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NameBedi, Jaswinder
ElectionHamilton Municipal Election 2010
AreaWard 05
Email jaswinderbediforhamilton@hotmail.com
Website http://www.jaswinderbedi.com/
BioDr. Jaswinder Bedi was born in a small town of Nangal in Punjab, India. He did his Masters in Science (M.Sc.) in India and further went to complete his Ph.D. under the Cultural Exchange Fellowship Program in Bulgaria. Before coming to Canada, he taught at the Punjab Agricultural University for over 20 years. He immigrated to Hamilton, Canada in 2004 from India and resides in Ward 5 with his wonderful wife and two sons on Berkindale Drive. His commitment to the community and neighborhoods around him is a result of calling Hamilton and Ward 5 his home. As a family, they have taken advantage of the many excellent services and programs offered by the City and local organizations.

Both of Jaswinder's sons have recently graduated from McMaster University this spring. Karandeep, his elder son, is now an Electrical Engineer with Honda Canada in Alliston. His younger son, Amandeep, finished Honours Commerce from DeGroote School of Business and is pursuing his CA designation. His wife, Amrinder, works as an Occasional Teacher in Hamilton Wentworth District School Board and as a Goodwill Officer in the Hamilton office of Executive of Elementary Teachers' Federation of Ontario.

Ward 5 and the city of Hamilton require a new tech savvy and innovative approach to solve the many concerns they face today. Combined efforts of all residents and intellectual leadership, has to work pro-actively on these initiatives. Entrepreneurship should be encouraged to move at a faster pace. Let's learn from the success of Silicon Valley and take a step to make Hamilton just like that. But this dream will not be possible if businesses keep on shutting down like they are now, we need to figure out of the box entrepreneurial efforts to sustain those businesses, and that is possible only and only if we move in right direction and support Jaswinder all the way to make Hamilton a business hub. Along with making it a business microcosm we will have to make sure that we do not forget our environment. We have to protect our environment ecosystem and make this city green. We have to make efforts to develop a sound fiscal system by putting more checks and balances, cutting down all wasteful expenses, creating new revenue resources and transforming this city from budget deficit to budget surplus.

With highest level of education, lots of experience worldwide, creative ideas, skills and potential for change, Jaswinder is determined to work for our society, our people and our ward. This position of city Councilor will give him this opportunity to realize his vision, the vision of every ward 5 resident, to make this ward the best ward in Hamilton.

Now it is our responsibility to put the right person at the right place to bring about long needed change.

Let us make sure that Jaswinder is our next councilor.


* B.Sc. Medical Chandigarh India 1975
* M.Sc. in Plant Pathology, Punjab India 1978
* Ph.D. in Plant Pathology, Dobritch, Bulgaria 1989
* Post Doctorate Studies, Giessen, Germany 1995-1997


* National Merit Scholarship in High School, India 1971
* Cultural Exchange Program Scholarship ,Bulgaria 1989-1992
* Alexander von Humboldt Fellowship Germany 1995-1997


* Research Associate, International Crops Research Institute for Semi Arid Tropics, (ICRISAT), Hyderabad, India
* Assistant and then as Associate Professor, Agriculture University Ludhiana India
* Financial Consultant with Canada Loyal Financial, Mississauga

Volunteer Service

* Volunteering, community activities and helping others have been key traits in Jaswinder's personality.
* Member University Teachers Association, Ludhiana, India
* Member of University department's Administrative and Budget Committee
* Organized fund raising for destitute children
* Organized cultural and sports events in the community
* Volunteered for CRA
* Volunteered for Settlement and Integration Services Organization (SISO)
* Member, City Advisory Committee against Racism (CAR)
* Member, Committee For Immigrants and Refugees (CFIR)
* Campaign Leader for unionization of taxi workers in Hamilton
* Ministry of Labor Expert Committee on Safety and Health Issues regarding the safety of taxi workers.

Participation in International and National Scientific Conferences

* Germany, 1991, 1995
* Netherlands, 1999
* Spain, 1997
* Bulgaria, 1989, 1998
* Kenya, 1991
* India, 11 conferences from 1983-2003
* France 1996

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Responses to Questions (top)

QuestionBrief ResponseFull Response
Is Hamilton doing enough to support and encourage new investment in our older neighbourhoods? If not, what should the City be doing? No The City is not doing enough. My view is that city should adopt a more comprehensive approach for the development of a healthy sustainable business ecosystem by business congenial policies. On the other hand, city should make efforts to make this city, a centre of excellence any a particular area by developing appropriate infrastructure and a business incentive program to attract investment, business and the talent.
The City of Hamilton has committed to doubling transit ridership by 2020. Do you support this goal? If so, how would you realize it? Yes I support it. It can be realized if we are able to make our transit system more accessible to the people in the sense that we have more frequent service, better service and more cheaper service. WE have to reduce the operational costs of the transit, improve its efficiency and put in economical smaller buses or mini buses in economically not viable zones or times, increasing faster service like B-Line on some routes and making the whole transit system common man friendly.
For your campaign, will you be accepting donations from corporations or unions? If so, why? If not, why not? No No corporation or Union donations will be accepted.
Hamilton's Cycling Master Plan has Council approval. However, the implementation timeline is very long and ward councillors can block individual bike lane projects. Do you support accelerating the completion of a continuous bicycle network and other initiatives like a bike sharing program and better access up and down the Escarpment? Why or why not? Yes I fully support this view and I am a strong green Hamilton supporter. Cycle pathways will reduce carbon footprint a lot and help clean the environment.