Do you support improved public transit in Hamilton? If so, what changes do you propose? If not, why not?

Responses to the question: "Do you support improved public transit in Hamilton? If so, what changes do you propose? If not, why not? "

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Davis, Jim Yes HSR has to be overhauled. Most of the routes of HSR have been the same for the last 50 yrs and they don't work anymore. The city has grown and we need to expand the service to all areas of the new boundaries. There are way to many overlapping routes and to many buses end up in the same spot. Seems all the buses come down the hill creating longer travel time and more fuel being used. Create East/West routes that do just that and why do all the upper buses have to go downtown? Have them travel to different parts of the lower city so there is more North/South routes in the city.
Eisenberger, Fred Yes Yes I support implementing the Council-approved 10-year transit master plan that will mean enhanced transit in all parts of our community including LRT as the “B” in the “BLAST” network.
Gomes, Carlos Yes My first order of business is to reject the LRT and see if Doug Ford is a man of his word, and allow our city to keep the 600 plus million dollars to improve our transit system. We keep our already established transit system and improve upon it instead of letting metro one take what we already made.
Graydon, Edward HC N/A No response provided
Pattison, Michael Yes I support improved public transit and busing is the easiest solution to our needs. I would still like to see an answer for traversing the mountain and connecting the upper and lower city through transportation hubs at the cusp and base of the mountain. If LRT is commencing within our city, we absolutely require both an east-west and north-south vision.
Schmid-Jones, Ute Yes I am very excited by the LRT and would love to see it running in Hamilton, but to really get the full benefit of improving the B line we also need city council to provide better funding and real support for the HSR as a whole. If our transit system overall becomes so effective that people start leaving their cars behind to take public transit instead of thinking of transit as something that only poor people take, that would feel like a real measure of success.
Sgro, Vito N/A Please use our website vitosgroformayor.ca as the the answer to the provided questions.
Tavares, Ricky N/A How much are you going to pay me ? $100 and I will communicate with you at your basic level. Otherwise you are useless to me and Hamilton.
Wozny, Mark Yes Improved Public Transit in Hamilton will come about when there is an enhanced, workable demand for it.

Just as Festivals (park/street) draw people together from the entire spectrum of the community, transit must learn to draw from all ages and income brackets.

I propose that once monthly, public transit should be made free of charge-perhaps pay what you like or that each household be given several passes to cover single trips over the course of the year.

Give people a an incentive to 'try it before they buy it'
Yan, Nathalie Xian Yi Yes I support an economic formula that will have the effect of allocation of resources for the expansions and progressive goals for transportation in Hamilton

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