurants, and outdoor entertainment faculties across from that train station, extending the train service so the Lakeshore Line goes from Whitby to Niagara Falls. Rearranging current bus routes and deploying resources to service areas that currently get no service, to make the city buses more accessible, affordable, and timely.

Imagine, the reduction of cars commuting between Hamilton and Toronto, currently it is estimated that 35,000 cars make that trip daily.

Imagine the potential investment and jobs that can be generated from the pedestrian traffic of having such a transportation hub located there.

Imagine if you will the first impressions of people getting off the train and seeing a vibrant business district as opposed to the vision of old Stelco and Dofasco while driving down the Queen Elisabeth Way.

We have so many beautiful things in our city, the Royal Botanical Gardens, the Waterfalls, the architecture of older buildings and the many places of worship. Such a diverse culture, foods and restaurants, theatres, talented actors and musicians, world class facilities, and we need to begging to showcase these to people from outside our city so that they can learn about them and appreciate them the way we do.
Janjic, Ned Yes I don't really care about the external impression of our community to others. My concerns are with the quality of life of our citizens. Once our own self-image of our community improves, others will change their first impressions of Hamilton.
Jelly, Matt Yes I believe that the City's website must be completely done over. The website is the one of the main platforms for showcasing our City. We need to move quickly to develop a new more functional website, to catch up to municipalities across Canada who recognize how important a functional, user-friendly website is. We need to move into the 21st Century in this regard. Having a website that has significantly better functionality showcases Hamilton in very positive ways including more engagement and interaction with those new to our City.

I support a strong business arts community. It is one of the cornerstones of the new economy and a key opportunity to bring people to Hamilton. Investment in this business sector is a priority of my campaign.

I will not shy away from downtown's most complex problems - graffiti, abandoned buildings, crime, and addressing Hamilton's homelessness crisis. At the risk of sounding overly simplistic, I truly believe these are key elements, which would help to go a long way in attracting and keeping people and businesses.

I will continue to fight for brownfield remediation including an interest free loan program for cleaning up brownfields. This is key to changing our City's image.

Finally, I will work to ensure key developments in downtown - the Connaught, the Barton Tiffany area - are achieved in accordance with Putting People First (downtown) and Setting Sail (West Harbour).
Wright, Kevin Yes I intend to use my first term to make meaningful and lasting changes in people's lives. The people who I'm talking about are the residents of Ward 2 and the city. I want to show them that they can have a councillor who'll serve their needs and interests and who'll do everything, with-in the law, to get things done. I intend to show them that there is such a thing as an honest politician with honour, integrity, and a sense of service and duty to the people.
Ward 03
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Black, Bob Yes When elected it is my intention to put every effort I possibly can into cleaning up Ward 3 because Ward 3 is my ward, my home. We need to change the look of the Ward and clean up the parks, derelict buildings and maintain/improve the beautiful green spaces within our ward. One idea to this end it to utilize our current assets, to get the gardeners of the ward who would like to show off their skills, to volunteer to work on the greenery. It is also my intention to approach the Boy Scouts/Girl Guides and possibly the City Kidz to pitch in with the clean up some of the streets as well.

I have already started to work with some of the residents of the ward in an initial effort to start the clean up of the ward. I have no issue with rolling up my sleeves and pitching in, it brings back memories of working on the farm as a young man. If even a few start, in time many will follow as they see the progress and enjoy the beauty it brings out.
Gibson, Sean Yes As a local business owner and an entrepreneur, I have already begun changing the way people look at our city. I have a great deal invested in this City and within the area already. On a daily basis, our business engages students from local schools, to the residents in the community and newcomers in a meaningful way. I would like to bring this passion and progressive attitude to City Hall on behalf of our Ward, and in turn changing how our City and Ward is viewed. I would be privileged to represent this Ward and above all this City as an engaged and steadfast Councillor. In doing so I would continue to hold Hamilton and Ward 3 in the highest regard and strive to make Hamilton a destination for many.
McGrimmond, Wilamina Yes I have tried a few times to get something changed here.

Prince George B.C. has a good working program to clean up the city and park benches throughout the city.

