Dave Stacey, Candidate for Ward 5 in Hamilton Municipal Election 2010

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NameStacey, Dave
ElectionHamilton Municipal Election 2010
AreaWard 05
Email davestacey5@gmail.com
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Some cities have committed recently to publishing their public data in an open format that citizens can directly access. Should Hamilton pledge to become an "open source city"? Why or why not? Yes I believe an honest and effective government should be a direct voice for its people. In order to accomplish this an "open source city" would be an excellent way for the citizens of hamilton to have all the pertinent information and make the most educated opinions and decisions. I would fully support making data public in order to be an effective and honest government.
Is Hamilton doing enough to support and encourage new investment in our older neighbourhoods? If not, what should the City be doing? No I believe that the city could be doing more to attract new business to Hamilton. It is a shame to hear about how council has put bureaucracy before innovation when it comes to examples such as The Pearl Gallery. Hamilton has a great advantage to most other cities being a thruway for all traffic heading to and from NY state. We should take better advantage of this in attracting businesses and not punishing those who are helping to rejuvenate this city.