Do you support converting more of Hamilton's one-way thoroughfares into complete, two-way streets that support walking, cycling and transit?

Responses to the question: "Do you support converting more of Hamilton's one-way thoroughfares into complete, two-way streets that support walking, cycling and transit?"

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Baldasaro, Michael Maybe Only where logical and it makes sense. Remember, people with money to spend,
tend to drive automobiles and poor access like the Bus Lane downtown is
keeping those people away from the Core.
Butt, Ejaz Yes I support every change on the street ,with easy and max road side parking om both sides of the roads and no rush hours parking .Parking should be available for long hours
Eisenberger, Fred Yes Yes but we need to decide on tranist first
Lavigne, Crystal No In short, no, I do not.
McHattie, Brian Yes Yes I support fully the implementation of our existing plan to convert many streets to two-way. The delays in implantation need to be addressed immediately.
Pattison, Michael A. Yes I commend RTH on these questions because if each candidate answers truthfully you will know where we stand. I endorse complete streets that support walking, cycling and transit. I want to see traffic calming reach a safety standard that is second to none. That said. identifying Direct routes through our neighbourhoods including existing alleyways improves the safety and well-being of our citizens.

Two-way street conversions seem logical on non-arterial roads. I realize the value of having consumers being able to identify business on arterial roads but we must also look at our shipping and logistic needs for all industry in Hamilton. I don't want heavy trucks and machinery moving at turtle speeds through our city spewing diesel exhaust at exorbitant rates. The more direct we can make these routes at safe speeds with little interruption,the better our air quality will be.

Can we create east-west and north-south shipping routes that would handle all logistics traffic? Can we create perimeter warehouse districts that act as efficiency models for delivery of everything within our municipality? I ask these questions because I am trying to look forward and plan strategies with the budget in mind.

I look at life like a wheel: when you are addressing a spoke that is part of the rim always remember that the other side of the rim must be balanced with another spoke. Careful even tension creates the most efficient ride that is balanced, strong and ready to move forward.
Ward 01
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Allen, Jason Yes Yes. Some streets (esp in Kirkendall) admittedly don't work as two ways due to limited parking availability, but many streets around the Ward and city do. Especially Queen North of Herkimer. The time for study on that road has long since passed, it's time to convert it to two-way.
Greco, Tony Yes Yes. I support it on a street-by-street study basis rather than just going ahead and doing a mass conversion. Most of the major streets that are wide enough to benefit from the conversion have already been done. Where future changes will adversely affect homes and businesses, these must be studied very carefully. I also believe that there must definitely be citizen input, which will be taken into account, when the conversion to a two-way street affecting them and their neighbourhood is proposed.
Johnson, Aidan Yes Yes. Two-way streets are generally better - for safety, complete streets and sidewalks, economic growth, and the prosperity of businesses facing onto the streets. I believe in creating two-way streets on a case-by-case basis. I am fully in support of the south part of Queen Street becoming two-ways. This position is substantiated by years of research by councillors Farr and McHattie, by smart city planning, and by strong support from residents heard in my door-knocking. In other cases, I would want to see comparable business cases and public support. Two-way conversions must be validated and decided upon through community engagement in affected communities.
Rosen, Ira No I fully support all modes of active transportation however I feel that this can be accomplished with out the conversion of the major one-way streets to two ways.
Shaw, Sandy Yes One-way thoroughfares were for when 'cars were king' ensuring that they could move quickly and steadily through the city.  The impact to the environment means we are rethinking and adjusting our cities.  

Two way street conversions should be done on a case by case basis with the best studies and advice that not only includes current automobile usage, but also future expected usage for all modes including transit, on foot and bike. These have to measureable, and reportable.
Ward 02
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Farr, Jason Yes
Yes, and we have done this in ward 2, but can do more. I was especially pleased to see residents successfully move street conversion in the Participatory Budget initiative for 2014. It spoke volumes.

I believe it is my job to convince my colleagues (if elected) that it is not such a bad thing. For example, we will prove through CCS and community study that Queen Street commuters would benefit from two way all the way to King and Main from the south.

I always read with interest RTH contributors like J Leach who offer the many benefits (and evidence via links and personal photo journalism) of two way or complete streets.

So, we have now McNab, Rebecca, Caroline, Duke, Bold, Wilson and others, but we can get going on not only those identified in the transportation master plan at a greater rate than one per year and work with neighbourhoods with sound ideas and support for streets like Mary and Catherine and others.