I asked my sister what all the groups of people were doing? Her reply was that everyone that lived in the city has to clean up their own part of their community.
There is no litter around, buildings clean, people in the jail makes outdoor furniture for around the city and it works there so why not here.
you have to be proud of your city to do your own small part.
Tetley, Paul Yes We will use a multi-pronged approach to change people's first impression of Hamilton. That starts with improved marketing of Hamilton's assets, both cultural and physical, not only to people new to Hamilton, but to long time Hamilton residents, and outsiders as well.

We need to incorporate Tourism Hamilton into plans to create, manage and maintain a Hamilton Guide for Newcomers (and Visitors), Facebook Page, Twitter Account and an expanded website that will be used to market the many great things that exist in all parts of Hamilton. This promotion and marketing will target new and long time residents, as well as people visiting, or considering visiting, Hamilton.

We also need to actively engage the students of Mohawk and McMaster to increase the appeal of Hamilton and increase the post graduation retention rates.
Ward 06
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Behrens, Chris Yes Part of my first term will be dedicated to those in my ward who feel left out and abandoned; it is a big concern here in Ward 6. However, to change the first impressions of Hamilton, I feel that we need to rebrand this city to the "Waterfall Capitol of the World", which we are. It is such an eco-friendly name, with plenty to offer. A name like that will be very intriguing to visitors, in fact while I illuminated Albion Falls for breast cancer on October 22nd, we had people from Woodstock, Grimsby, and Burlington, come out and join us. As a teacher, I understand student needs. What makes me a good teacher, is because I always remember back to when I was a student. Transit needs to be improved and cost less than it does today, that is what students and commuters tell me. Another way to welcome new comers and to keep those who are here now, is tax cuts, or freeze them. Many residents and businesses abandon plans to move here due to our high taxes, we need to resolve this very soon, or we will lose more of our tax base. A community council here in Ward 6 will be another great improvement. The council will hold the councillor accountable, while bringing the voice of the constituent closer to City Hall.
Knowles, Steven Yes My term will definitely change the view of this city. I feel regardless of the outcome this city has really gotten involved in this process and it will go to benefit our future generations. From a personal stand point I feel I will have a huge effect on the youth of this city. I understand the issues facing our youth and I feel I will be the positive voice they need to change to occur.
Yan, Nathalie Xian Yi Yes By having a council with people of different ethnic origin on it we are showing that Hamilton is an open minded community practising multiculturalism. That is an immediate attraction to people thinking of coming to Hamilton. MacMaster is doing a great job of attracting students being one of the best universities in Canada. Our natural setting on Niagara escarpment with its unique vegetation is an attraction to visitors as is the RBG.
Ward 07
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Gallagher, John Yes This is a simple question that stirs a tad of embarrassment in most of us. We can't do much at this time of the view from the Skyway of our steel making factory skyline, however, the downtown must be returned to its former glory. Again, high taxes play a major role in the why Hamilton visitors first impression is what it is. The cost of owning a commercial property in downtown is quite competitive compared to other cities, including Toronto, but, most business owners downtown will tell you that the property and business tax burden and other ancillary fees and charges the city forces small and medium business owners in our downtown to pay is way out of line. Bringing the cost of doing business downtown lower is the first step to encouraging new operators to locate downtown and existing business to stay downtown. Aside for those two matters, our Hamilton can compete and compare with any other city in Canada as a great place to live and work.
Ward 08
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Jenkinson, Kim Yes A city's downtown will always define a visitor's first impression of the city. Redefining our downtown core is what needs to happen. The City's role will be to be open to innovation; it will be business people who recognize the opportunities that will make the real change to downtown.

We need more condos/townhouse/people downtown, it takes people and traffic flow before businesses start to move in and clean up. Our city has "really nice bones", we have some wonderful architecture, there are fabulous restaurants downtown, and our transit hubs are all in the core. The basics are in place, we need to add people.

