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NameAssadourian, Bob
ElectionHamilton Municipal Election 2014
AreaWard 03
Email (no email listed)
Website http://www.forabetterward3.com
BioExperience and Qualifications:

Bob Assadourian is a tradesman, contractor, small business owner, and employer. He is known for paying his employees a fair and livable wage. Employees are also offered bonuses based on timeline and results.

An expert in his field, he is co-author of a book, a publisher, and a column writer.

Passionate about fair treatment for all homeowners and business owners, he has been an advocate for senior citizens, people with disabilities, women, youth, and newcomers to the community. View the extensive list of volunteer history to get a glimpse of the substantial work he has done for the community.

About Bob:

Personal Life

Bob is a dutiful husband to a supportive wife and a dedicated father to two boys. He considers himself very blessed to have his family, a home, and food on the table. Without taking these blessings for granted, he has endeavored to help those around him.

Professional Life

Bob owns a thriving home renovation business, Triple R Inc. He has been a contractor for a decade and grew his small, one-man operation into a successful business. His company employs only the best in the trade, and they are fully licenced. The business’s success can be attributed to Bob’s foremost service provided to his customers: listening. For more information about the company’s success, view Achievements and Awards.

Honest, Hardworking Man

As a contractor, Bob Assadourian is used to working long days. He puts in an honest day of work, toiling for 10 hours in steel toe boots in hot, humid weather or in freezing cold. He knows exactly what it is like to perform exhausting physical labor all day long. He also understands the exhaustion of building a business and making it the best it can be. His experiences allow him the ability to relate to his constituents. As a very honest man, he does exactly as he says. He has the ability to unite people and help them find common ground.

On the Side

Bob donates his time as a host in a fun local home improvement TV show, Just Ask Bob, on Cable 14 in Hamilton. On the weekly show, he attempts to teach others how to avoid overcharging and crooked contractors. He also demonstrates DIY (do it yourself) projects for the home. Over the years, Bob has spent his spare time volunteering for his most important cause: helping members of his community to understand their rights. For a full list of services he has performed, view Volunteer History.

A True Resident of Hamilton

The councillor candidate was born and raised in Hamilton. He grew up on Cannon Street and was educated at Sir John A. MacDonald High School. He does business and works daily right here in Ward 3, executing home improvements for his clients. The support of these customers is the driving force behind his candidacy.

Volunteer History:

Bob is an active member of his community and works to improve the lives of those around him. He is passionate about teaching the public how to avoid contractor scams. He has worked hard to fight for the rights of senior citizens, homeowners, business owners, and young people. View his considerable list of volunteer work:

2013 to Present:
Host of Just Ask Bob Live on Toronto’s XS Network. He teaches DIY skills and advocates the rights of all homeowners pro-bono.

2011 to Present:
Host of Just Ask Bob the home improvement show on Cable 14 in Hamilton. He teaches DIY skills and advocates the rights of all homeowners pro-bono.

2010 to Present:
Speaker and participant in the student co-op program at Industry-Education Council of Hamilton (IEC). Bob’s patience and his ability to teach have resulted in the school sending him high-risk students. He has been able to assist many of the students with the school’s goal of helping young people understand the work world.

2009 to Present:
Dedicated all proceeds of the Home Improvement book that he co-authored to be donated to the Ontario March of Dimes. The book, A Contractor You Can Bring Home to Mom, can be found at select Coles, Indigo & Chapters Bookstores in Hamilton or can be ordered online.

2008 to Present:
Just Ask Bob Home Improvement column writer for Silver and Gold Magazine, where he advocates for the fair treatment of senior citizens.

Board member of the City of Hamilton Trade Exams. Bob was responsible for administering and grading the Hamilton Master Building Repair Contractors License. He was offered the position directly because of his effort to protect homeowners and his work in the media.

Just Ask Bob Home Improvement Column writer for the Business & Construction Times Newspaper. He wrote for the fair treatment of all homeowners and business owners.

Host of Just Ask Bob for Cable 14’s Hamilton Life: seasons one, two, and three.

Speaker for Mayor’s Seniors Advisory Committee (MSAC) of Burlington. Bob spoke alongside Burlington’s former mayor, Cam Jackson, about the rights of senior citizens with respect to unlicensed contractors.

Ontario March of Dimes: Bob volunteered to help a five-year old girl with disabilities from Guelph, Ontario. The girl and her family were recipients of a barrier free home makeover. Bob donated his time and the work of his employees to renovate her home. He also solicited free materials from Home Depot for the project.

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