I like using James as a text book example of what may transpire when a conversion takes place. Want to buy a James N building now? You're going to need a whole lot more than you would have in 97.
Heaton, Kristina No No more 2-way streets. This only creates more toxic emissions with cars waiting and idling to pass each other. Traffic needs to flow. I walk and cycle everywhere, and what is currently planned is beyond reality, particularly with people entrenched in their vehicles, with their gadgets.
Wallis, Terri Yes
Ward 03
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Agostino, Ralph Yes Yes; I am absolutely supportive of conversion of the one-way thoroughfares into complete two way streets that will support walking, cycling and transit. It will make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists and it will help the business along those streets.
DiMillo, Mark Maybe The conversion of one way streets to two way is something that needs to be supported by the community and the complete streets planning initiatives. If affected residents are in agreement, and willing then yes I would support the same. The structure of the questions asked by the editor implies that my personal opinion is the basis for the correct answer. The style of leadership has changed, and the days of absolute leadership by the ward Councillor is no longer the norm. As a progressive city trying to break away from the political status quo will require continuous engagement from community stakeholders, leaders, and residents.
Green, Matthew Yes I support converting more of Hamilton's one-way thoroughfares into complete, two way streets that support walking, cycling and transit.
Mejia, Victor No No i dont think making are one ways in 2 ways will help. just look at what they did to john and james the back up goes up to top of hill.
Omazic, Drina Yes I’m for making Hamilton streets friendlier and safer for all users. On nearly every block -- in every part of the Ward 3 – safe streets is the issue I consistently hear about.

In addition to planning strategies and conversions, we need to change behaviour and raise awareness that City streets belong to all of us -- we need to learn how to share them.
Simmons, Tim Maybe A complete street does not always mean two-way streets. Two-way streets limits the capacity for bike lanes and bus lanes. Although two-way streets are a good thing in some areas, it is not necessarily the best approach. Each road needs to be looked at individually as it relates to the other roads and features around it.

People still have too many questions on what complete streets look and feel like.

I would like to see the complete streets strategy for every neighbourhood so that residence can understand and ask questions. In this way, we can see how we are connect with each other through different modes of transportation.

I am not in favour of traffic jams and gridlock. It is important to slow cars down, but the public and businesses won't except idling cars sitting bumper to bumper on our roads. This sends drivers into neighbourhoods in order to get around the gridlock.
Ward 04
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Merulla, Sam Yes
Moreau, Lorna Yes
Ward 05
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Brown, David Yes I support the conversion of the one-way thoroughfares into complete two-way streets.
Storm, Larry No I have walked downtown and I've biked downtown and I see no issue with the one way streets. Hamilton is famous for the, "Green wave!" It's something that's uniquely Hamilton. I can drive from my old job near Macmaster to home using the green wave as it did to take the 403/QEW. Not many places can say that for city streets. The speedy commute would help transit, would it not? I am currently of the opinion that there may be more benefits to one way streets than disadvantages.
Ward 06
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Rodrigues, Dan Maybe I am absolutely supportive of converting our roadways into complete streets which support walking, cycling and transit. I am less supportive of converting one-way streets into two-way streets, primarily because there is a real need to ensure automobile/truck movement has an ability to move efficiently through our City, as do pedestrians, cyclists and transit. Hamiltonians are not the only users of our roadways, and I’ve yet to visit a major City that does not have a mix of one-way and two-way streets within its transportation master plan.
Ward 07
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Beck, Keith Yes I support both reducing the number of one-way streets and the implementation of complete streets.
Burghall, Greg Yes Yes I do, on certain streets. We need to review each street individually to determine whether a two-way and cycling/transit modification would be appropriate.
Ward 08
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Czerniga, Joshua Peter Yes
Ward 09
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Conley, Doug Maybe Need more information.
Galindo, Cam Yes Yes. Over the years, Hamilton has learned that one way streets simply are not affective. We can learn a lot from other municipalities that focus on two-way streets that support pedestrian and cycling traffic.
Marrone, Tone No i'm not in favor of turning obe way streets into two way streets.it 's bad for the enviroment as well as time travel.Hamiltons traffic flow was never a problem,as a matter of fact,our streets worked extremely efficiently before,they don`t anymore.
McMullen, Geraldine    Yes Yes, I support complete streets and I believe that two-way streets make it safer for pedestrians and cyclists. It will also make transit connection to transit more accessible and convenient for riders.
Robbins, Marie Yes Yes I do. One-way streets are an important part of our roadway management system and if we are going to get serious about traffic management we should be keeping all options on the table. However, there are a number of one-ways that are ill suited to the function of the street that could stand to be converted to two-ways. The conversion of James St. North to two-ways, and the neighborhood’s subsequent revitalization, is a clear demonstration that not all streets are successful as one ways.
Rosser, Christopher No I do not support converting more of Hamilton's one-way thoroughfares. I do however feel the one way street system can adapt to support walking, cycling and transit.
Rukavina, Frank Maybe I would be interested in studying the opinions of the BIA's in the effected areas. I would not be in favour of change King street nor Main Street.
Ward 10
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DiFalco, Teresa No I am not a fan of converting one-way thoroughfares into complete, two-way streets for several reasons. I am hearing from business owners, pedestrians, cyclists and drivers that the conversion is not working and is more of a risk than anything else. Some things that I am hearing are:

