Bernard Josipovic, Candidate for Ward 10 in Hamilton Municipal Election 2010

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NameJosipovic, Bernard
ElectionHamilton Municipal Election 2010
AreaWard 10
Email bernardjosipovic8@gmail.com
Website http://josipovicforward10.blogspot.com

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Some cities have committed recently to publishing their public data in an open format that citizens can directly access. Should Hamilton pledge to become an "open source city"? Why or why not? Yes Yes Hamilton should become an open source city. This way everything is out on the open. Residents should know how and on what their tax dollars are being spent.
The City of Hamilton has committed to doubling transit ridership by 2020. Do you support this goal? If so, how would you realize it? Yes I do support the goal of doubling transit riders by 2020. This helps the city in many ways: It keep cars of the road and neutralizes are growing traffic concerns. It also keeps cars of the road for the environmental issue o exhaust fumes entering our atmosphere in high volume.

I would realize this goal by working with Council on making transit more affordable and appealing to the citizens of Hamilton. This would be done with studies and a great advertising campaign.

At the end of the day, traffic would be controlled and the air would be cleaner.
Is Hamilton doing enough to support and encourage new investment in our older neighbourhoods? If not, what should the City be doing? No The city is NOT doing enough to support new investment in older neighborhoods. We have to get away from the "cookie cutter" homes that seem to be taking over our city. We should be investing and working from the inside out, NOT just putting in shiny developments all around the place.
Should we spend the Future Fund to build a Pan Am / Ticat stadium on the CP Rail Yard lands? Why or why not? No No we should not spend the future fund on a stadium on the CP rail sight. There are much better sites in Hamilton that we have to revisit and take a second look at.
Do you believe that poverty is the most critical issue facing Hamilton today? If so, please outline your solutions. If not, please explain your reasons. Yes Yes I believe that poverty is one of the most critical issues facing Hamilton today. When Council awarded each other with $241,000 dollars in March for this years election tool was unfair in many ways. Unfair to us the Candidates challenging them because this is unfair in many ways. All this money could of gone to fight poverty, instead of it being used as a tool to be re-elected. The money could of gone to much more important problems like poverty.
Do you support Hamilton's LRT proposal? If so, what will you do to ensure Hamilton's success in building LRT? If not, why do you oppose it? Yes I do support Hamilton's LRT proposal. We need to control traffic and pollution in this City before it get's out of hand. The LRT has many benefits to it.
For your campaign, will you be accepting donations from corporations or unions? If so, why? If not, why not? No No I will not be accepting donations from Corporations or Unions. I am self funding my campaign with small donations from friends and family.

The reason for this is that I want to have no ties to Corporations or Unions in my bid for Ward 10 Councillor. I want to go in with a clean slate with no connections to anyone. I want to represent the people of Ward 10 and by denying donations from Corporations and Unions will make this a more achievable goal.
Will your term change people's first impression of Hamilton, and make that first impression more attractive to visitors, students, commuters and newcomers? If so, how? Yes Yes my first term will change the impression of Hamilton. I am a former student of this city. As of now we have no innovative ideas to attract visitors, students and new comers. We need to bring in new faces and ideas to get the ball rolling again. We have to start caring about people first and business interests second.
Council is poised to vote on the Airport Employment Growth District, a 3,000 acre plan to expand the urban boundary around Hamilton International Airport for employment lands. Do you support this plan? Why or why not? No I do not support the Airport Employment Growth District plan. Not enough studies have been done that to prove 100% that this will create jobs and attract businesses. Our biggest concern should be keeping the jobs that we already have in Hamilton. Companies continue to shut down and leave. We need to become more business friendly.
Many observers argue that Council meetings could be more respectful and professional. Do you agree? If so, what will you do to change this? Yes Council meetings should be more respectful. Some of the stuff that has gone on in the last 4 years needs to be addressed. A code of conduct should be implemented and strictly followed.
Hamilton's Cycling Master Plan has Council approval. However, the implementation timeline is very long and ward councillors can block individual bike lane projects. Do you support accelerating the completion of a continuous bicycle network and other initiatives like a bike sharing program and better access up and down the Escarpment? Why or why not? Yes I support a Cycling Master Plan. Cycling encourages people to exercise and therefore studies show they will be healthier. The approval of bike lane projects is crucial to the safety of all bikers out there. I approve the bike lane project because it has so many benefits to quality of life including environmental and health.