Do you support phasing out area rating for transit? Why or why not?

Responses to the question: "Do you support phasing out area rating for transit? Why or why not?"

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Davis, Jim No Area rating should be left the way it is. Why should people pay for things they don't receive? In the case where they have Trans cab then they should pay for the service but beyond the Trans cab service, they should be exempt.
Eisenberger, Fred Yes Yes but I propose an urban-rural split to ensure rural areas that do not benefit from transit are not paying for it.
Gomes, Carlos Yes I'm completely against phasing out the area rating program for transit. How can we improve upon our transit if we don't know the problems
Graydon, Edward HC N/A No response provided
Pattison, Michael Yes It is not so much of; am I in favour of phasing out area rating for transit, as I am for proportionate representation. If any community areas are within a walking distance (10 mins) to a full service (every 30 minutes) bus route, then they should be paying equal and full taxation like everyone else in transit serviced Hamilton. On the flip side, I do believe all of Hamilton should be paying a percentage of transit. With the lowest percentage being 10% without any localized service. It would be more than fair to have un-serviced area transit monies being put into an open reserve for future services, added road repair and eventual growth of transit to the respected communities. We need to invest in One Hamilton.
Schmid-Jones, Ute Yes Area rating seems unsupportable in the long run, and it's hard to understand how one house in Hamilton paying twice as much for transit as another house across the street hasn't already gotten people engaged with the idea of doing something about it. Ideally, I would hope that harmonizing what people across the city are paying for transit services could go hand in hand with improving service in those areas, and that might go a long way towards getting people in the outer wards to buy in to the idea that improving transit really is something that benefits the entire city rather than being something that pits one ward against another.
Sgro, Vito N/A Please use our website vitosgroformayor.ca as the the answer to the provided questions.
Tavares, Ricky N/A How much are you going to pay me ? $100 and I will communicate with you at your basic level. Otherwise you are useless to me and Hamilton.
Yan, Nathalie Xian Yi No I like to adjust the bus routine allocation resources to expand into rural community and all city facilities

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