• Two way streets takes away parking options, thus affecting businesses.
• Two way streets provide limited space for bike paths and bike parking.
• Two ways streets would also limit space for other alternative means of transportation.
• Two way streets make traffic more dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists.
• Two way streets may slow down traffic but there are other options available to do that.

That being said, I do support the need to improve our streets in making them more accessible and safe for all users. I believe we can achieve this in a more comprehensive and suitable way.
Pearson, Maria Maybe I support the review of various one-way thoroughfares in the interest of converting to two-way streets. This should be a comprehensive review of our downtown transportation network that best addresses the movement of vehicles and addressing the safety of pedestrians, cyclists and transit users.
Ward 12
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Bryson, K. Grace No Many of the one way streets are too narrow for two way traffic so therefore leave them as is. Some can easily be converted to two way and should be two way. Walking should be encouraged at all times in all areas of the city.
Ferguson, Lloyd No I do not support converting major arterial roads like King and Main to two-way.
Iachelli, John F.F.   Maybe Admittedly, I will say I am netral on this issue.Cnverting more of Hamilton's one-way thoroughfares into complete, two-way streets that support walking, cycling and transit
Nicholl, Anthony No I do not support conversion for vehicular traffic for safety concerns and flow of traffic. However, adding bicycle lanes is a good idea.
Ward 13
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Norton, Kevin Yes The short answer is yes. I am always in support of changes to infrastructure that alleviate the stress of vehicles on our system. That being said not every one way is capable of this kind of change. I would never require a road to be changed thus unless I personally investigated the street in question and myself drove along it during a number of conditions. To make a decision about the way any road is conducted without experiencing the same issues those who drive it frequently do would be irresponsible in my opinion.
Risdale, Marc Rhéal Yes Yes. One-way streets are few and far between in Dundas and I believe we are a model neighbourhood when it comes to walkability. While there are still several areas of concern, traffic along King Street is generally well behaved and people feel safe on foot. Motorists generally drive too quickly along the major one-way streets in Hamilton and it leads to far too many injuries and close calls.
Scime, Danya Yes Yes, I fully support complete streets that will calm traffic and keep our local businesses accessible; pedestrian, cycling and cars should be able to have access to the Ma & Pa Companies that are the backbone of our City. Taking away much needed street parking for Transit (bus) only lanes is hurting many of the businesses that once thrived. Many are looking forward to the pilot project (bus only lanes) to end ~in the hopes of gaining back their Customers.
Vanderbeek, Arlene Yes Yes. I support the implementation of complete streets were feasible.
Yull, Toby Yes I am in favour of two-way complete streets, introduced on a regular schedule.
Ward 14
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Knowles, Steven Yes Yes i support this, provided a balance is accomplished. Often transit plans account for cycling, walking, and public transit all while neglecting the vehicle user. No matter what option we choose, we must take into account all forms of transit.
Stewart, Scott Maybe I believe that having certain one-way streets allows an efficient flow of traffic through the downtown core and elsewhere. I honestly will need to do more research; however, I think there is room to convert additional streets to two-way traffic with sidewalks. In Ward 14, I would like to consider wider lanes on some roads that will then accommodate the cycling club(s) using such roads - safety for cars and cyclists.

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