Do you believe Hamilton should do more to protect and enhance its built heritage?

Responses to the question: "Do you believe Hamilton should do more to protect and enhance its built heritage?"

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Baldasaro, Michael Yes Yes. The thing is though, the so-called Top Three Candidates, all sat by,
watched and even assisted the destruction of the Centre Mall, turning it
into a parking lot. Now those in wheel chairs and/or pushing baby buggies,
are forced to navigate around cars and trucks with no sidewalks, in all
kinds of weather. All this when we used to do everything inside in what was
in reality a Community Centre and shopping mall, all in one. Good luck with
this bunch. Their predecessors tore down our original City Hall and 1/2 of
Hamilton before they wised up under public scrutiny. So now, according to
them, we have nothing to worry about. We are in good hands. The blind
leading the blind.
Butt, Ejaz Yes Yes
Eisenberger, Fred Yes
Lavigne, Crystal No I do not think that everything needs to be declared 'heritage'.
McHattie, Brian Yes I do, and I have taken the lead on making this the case in Hamilton including the work on the heritage Register, which has lead to the protection of 1000 properties in the downtown. We need to tackle the remaining list of 7000 identified properties, not to mention others that may not yet be on the list. We simply have to protect what we have left.
Pattison, Michael A. Yes Yes I do. Not only does preserving heritage show the strength, determination and history of a city. It gives us the right to use our creativity wisely, with unknown parameters for re-use. Aging infrastructure can be addressed at the same time. New tax bases can be created.
Yet we must understand not all heritage is worthy of saving. That is the fine line that needs to be drawn. This is where I step in and state that just because a building could/can not be saved due to neglect, natural erosion etc. These are the times we need to honour our heritage. There are ways to reintroduce certain elements of the old into the new. Possibly give Hamiltonians the right to purchase objects and materials for their own home. Is there an upcoming project somewhere in the vicinity that can use parts of this heritage building? As a creative tool in design or practical application? This is what makes Hamilton special, we have been around for a long time, we have been handy for a long time and our creativity has never been more engaged!
Thank-you to RAISE THE HAMMER for your insightful questions that give the right to show Hamiltonians our visions and insights on how our city should be governed. VOTE. Hamilton. VOTE.
Ward 01
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Allen, Jason Yes Yes. We have 800 properties on the Historical building registry, any one of which could be demolished with the slimmest amount of notice. My first step would be to ensure that any demolition permits requested for buildings in Ward 1 on the registry would result in my office being notified immediately. Further to that, I will work to see buildings on the registry granted Historical designation under the Provincial Legislation in the most expedient way possible.
Greco, Tony Yes Yes. To date, Hamilton is doing well in the preservation of many of its historical buildings, by either restoring them, or incorporating their structure or facades into new projects. We demolished some wonderful historical buildings in the past and do not want this mistake repeated again. There are still many amazing historical buildings in Hamilton and, together, we will work to preserve them for generations to come.
Johnson, Aidan Yes Absolutely. Our City’s historical buildings are one of our best assets. Not only do these buildings tell the story of how Hamilton became a vibrant city, they also highlight what makes our City unique. Our beautiful, historic heritage architecture needs to be preserved for both aesthetic and economic reasons. (Beautiful cities are generally more prosperous, and livable.)

It has taken a long time for City Hall and Council to flesh out an effective, strategic approach to heritage buildings, working with the public and developers. We need additional citizen engagement as we make decisions, and we need to be clearer on how we will use the law to protect buildings of significance.
Rosen, Ira Yes Hamilton is an incredible place full of amazing history and incredible natural beauty all of this is part of the city heritage and we must act as Stewards to protect and enhance these treasures. I first became involved in the community when I was one of the founding members of the "Westdale Heritage Housing Action Committee". This groups' mission was to determine if there was value in having 'Westdale proper' designated as a heritage site and I feel this is still a worthy pursuit and would advocate strongly to move forward with that objective.
Shaw, Sandy Yes Absolutely.  Hamilton has a rich and diverse heritage across the city.  Built Heritage needs to be preserved and where appropriate repurposed in order ensure that the city maintains its past history/herstory while allowing for the future. It was encouraging to see our City General Manager of Planning & Economic Development highlight this just very recently.
Ward 02
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Farr, Jason Yes Yes. While we have advanced in this area and publicly demonstrated a greater understanding and ultimately support for the issue, we need to continue to build on this momentum.

This past term of Council I was proud to have received and acted on the input from a very engaged citizenry as it relates to heritage.

