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NameWhalen, Tina
ElectionHamilton Municipal Election 2014
AreaWard 04
Email tinawhalen@hotmail.com
Website http://www.tinawhalencouncillorward4.com
BioAccording to the good people who gathered, Tina was not destined to exist when she first saw the Italian sun on June 19, 1940. WWII had brought destruction and famine, but thanks to the generous milk of neighbourly volunteer mothers, Tina grew strong (but little). Tina understands good community fabric. She believes it was her original community that gave her a trusting, loving and fun (can-do) attitude to life, a helpful spirit and a confidence that has yet to be shaken.

Tina's confidence and leadership skills, and love for education and business, have brought her face to face with many people and adventures, both in Canada and abroad. In 1953, at Halifax Pier, she only knew one English word learned from volunteers at the Pier. "Thank You". By 1957 she was a translator/interpreter at the American Consulate-Visa Division in Toronto. This was followed by formal higher education when Tina obtained Elementary and ESL Toronto School Board Certificates, extending into Ontario Ministry of Citizenship Programs in aid of immigrants' acculturation.

Later, Tina attended university and earned a B.A. (Italian Studies, History and International Relations), followed by an M.A. (Italian Middle Ages and Renaissance). Tina studied and translated 5 languages at university and received an Italian/English Translation Certificate following her linguistics courses at the University of Toronto. While in university, Tina founded 'The University of Toronto Volunteer Club'. She created and increased volunteer student memberships which helped students find volunteer positions and foster the spirit of volunteerism in the community. Tina and her student volunteers hosted several Volunteer Fairs at the university, with employer participation in order to pair volunteers with opportunities. At many occasions volunteer fairs and events became the source of successful fundraising and good will for the volunteer club.

Tina's teaching experience, over 40 years spanned all levels; pre-school, elementary, university and adult learning. As an educator and entrepreneur, in 1978, Tina founded Rotherglen Private Montessori School, under the Ontario Ministry of Education and was responsible for 60 children daily, 120 parents, and 10 teachers and staff for 15 years. She was CEO, CFO and Principal, responsible for finances, human resources, the creation educational programs and materials, which later included ESL Pronunciation CD ROMS and other educational materials for internet or off line practice. This arrangement brought Tina e-commerce experience and know-how. Through focussed certification in various computer courses in graphics, databases, power point, web design and flash, Tina was able to assist and create useful educational materials for the educational market. The promotion of the English language became a business opportunity and brought Tina to Hong Kong, Taiwan, Shangai, and Bejing. In 2005, Tina joined Canadian Prime Minister, Paul Martin, for a trade mission to China, which included meetings with Premier Wen Jiabao and other government officials.

When Tina sold her school and property in 1989, she became dedicated to the ENVIRONMENT. She gained a Canadian distributorship for Vapour Recovery and Soil Remediation equipment for an American firm, and in 1992 was invited by Environment Canada to join a group of stakeholders for the creation of an industry Vapour Recovery Manual. She attended several Ministry of the Environment meetings in Calgary, Vancouver and Toronto and further attempted to market this technology internationally. During Perestroika Tina became a member of several business councils and through the Russian Business Council travelled to Russia and the Ukraine since 30,000 Soviet oil wells needed repair, remediation and emission controls. Tina at this time, provided crucial business information and contacts, through Russian publications and networking, to large Canadian companies and business banks, one of which retained Tina's paid services for two years. Tina helped secure a multi million dollar contract for a business bank on that occasion.

Tina married David in 1971, after she met him at an ESL evening class as a Course Director for Seneca College. David was teaching Tina's father, who needed some translation help. Tina and David have always acted as a team in all areas throughout their lives. They chose to live in Hamilton and once again involved themselves in business and the community. David brought to Hamilton his 20 year old real estate brokerage: AVAILABLE REAL ESTATE Inc. and is presently active in this area. He has been enlisted temporarily as Tina Whalen's Campaign Manager. Tina has been involved as Available Real Estate Inc. CFO. Tina and David have two boys in their 30s who live in Toronto.


Creation and Operation of a licenced employment agency-Ajax -Ministry of Labour - 5 yrs
Creation and Operation of a 24 hrs. answering and paging service ( 3500 lines/450 pagers) -15 yrs
Charter dealer for Bell and Cantel Cellular telephones marketing
Director-Chamber of Commerce-Ajax/Pickering
Chair-Ajax Homeweek
Subdvision Developer-Ajax
Founder- University of Toronto Volunteer Club
Founder-International Education Foundation-Canada Revenue Agency Charity
Volunteer - Judge Iacobucci Centre for Italian Canadian Studies - U of T
Volunteer - Sick Children's Hospital - ADHD research-1 year
Volunteer- Royal Ontario Museum - 5 yr Pin
Volunteer - community in general-on going


Canada, USA, Western, Eastern and Central Europe, Asia

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