Andrew Mowatt, Candidate for Ward 9 in Hamilton Municipal Election 2010

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NameMowatt, Andrew
ElectionHamilton Municipal Election 2010
AreaWard 09
Email amowatt2010@gmail.com
Website http://andrewmowatt.ca
BioI have spent 28 years of my life living in the City of Hamilton. I graduated from Sir Allan McNab Secondary School and went on to grade 13 at Southmount Secondary School. During my grade 12 and 13 years I spent most of my spare time in serious training as my track and field talent blossomed.

As a 19 year old I just missed a spot on Canada's Track and Filed team that competed
in the 1984 Los Angeles Olympics. My hard work paid off as I received an athletic scholarship to Ohio University. In 1987 I joined the Canadian Bobsled team in preparation for the Calgary Olympics and was a part of the 1988 Calgary Winter Olympic team. Later that year I made the 1988 Canadian Summer Olympic Team competing in Seoul South Korea on the 7th place finishing 4x100meter relay team. I am one of very few in the history of our country to be named to 2 Olympic teams in the same year.

I have been a private businessman in Stoney Creek and Hamilton and served as a Police Officer for 12 years.

I reside in Ward 9 and have done so for over 10 years. I"v been a volunteer at Big Brothers of Hamilton, volunteer coach and delivered many motivational speeches at various schools and events around the city.

My professional career has always revolved around working with people, resolving issues, mediating and trying to build better, safer communities. Leadership is one of my best qualities. My expert negotiating skills will be play a vital role as I work with council and all levels of government for the betterment of Ward 9.

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Responses to Questions (top)

QuestionBrief ResponseFull Response
Some cities have committed recently to publishing their public data in an open format that citizens can directly access. Should Hamilton pledge to become an "open source city"? Why or why not? Yes Hamilton should have the public data available for citizens to access. Our city politicians make decisions regarding multi-millions of dollars of our money, our tax dollars. If we want real transparency the lets be an open source city. Every citizen is not going to agree with every decision but having an open format will give citizens a better understanding of how some of the decisions are made.
Council is poised to vote on the Airport Employment Growth District, a 3,000 acre plan to expand the urban boundary around Hamilton International Airport for employment lands. Do you support this plan? Why or why not? Yes Yes I do support the employment lands with commercial and business growth around our airport. I believe this initiative is overdue and we have wasted many years and opportunities that come from lands around our airport. Thirty years ago lands around the Toronto airport was bare, now this land is bustling with business as commercial and industrial enterprises have set up shop there. If we develop this area more airlines will do business with our airport which in turn creates more jobs and more revenue for a cash starved city.

For a city of our size we have a vastly under used airport. I should not have to drive to Toronto or even Buffalo to take a flight.
Hamilton's Cycling Master Plan has Council approval. However, the implementation timeline is very long and ward councillors can block individual bike lane projects. Do you support accelerating the completion of a continuous bicycle network and other initiatives like a bike sharing program and better access up and down the Escarpment? Why or why not? Yes Yes I support the Cycling Master Plan. Hamilton should have cycling lanes that reach across our city. The Escarpment is a treasure that is under utilized. We need to be as progressive and forward thinking as possible as we try to revive our city. It is also great for the environment and a health benefit.
For your campaign, will you be accepting donations from corporations or unions? If so, why? If not, why not? Yes Yes I will be accepting donations from individuals or corporations. It is their legal right to donate. I will not be influenced by a $100.00 donation from an individual who supports me or a $100.00 donation from a corporation that supports me.
Do you support Hamilton's LRT proposal? If so, what will you do to ensure Hamilton's success in building LRT? If not, why do you oppose it? Yes Yes I support LRT. Hamilton needs to move into the future. I will work with council to make sure the other levels of government support and properly fund the project.