Do you support the "Vision Zero" goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries in Hamilton? If so, what specific actions would you take to implement this policy? If not, why not?

Responses to the question: "Do you support the "Vision Zero" goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries in Hamilton? If so, what specific actions would you take to implement this policy? If not, why not?"

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Davis, Jim No Traffic accidents will always exist until we can come up with a computer system to keep cars at a safe distance. We seen the other day pedestrian/auto accidents will always be an issue until people start crossing in the designated area.
Eisenberger, Fred Yes Yes I support Vision Zero goals 100 per cent. We must change our way of thinking. We must: Focus on fatalities and serious injuries; focus on flaws in the transportation system identified as cause of collisions; focus on perfecting road system for imperfect human behaviour; Focus on safety initiatives to reduce accidents and therefore societal costs.
Gomes, Carlos Yes Yes, I support vision zero. I plan to release an app that will allow anyone to snap a photo of anyone talking or texting while operating a motored vechile. Before their were vicheles everywhere only the rich could afford to drive, as they became more affordable, ppl got killed by these vechiles, just because simple the rich thought and still think their lives are more important than ours. It didn't happen back then but it will happen now, no matter who you are. If u live or drive in Hamilton weather you are pulled over by the bacon or are reported anonymously the APP a person will receive the minimum fine of a one month without driving privileges and a fine equal to of their vechile being impounded for that month. Why do u think, people from different countries in our world don't steal? Especially after losing their hand. We need stricter laws.
Graydon, Edward HC N/A No response provided
Pattison, Michael Yes Vision Zero is a very commendable action strategy. I believe the city should have the right to be an underwriter/signatory on all auto insurance policies/driver licensing of those living within the Municipality. My rationality is that we, the citizens of Hamilton, should have the right to make someone uninsurable/license validity, if they amass to many infractions and/or obviously have no respect for the road or others. Drivers so easily forget that a car is a tool not a weapon. If used carelessly, the privilege of its use should be revoked. This also goes a long way to reducing auto insurance costs which are very high in this city compared with other municipalities.
Schmid-Jones, Ute Yes Of course we would all hope to see our streets as safe as possible. I'm not sure it will ever be possible to completely eliminate 100% of accidents, but I would celebrate every movement we can make in that direction. Perhaps we could start with a policy statement at council that acknowledges that saving lives is more important than minimizing the time of people's commutes, and converting more one way thoroughfares to two way traffic would likely go a long way towards making people safer. Calgary is currently considering reducing speed limits in the city core to 30 km per hour, and that sort of thing would also save lives if we considered it here. Ultimately, though, it's going to be hard to change people's driving patterns, so that's a process of public education and changing driving habit norms so that more drivers understand that the law requires them to give cyclists a safe zone of clearance and so on, and that's really what will have to happen if we ultimately intend to make our streets as safe as we can.
Sgro, Vito N/A Please use our website vitosgroformayor.ca as the the answer to the provided questions.
Tavares, Ricky N/A How much are you going to pay me ? $100 and I will communicate with you at your basic level. Otherwise you are useless to me and Hamilton.
Wozny, Mark Yes Some take the position that traffic fatalaties are reduced by one-way streets and proper signal regulation. I take the middle position.

As long as there is a mixture of both one-way and two-way streets, the option tends to 'tame' traffic congestion and stress.

Two-way strees assist in reducing the pace of both vehicular and pedestrian traffic. Jacobs has noted how some congestion creates more vitality for businesses and encourages the social intercourse that we call community.
Yan, Nathalie Xian Yi Yes It is a absolutely responsible for the municipal government implant a practical and effective policy and a plan how to manage the traffic signs to eliminate cyclists death to promote to share the road, pedestrian, cyclist and make a safe secure community all together

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