I was supported in unprecedented fashion twice on emergency designations (1 St. James Place and the Gore Buildings), helped save the friezes and facades at 150 Main, voted and spoke strongly and supportively of the Gore Building and Mills Hardware with City Housing Hamilton and of course moved with unanimous support to expedite the work that resulted in listing over 900 buildings of heritage interest.
Heaton, Kristina No As long as developers get final say, and manage to keep the front façade of a building, while they build ultra modern 'condos' attached, there is not much more that can be done right now. But, I'm sure our local Heritage Council is working on that.
Wallis, Terri Yes
Ward 03
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Agostino, Ralph Yes Yes; Hamilton’s history needs to be recognized and protected, Hamilton’s Heritage is important
DiMillo, Mark Maybe Protecting built heritage is important. We travel across the world to what we call old world countries and we marvel at the heritage and architecture from many years ago. However, let's not assume that just because it was built 100 years ago that every building is worth preserving. Like most things it requires a balanced approach. After all there is no sense in not tearing something down or designating a building to be of heritage significance, and then sit back and watch it decay due to budgeting constraints. Everything in moderation and with consideration. Also, encouraging new developments to achieve design elements that will be a foundation for future generations to look upon as being of heritage significance worth preserving is also a welcoming pursuit.
Green, Matthew Yes Hamilton's current residential real estate competitive advantage is our neighbourhood's built heritage. The revitalization of our city ought to be mandated to include an extensive heritage asset inventory protecting the architectural integrity of City for generations to come. As Hamiltonians we do not own this city...we are merely stewards of it.
Mejia, Victor Yes yes to a point we need to protect are history buildings but if its beyond saving and cost 5 times more to save it. look at reviewing it futher
Omazic, Drina Yes Hamilton’s built and natural heritage require both stewardship and continuous maintenance. We can always do better to conserve and enhance the City’s built and natural heritage resources.
Simmons, Tim Yes Yes, in key areas like our downtown, however, it should not come at the cost of losing publicly owned land to profiteers.
Ward 04
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Merulla, Sam Yes Yes, and I've personally initiated the designation of Delta High-School, and the process of designating Memorial School and WH Ballard.
Moreau, Lorna Yes
Ward 05
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Brown, David Yes I believe that the City of Hamilton has some magnificent heritage in the form of buildings. I would work tirelessly to protect and enhance the built heritage of our City.
Storm, Larry Yes We have a lot of great buildings in Hamilton. For many it's a tourist destination to go see Victorian, or Queen Anne architecture. We need to come up with a plan that celebrates antique, heritage and unique structures. Not necessarily with designations, but giving property owners the right to enhance their properties with some sort of benefit.
Ward 06
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Rodrigues, Dan Yes Hamilton’s history and architecture needs to be recognized and protected. We need to ensure that this is done through an expanded Heritage Properties application which would capture a wider spectrum of our creative built structures. I will work with folks like Jason Thorne to create a policy paper aimed at broadening our protection and enhancement of our heritage buildings.
Ward 07
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Beck, Keith Yes
Burghall, Greg Yes Our heritage buildings are very important. We are a young country and don’t have many heritage buildings to enjoy and pass on to our children, we need to protect what we have.
Ward 08
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Czerniga, Joshua Peter Yes
Ward 09
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Conley, Doug Maybe Each situation should be judged on its own merits.
Galindo, Cam Yes Yes. Hamilton has a history, and we need to preserve it.
Marrone, Tone Yes definitely,it broke my heart to see the partial demolition of the church on james and jackson,awful
McMullen, Geraldine    Yes Yes, we have a number of fantastic examples of old architecture in Hamilton and it is necessary to maintain our heritage at every opportunity.
Robbins, Marie Yes Yes, this is a particularly important issue that is a particular focus of what I would like to accomplish at City Hall. I believe that an appreciation for, and investment in, Hamilton’s heritage and culture will be a critical factor for propelling Hamilton’s development forward and have dedicated several blog posts to this issue, specifically addressing some items of heritage in Ward 9 – Heritage Stoney Creek like Battlefield Park and Olde Stoney Creek, the Devil’s Punchbowl and also a city-wide reinvestment in public spaces.
Rosser, Christopher Maybe There is a fine line to walk in protecting heritage and stifling growth. Each case needs to be viewed on an individual basis.
Rukavina, Frank Yes Building on our heritage is an integral part of a City.
Ward 10
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DiFalco, Teresa Yes Absolutely. We are known for tearing down our beautiful buildings and allowing them to get to the point of decreptness. We need to be more proactive about arresting erosion of our buildings and insisting on proper maintenance. We need to build better partnerships with our businesses and other stakeholder groups. One idea that I have been sharing is connecting owners of these heritage buildings with our prominent builders and encourage retrofitting the buildings for office space and condo living. This would help bring life and vibrancy to the downtown core and rejuvenate our city.
Pearson, Maria No Being a member of the Municipal Heritage Committee for the past 12 years, I believe that Hamilton is moving forward with a proactive plan to protect and enhance our built heritage.
Ward 12
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Bryson, K. Grace Yes Yes we need to protect the heritage of Hamilton. We seem to change the heritage of buildings because someone walks in with a big check.
Ferguson, Lloyd Maybe Depends on the particular building. My lead on preserving the Hermitage is an example where I do support the preservation.
Iachelli, John F.F.   Yes Yes, I feel heritage is important, but we need to provide support as well. In Ancaster, if I need a bus when I need it, that limits my ability to enjoy it, unless I drive. Downtown
Nicholl, Anthony Yes
Ward 13
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Norton, Kevin Maybe Hamilton is a historic city with a great deal of built heritage. I would not recommend tearing down historic buildings but we do live in a city of change. As our need for expansion is met we must not forget what made us great to begin with. We should protect what brought us here and look forward as we make ourselves and our city greater.
Risdale, Marc Rhéal Yes Yes. In addition to the city's 10 year Housing and Homlessness Action Plan, we need to advocate more forcefully both at the Provincial and Federal levels for more action on poverty reduction. In addition, we need to implement inclusionary zoning to promote greater diversity in all our neighbourhoods.
Scime, Danya Yes YES, and allow creative uses to ensure that the Owners can maintain the buildings, celebrate the heritage and expand the uses to have them remain a part of our streetscape for many years to come,
Vanderbeek, Arlene Yes Yes. Absolutely.
Yull, Toby Yes
Ward 14
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Knowles, Steven No I believe we currently take care of many heritage issues properly. While heritage is important, growth is equally as important as well.
Stewart, Scott Maybe I believe that Hamilton should take measured steps to protect buildings and communities that reflect the City's heritage. I've been involved in some development activities with clients and in certain situations I agreed that a building was old but not culturally significant or was in such poor condition that only pieces might be salvaged.

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