Frank Rukavina, Candidate for Ward 9 in Hamilton Municipal Election 2014

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NameRukavina, Frank
ElectionHamilton Municipal Election 2014
AreaWard 09
Email frankrukavina@gmail.com
Website http://www.frankrukavina.com
BioFrank has lived in the Hamilton area all of his life. He has been active in his community since his days at Delta high school. Frank is a McMaster University graduate and has spent the last 28 years working in the engineering, planning and environmental field. Frank is currently a Project Manager for an engineering firm in Burlington, a company where he has worked nineteen years. During those nineteen years, Frank missed four days of work, two due to the flu, one due to a snow storm and one to take his wife to the emergency. Frank brings 28 years of experience in working in the design of roads, sewers and in stormwater management. He has worked with every level of government as well as with developers. He has over seen projects from the raw stages of planning to the final stages of assumption within the residential, commercial and industrial aspects of civil and structural design. Frank has supervised the daily tasks of fellow co-workers and was charged with performing employment reviews every six months.

Frank has been married to his wife Lidija for seventeen years and is a proud father of his son Michael. Frank is an avid runner. He has completed six marathons and ran the around the bay road race sixteen times. In his spare time, Frank enjoys hockey and baseball and will now and then pick up his guitar.


Hamilton and ward 9 are on the brink of growth and prosperity in a way that I have never seen before. We need to get this election right to insure that our city and community are governed in a way that will make our home the best place to live, work and raise a family. You have the power to make a positive difference. I have asked some of you in the past for your support and for those of you that placed your confidence in me in the past, I thank you. October 27th 2014 is Election Day, a day that will set the direction for ward 9 and Hamilton for the next four years, I respectfully ask for your support.

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Responses to Questions (top)

QuestionBrief ResponseFull Response
The Province plans to allow municipalities to use ranked ballots in future elections. If so, will you vote to adopt ranked ballots in Hamilton? No I am not in favour of ranked ballets.
The City's Cycling Master Plan is up for review. Do you support improving the plan to speed the installation of cycling facilities and provide more high-quality protected infrastructure like the new Cannon Street cycle track? Yes I applaud The City's Cycling Master Plan and would support it's approval.
Do you believe City Hall should be more accessible to Hamilton residents? If so, what steps would you take to achieve this? Yes First off city hall has a very antiquated website that needs a major make over. The website needs to be simple. If elected I would hold regular town hall meetings to keep Ward 9 informed.
Do you believe Hamilton should do more to protect and enhance its built heritage? Yes Building on our heritage is an integral part of a City.
Do you support converting more of Hamilton's one-way thoroughfares into complete, two-way streets that support walking, cycling and transit? Maybe I would be interested in studying the opinions of the BIA's in the effected areas. I would not be in favour of change King street nor Main Street.
Do you support implementing a Vision Zero for Hamilton, with a goal of eliminating all pedestrian and cyclist deaths on our streets? If so, what specific actions would you take to implement this policy, and if not, why? No Though Vision Zero for Hamilton is a great idea, it is impossible to 100% implement plus I believe it would have negative impacts on small business.
Do you support the use of participatory budgeting to allow ward residents to propose and vote on local capital projects? Yes I would support the use of participatory budgeting.
Do you support an expanded role for Hamilton to provide more affordable housing? If so, what should Hamilton do? Yes Safe and affordable housing impacts the overall health and well-being of our hard working individuals and families. In Hamilton’s new Urban Official Plan, affordable housing has been identified as a community benefit. Section 37 of the Ontario Planning Act allows more affordable housing options. The City of Burlington has adopted a relatively simply process to obtain community benefits under Section 37 of the Planning Act. If elected I will work to implement the City of Burlington’s model.
Do you support the city's plan to build an east-west light rail transit (LRT) line with full capital funding from the Province? No I am opposed to the 14-kilometre light-rail line from McMaster University to Eastgate. If elected I would vote no to the $811-million LRT system (The $811-million which the province has yet to comment too does not including what the local taxpayers will be forced to pay extra to upgrade underground water and sewer services as well as the road reconstruction and traffic signals along the 14km route). I would however would be in favour of negotiating a cheaper bus rapid transit with the province.
The Province has shelved a proposal to build a mid-peninsula highway from Niagara Falls or Fort Erie around Hamilton to connect with Hwy 401 or 407 north of Burlington. Do you agree with the Province's decision to put its development on hold? No We need to build the "Mid-Peninsula highway". One needs to look at the positive impact the Redhill Creek expressway has had in attracting new business.