The Province plans to allow municipalities to use ranked ballots in future elections. If so, will you vote to adopt ranked ballots in Hamilton?

Responses to the question: "The Province plans to allow municipalities to use ranked ballots in future elections. If so, will you vote to adopt ranked ballots in Hamilton?"

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Baldasaro, Michael Yes Yes and I shall be watching Toronto and Premiere Wynne to see for myself.

Butt, Ejaz Maybe I have to read more detail about the ranked ballot
Eisenberger, Fred Yes
Lavigne, Crystal Maybe Initially this idea sounds great and at this time I am not opposed to this idea, with that being said, I would however, like to look into this method further.
McHattie, Brian Maybe I think this is an interesting opportunity to pursue, but I really would like to work with my colleagues to discuss what’s the best way to approach the challenges we face in Hamilton.
Pattison, Michael A. Yes Absolutely! My question is, do you rank the “Big 3” or do you rank all of the vying parties. I think you know my answer.
Ward 01
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Allen, Jason Yes Yes. A huge part of the problem in Ward 1 right now is that there is a difficult choice among a selection of excellent candidates. As a result, it will be difficult for one candidate to get a clear mandate from the electorate. Ranked ballots would help with this, as well as encouraging more participation in wards with strong incumbents.
Greco, Tony Maybe Maybe. There are probably some situations where ranking would be useful, but tabulating the votes would be more difficult to do without computerized voting machines. This would increase the cost of the elections . We need to look at the experiences of other countries, such as Australia, who have already tested this technology.
Johnson, Aidan Yes I believe when done correctly ranked ballots can add depth to our democracy by giving a fuller voice to voters. I am likely to support a ranked ballot vote on condition that it is well-researched and consistent with how it has been adopted successfully elsewhere.
Rosen, Ira Maybe I believe the issue here as well in many other municipalities is a lack of community engagement even considering that Ward 1 has one of the highest voting rates in the city we need to do better then perhaps we can have a serious conversation regarding ranked ballots.
Shaw, Sandy Maybe I know that ranked ballots are supposedly effective to diminish either vote splitting or strategic voting.  However, I think that the situation that really needs to be addressed is the systemically low voter turnout across the City.  Ward One has had a high voter turnout, over 40% but other areas were lower.    We need to look for ways to engage our electors so that the majority of Hamiltonians are involved with their Municipal Government.
Ward 02
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Farr, Jason Yes We have used the method through Participatory Budgeting and I liked the system. It is fair and easy... even fun.

As well, my understanding is that it has a much greater potential to offer friendlier public debates at election time with candidates concentrating harder in getting a positive message out rather than attacking the others so as to gain a spot of second on the ranked list from the other candidates supporter.

