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NameJohnson, Brenda
ElectionHamilton Municipal Election 2014
AreaWard 11
Email contact@electbrendajohnson.ca
Website http://www.electbrendajohnson.ca
Bio"Wherever you are, is wherever I am!" - Brenda

Fully two years into her four-year term, calls and emails to the Ward 11 councillor continue to climb to record highs, and that's because Brenda has quickly proven herself to be an expert problem-solver, working with fellow Hamiltonians to make our City a great place to raise a child. From small matters that affect only a few Ward 11 residents, to issues which impact the city as a whole, Councillor Brenda Johnson is always hard at work. "Wherever you are, is wherever I am," Brenda says

Brenda's been busy...She championed the Erland Lee Museum and helped the "Friends of the Lee" save the historic Home. What could have been a disaster has now become a great success and the museum is once again open to the Public. You're welcome to join Brenda at the official opening celebration on Sunday, April 21 from 2-4pm

After a 10-year saga, working with other councillors, Brenda kept her biggest campaign promise which was to retain Area Rating. This means that residents pay for the services you get, but don't pay for those you don't receive.

Brenda's Binbrook Transit Survey saw researchers go to every home twice over a period of four weeks. Over 1,200 surveys were completed and the results will ensure that proper planning is done according to the needs of the community.

Brenda worked tirelessly to ensure that we now enjoy the lowest budget increase since amalgamation.

Brenda is currently conducting a Feasibility Study for Recreation in Mount Hope . And speaking of recreation, Brenda's Winona Rec Survey resulted in over 500 completed responses.

Because of Brenda's hard work, Winona Park's splash pad is now completed and its new outdoor rink was a big hit with residents this winter. Not to be outdone, Binbrook is getting a splash pad, too!

In an effort to deal with increased density, Brenda has enhanced traffic controls in various parts of the Ward

Brenda has been taking back the parks in Mount Hope , providing them with enhanced beautification, gateway features and an increased police presence. Residents love it!

Brenda's efforts have resulted in increased grant money to Glanbrook Home Support, the Binbrook Fair and the Winona Peach Festival

Brenda fought hard for $10.6 million to fund numerous infrastructure improvements throughout Ward 11 . This was the highest of all ward budgets and will result in road improve - ments and reconstructions including paving and surface treatments, new and repaired sidewalks, and ditching

If you've noticed a higher police presence , it's because Brenda wants to make Ward 11 as safe as can be. Already vandalism is down aremarkable 75%

Brenda has hosted more than 30 community meetings.

A new, not-for-profit, resident-controlled co-operative worked with Brenda to save Newport Marina from possible bankruptcy and receive a break on taxes in the process. As reported in the Stoney Creek News (Feb 1, 2012), ‘ "It's been a 5-year drama," area councillor Brenda Johnson said. "The residents were absolutely thrilled that it got through Council. This was researched, it was hammered out for six long months to get this, so that we can now start seeing the tax bills getting paid.

Late last year, Council approved Brenda's motion to re-instate compassionate grants for both the Flood Relief Program and the Reverse Back-Flow Sewer Valve Program. This came as welcome relief to flood victims in upper Stoney Creek and Binbrook. Although much has been done, still more work is needed and residents can be assured that this remains a top priority for Brenda.

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