Michelle Febers, Candidate for Ward 6 in Hamilton Municipal Election 2010

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NameFebers, Michelle
ElectionHamilton Municipal Election 2010
AreaWard 06
Email wmicky6@hotmail.com
Website http://michellefebersward6.com/
BioMichelle was born and raised in Hamilton. She has been a nine year member of a mountain minor soccer and baseball community council, and has held such seats as Recording Secretary Soccer President and as of now Community Council President.

Michelle has also been a Recording Secretary to Council for Templemead Elementary School, as well as co-chaired for "Make IT Seven" NHL rallies for the Phoenix Coyotes. Michelle and her husband Thomas Febers are business owners in Ward 6 and have three sons Tyler, Thomas and Mason. Michelle believes that you cannot build a community without involvement, and promotes volunteer activity with various community projects such as N2N and Good Shepherd.

My Perspective

I look to the future but am always aware of the present. I see Hamilton as a city with great potential but most importantly as my home. I feel the current situation of this city falls solely on the fact that we are too busy looking at the future and the big picture but missing the finer details, like the lack of foundation that makes a true community. I believe with the discord that exists on the present council, the citizens of Hamilton need new faces and fresh ideas. No one is listening or communicating with the real heart of what makes Hamilton, its people.

Why Me?

My future like yours is the future of this city. I represent parents, business owners, workers, home owners, and the youth. My investment in Hamilton is one of a lifetime commitment, and I have the will, determination and integrity of a true leader. With my experiences on community councils and operating my business it provides me with a solid perspective on how to rebuild this city utilizing its own resources and its own people. I believe in concrete foundations and a future that begins with the present. That is why I am running for City councillor of ward 6, and I'm asking you the people of to use your voice on October 25th to vote Michelle Febers as your city councillor.

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