Hamilton Municipal Election 2018 Mayor (Municipal)

List of candidate details and questions for Hamilton Municipal Election 2018

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Campaign Questions (top)

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Candidates (top)

Davis, Jim N/A 0 jag__64@msn.com (no website listed) 289-396-1263 (home)
Eisenberger, Fred N/A 0 connect@fred2018.ca https://fred2018.ca/
Geissler, Henry N/A 0 northsouthlrt@gmail.com (no website listed)
Gomes, Carlos N/A 0 kingcarlosg@live.com (no website listed)
Graydon, Edward HC N/A 0 graydoninvestments@gmail.com (no website listed) 905-521-8838 (home)
905-581-0626 (bus)
May, Todd N/A 0 kabutopss@yahoo.com (no website listed) 289-244-1170 (home)
Pattison, Michael N/A 0 inquiries@michaelapattison.com http://michaelapattison.com/ 905-537-5068 (home)
Rusich, George N/A 0 georgerusich4mayor@gmail.com (no website listed) 905-929-1919 (home)
Ryerson, Phil N/A 0 speakerphilryerson@gmail.com (no website listed) 905-528-1738 (home)
Schmid-Jones, Ute N/A 0 utesj@sympatico.ca (no website listed) 705-527-1612 (home)
Sgro, Vito N/A 0 info@vitosgroformayor.ca vitosgroformayor.ca
Tavares, Ricky N/A 0 ricky905@live.com (no website listed) 905-515-4307 (home)
Wozny, Mark N/A 0 mwozny@bell.net (no website listed) 905-664-1333 (home)
Yan, Nathalie Xian Yi N/A 0 nathaliehealthc@hotmail.com (no website listed) 905-527-7255 (home)

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RTH Articles (top)

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Notes From a Campaign: On Precarity, Politics, and Breaking Down Barriers, By Sophie Geffros, Published 2018-10-25

Eisenberger Won 13 out of 15 Wards, By Ryan McGreal, Published 2018-10-26

Eisenberger Won 189 out of 222 Polls, By Ryan McGreal, Published 2018-10-26

Local Media Trying to Frame Election Result as Urban vs. Suburban, By Nicholas Kevlahan, Published 2018-10-26

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Running in Hamilton: About the City of Hamilton and Election Day, By Cameron Kroetsch, Published 2018-11-19

Running in Hamilton: About the Media and Moving Forward, By Cameron Kroetsch, Published 2018-11-22

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Known Third-Party Apps (top)

There do not appear to be any known third-party apps for this election.