The best way to make an impression on newcomers is to provide a vibrant, thriving downtown area that is accessible by transit. Downtown needs to be a "go to" place. We have theatres, shopping, arenas, now we need to add people and that will bring business.
Ward 09
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Fiorentino, Nancy Yes I do hope that my term will change the way in which Hamilton is viewed, and especially ward 9 in my case. By engaging the community in decision making, we are not only bringing together City Hall and the residents and business owners but we are creating a relationship that is working towards fulfilling the same goal - to make the City a great place to live, work and visit. I will create avenues to engage the people and work towards building the trust again and addressing the issues that will assist in changing people's first impression of Hamilton. If people in Hamilton are unhappy with the City, that negativity will be viewed by visitors and others coming to the City as well. It's time to reverse that trend.
McMullen, Geraldine Yes Yes. I have always been proud to be a resident of Hamilton, and Stoney Creek. I have and will continue to strive to change people's first impression of Hamilton. Much like anything else we need to educate people on the value that Hamilton has to offer to visitors, students, commuters and newcomers alike. Hamilton is not only rich in history and achievement; we have a wonderfully diverse population. We are well on our way to becoming an extremely well sought after community. There is so much to offer, such as our tourism and our fabulous educational institutions. The initiatives that are underway for the revitalization in all pockets of our community, must continue in order for them to be realized. This will only happen by ensuring that we inspire everyone to do their part to continue to promote our city as the jewel it is.
Ward 10
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Bustamante, Jose Pablo Yes Hamilton is a wonderful city, and we should be proud of it. We need to position Hamilton in the World. We need to do more to market Hamilton as the best city to raise a child.
Josipovic, Bernard Yes Yes my first term will change the impression of Hamilton. I am a former student of this city. As of now we have no innovative ideas to attract visitors, students and new comers. We need to bring in new faces and ideas to get the ball rolling again. We have to start caring about people first and business interests second.
Ward 11
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Mitchell, David Yes I have always been supportive to Tourism Hamilton - we have so many great places to visit, Art Gallery, Pier 4, Dundurn Castle, waterfalls, bike trails and so much more, not to mention our beautiful rural areas and local farms, I have always promoted our many events in the city during council meetings.
Ward 12
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Cox-Graham, Brenda Yes If we improve transit and make it attractive to people by making it widespread, accessible, and very cheap, it will impress visitors and make people want to stay. Continue to develop parks around the Bay.
Ward 13
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Scime, Danya Yes Yes, I will work diligently to involve the Citizens of Dundas and the entire City of Hamilton to be proud of what we have and bring us together for improvement. Cleaning up our boarded up buildings, encouraging mixed usage within them to have an appealing streetscape. Engaging our students in healthy competitions between the Wards to 'pitch in and clean up' our streets, to plant our flowers, to have the feeling of belonging. Revitalizing downtown and our West Harbor will further add to the beauty Hamilton has yet to uncover. To encourage visitors and commuters to use our transit systems by having our Tourist destinations also work together and have passes for our transit to take them to several of our amazing attractions in one day...A trip to Dundurn Castle, then to Royal Botanical Gardens and then downtown Dundas for a visit at Carnagie Hall and lunch at one of our great restaurants... If we show pride in our City, newcomers will want to come and grow with us towards a positive future. The City is a diamond in the rough with many gems already uncovered and many more waiting to be unearthed.
Tammer, Ron Yes As to your second question, I would certainly work to make Hamilton a model of progressive thinking. The Vision 20/20 concept that has been tucked away for a while should be the basis for out City's growth, and I would help steer us back in that direction. Lessons in green technology and sustainable development can be learned from European cities. Incentives should be offered to developers to restore heritage buildings and brown fields, instead of getting subsidized servicing to the green fields that they buy up and pave over.

I firmly believe that the future of Hamilton depends on attracting smart growth and providing living wage jobs to its people. By showing investors that we are a progressive city that is open to new ideas and business opportunities, we can make it possible to allow all of our citizens to provide for themselves and their families.
Ward 15
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Gaspar, Brian Yes Well I certainly hope so, once the plan in is in place the vision to continuously improve the quality of life for your community we all seek the gratification of making a better community.

Eventually creating a Hamilton that everyone respects and enjoys.

Vote for me and i will tell you how.

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