Brian Gaspar, Candidate for Ward 15 in Hamilton Municipal Election 2010

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NameGaspar, Brian
ElectionHamilton Municipal Election 2010
AreaWard 15
Email briangaspar@hotmail.com
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The City of Hamilton has committed to doubling transit ridership by 2020. Do you support this goal? If so, how would you realize it? Yes In efforts to increase ridership I must see the facts and the data to support the initiative.

We would require a benchmark of where we stand today so we can monitor growth and draw conclusions to determine what initiatives are required.

Many Hamiltonians depend on this service so make it affordable, create a service that is value added cost effective that enhances ridership.

Be creative in inviting pedestrians and tourist to ride are services.

The creation of events that attract people to use the public transit provide necessary shelters drop points and focus on key attractions and grow the business and most of all keep it safe and clean.
Many observers argue that Council meetings could be more respectful and professional. Do you agree? If so, what will you do to change this? Yes Mayor and councillors have been chosen by their communities they serve as role models to the communities. They consist of different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, and beliefs. As representatives of our communities, they should act in a professional manner because they are our leaders. They need exemplify care in how they present themselves. These men and woman have been chosen because they will fight for what their community believes in and their best interests. There are times that the frustration causes some erratical behaviour but this is politics as long as we are not swinging microphones, sticks throwing or repetitively getting peeped this is politics. Perhaps come up with a merit plan that awards individuals for good behaviour.
Some cities have committed recently to publishing their public data in an open format that citizens can directly access. Should Hamilton pledge to become an "open source city"? Why or why not? Yes Well governments have been avoiding this topic for years. It would provide more accountability to our businesses residences and restore confidence in our municipal leaders. Where business especially the larger corporation s have been leading the way and becoming more open with there business expenditures and sharing information by all means it not perfect but we have come along way to share certain business goals with employees and other and business partners.
Is Hamilton doing enough to support and encourage new investment in our older neighbourhoods? If not, what should the City be doing? No I feel there is always room for improvement. As do the demographics, change so do the investment strategies of the older neighbourhoods. Businesses and developers see different potentials for a newly forming Hamilton continuously creating a more sociable environment for people to be attracted to Hamilton. We must continuously be creating a proper balance to establish appropriate needs for business and communities. We must utilize municipal provincial and federal governments' incentives to lessen the tax burden on residences.
Should we spend the Future Fund to build a Pan Am / Ticat stadium on the CP Rail Yard lands? Why or why not? Maybe I am excited and enthusiastic but we need the right plan to make this all come together. My only concerns are no burden to taxpayers the capacity of the stadium and I hope we make architectural allowances for expansion and a roof over our heads.

The payback on such a venture should not surpass five years, providing we keep a yearly calendar of great events that's for the "raising of the roof come on Hamilton lets bring it on."
Do you believe that poverty is the most critical issue facing Hamilton today? If so, please outline your solutions. If not, please explain your reasons. Yes Yes I believe poverty is one of the critical concerns that require our attention.

If we examine the root causes that lead to the increase in the poverty across the region we will find that one of the largest contributing factor was the loss jobs.

Secondly many of the individuals loosing their jobs were unable to acquire jobs that were equivalent to their previous jobs working at rates slightly above minimum wage. and creating additional hardships.

As jobs were lost the void could not be replaced fast enough.

We need the good paying jobs back.

For the short term we need churches schools our grocers to establish food drives for those who are less fortunate.

The lomg term fixes many of the platforms will gear around new jobs around the airports, stadium,light rail and hopefully the Pan Am games .

Bringing new business and corporations back can and will be able to give back to communities to help in the reduction of city poverty.
Hamilton's Cycling Master Plan has Council approval. However, the implementation timeline is very long and ward councillors can block individual bike lane projects. Do you support accelerating the completion of a continuous bicycle network and other initiatives like a bike sharing program and better access up and down the Escarpment? Why or why not? Yes I would support the bike plan however again it boils down to planning to blatantly drop bike paths without proper coordination would be meaningless. We have some amazing trails throughout the Hamilton area which i personally travelled they are not congested but growing in popularity. The existing paths require up keep with subject to erosion and potholes and safer accesses through the busy intersections.
For your campaign, will you be accepting donations from corporations or unions? If so, why? If not, why not? Yes I would accept political donations providing that my vision and goals of my political platform where similar to that of a corporation or union. I see it no different than a or family members supporting your campaigns because they believe in your causes.
Will your term change people's first impression of Hamilton, and make that first impression more attractive to visitors, students, commuters and newcomers? If so, how? Yes Well I certainly hope so, once the plan in is in place the vision to continuously improve the quality of life for your community we all seek the gratification of making a better community.

Eventually creating a Hamilton that everyone respects and enjoys.

Vote for me and i will tell you how.
Council is poised to vote on the Airport Employment Growth District, a 3,000 acre plan to expand the urban boundary around Hamilton International Airport for employment lands. Do you support this plan? Why or why not? Yes I support the development and I can't stress enough the proper planning of this endeavour to create good paying jobs in order to add stimulus to our region.
Do you support Hamilton's LRT proposal? If so, what will you do to ensure Hamilton's success in building LRT? If not, why do you oppose it? Yes I would support light rail transit providing certain provisions were met.

1) A high-speed system.
2) Integrated with transit system
3) Provide a positive cash flow within 2 years of completion
4) Properly planned.
5) Improve time of travel for improved quality of life