Having just returned from the Durand debate, Ranked Balloting looks even better to me now then ever before. :)
Heaton, Kristina Yes Yes, ranked ballots is a good idea, since I've been involved with the Participatory Budgeting process last year, and People's Platform this year. It's a great tool to see what people want or need.
Wallis, Terri Yes
Ward 03
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Agostino, Ralph Maybe Maybe; I like the idea of ranked ballots; I believe it would bring more fairness to our voters. But would like to have more information to make the right decision.
DiMillo, Mark Maybe I don't like to speculate on the future. If ranked ballots is the way of the future and Hamiltonian's embrace that system then why not. As a City Builder looking to do what is right for Hamilton, one who believes in term limits, and is not looking to become a career politician, it wouldn't affect me either way, and should be decided by the voters.
Green, Matthew Yes I fully support ranked balloting in future elections and will move that Council to adopt ranked ballots here in Hamilton. Further I would like to proceed with a staff study of Ward boundary reform to better provide proportional representation at council.
Mejia, Victor Maybe it should should be looked at but only time will tell.
Omazic, Drina Yes The ranked ballot for future municipal elections is an interesting plan for democratic reform. With no party affiliations at the municipal level, ranked balloting would elect the candidate with the broadest community support. Based on this, I would support ranked balloting in the next City election.
Simmons, Tim Yes Yes, definitely I'm in favour of anything that creates a more even "playing field" between incumbents and challengers. I think we would also get more people interested in voting.
Ward 04
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Merulla, Sam Maybe Undecided, I need to assess this issue thoroughly.
Moreau, Lorna Yes
Ward 05
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Brown, David No I do not a support the use of ranked ballots. The current first past the post system is part of our democratic electoral process. I prefer to cast a ballot for one candidate, not a field of possibly 10 or like the current mayoral race in Toronto of some 65 candidates.
Storm, Larry No I know this is how political parties pick a candidate or leader. Are we looking at second and third ballots as well in this concept? I had a debate with a friend who is a proponent of this concept who ran for the Green Party in Niagara Falls, and he concludes his argument with the statement that results in most cases won't be different. If the results of ranked ballots won't be any different than first past the pole, why change it? We need to engage citizens to get interested in government again! Many people have turned government into a political laughing stock. It's that laughing stock that has become the main reason people don't vote.
Ward 06
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Rodrigues, Dan Yes Since the Province changed the number of years our elected officials serve per term, we need to move forward and introduce voting reform, which can include ranked ballots and term limits. It is important to address these issues now, as changes to the Municipal Act/Municipal Elections Act are taking place during the upcoming term.
Ward 07
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Beck, Keith Yes Happy to support ranked ballots if asked to. Think I might have already made it to council if it had already been in place!:)
Burghall, Greg Yes Yes, I think ranked ballots are a great idea. This will greatly improve our local democracy. I hope this is later adopted at the provincial and federal levels of government as well.
Ward 08
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Czerniga, Joshua Peter Yes
Ward 09
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Conley, Doug Maybe Need more information.
Galindo, Cam Yes Yes. The current system we use to elect our politicians in Hamilton is called "First Past the Post," where the person who gets the most votes wins. Unfortunately, "First Past the Post" does not always reflect what the people want. Ranked ballots in Hamilton would allow voters to vote/rank their candidates based on who they want to elect. Adopting this system would allow constituents to elect representatives that best represent their views.
Marrone, Tone Maybe ranked ballots need more discussion..
McMullen, Geraldine    Maybe I am interested in finding out more information regarding ranked ballots. I would like to see how it turns out in Toronto and make a more informed decision to see if this something Hamilton should adopt.
Robbins, Marie Yes Yes, I am supportive of this proposal but I want to make sure that it is done in a fashion that is efficient, effective and broadly understandable to residents. I have also been advocating for a larger Accountability Package, because I think that there is a lot of room for improvement when it comes to the quality of representation at City Hall. This includes my advocacy for term limits at City Hall, for publishing office expenses online for all to see, for refusing contributions from special interests, and for generally raising the bar when it comes to the conduct of council.

Actions speak louder than words, and I will be conducting myself according to the standards I’m advocating regardless of whether or not City Council decides to implement them as minimum requirements for all councillors. This includes limiting my own term of office to no more than 2 terms, to publishing my office expenses online, refusing campaign contributions from unions and companies that do work for the City of Hamilton and for exclusively speaking to issues of municipal politics.
Rosser, Christopher No I will vote against ranked ballots in Hamilton. I fear that adopting this feel good option for voters would only decrease the number of voters.
Rukavina, Frank No I am not in favour of ranked ballets.
Ward 10
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DiFalco, Teresa Yes Yes, I believe we need to change the system so that it cannot be manipulated by tactics such as vote splitting, etc.
Pearson, Maria Maybe I believe the Province should provide comprehensive information to the voters regarding this initiative and how it actually works. We still get people at the polls not understanding the current system!
Ward 12
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Bryson, K. Grace No Ranked Ballots should not be used. The person with the most votes wins. Who is to say that the top 3 favorites are going to have the most votes.
Ferguson, Lloyd Maybe No comment
Iachelli, John F.F.   Maybe I need more information than what I have seen on the internet to intelligibly comment
Nicholl, Anthony No No. It doesn't make for a fair election and disregards votes for the least favoured.
Ward 13
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Norton, Kevin No I do not support the idea of ranked ballots in principal for most elections. It mostly serves to add the number of work hours require to tally the results of an election.
Risdale, Marc Rhéal Yes Yes. Ranked ballots are a concept worth exploring, especially in municipal elections were the number of candidates in a ward can mean that a Councillor could be elected with as little as 10 percent support. Ranked ballots would ensure that the eventual winner would represent the broadest possible range of interests.
Scime, Danya Yes YES, I would also like to see electronic voting brought in for the younger generation as well as Polling Stations.
Vanderbeek, Arlene No No. Not without extensive research and public input.
Yull, Toby Yes Ranked ballots make sense to me.
Ward 14
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Knowles, Steven Yes Yes, i agree with ranked ballots.
Stewart, Scott Yes I'm in favour of the ranked ballot system.

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