Federal Election 2011 Hamilton East-Stoney Creek (Federal)

List of candidate details and questions for Federal Election 2011

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Candidates (top)

Hamilton East-Stoney Creek
Bob Green Innes Canadian Action Party 0 BobGreenInnes@votecap.ca http://votecap.ca/index.php?option=com_content&view=article&id=105:robert-innes-hamilton-east&catid=39:ontario&Itemid=254 905-296-8874 (bus)
Bob Mann Communist Party of Canada 0 bob@votecommunist.ca http://www.votecommunist.ca/ 905-548-9586 (bus)
Brad Clark Conservative Party of Canada 0 info@bradclark.ca http://hescconservative.ca/ 905-662-0977 (bus)
David Hart Dyke Green Party of Canada 0 davehartdyke@yahoo.ca http://greenpartyhamilton.ca/hamiltoneast/candidate/ 905-664-5672 (bus)
905-664-5672 (fax)
Gord Hill Progressive Canadian Party 0 aquagemimaging@on.aibn.com (no website listed) 905-545-9272 (bus)
Greg Pattinson Libertarian Party of Canada 0 greg.pattinson@yahoo.ca http://www.libertarian.ca 289-440-4734 (bus)
Michelle Stockwell Liberal Party of Canada 0 (no email listed) http://michellestockwell.liberal.ca/ 905-537-3706 (bus)
Wayne Marston New Democratic Party of Canada 0 waynemarston@ndp.ca http://waynemarston.ndp.ca/ 905-545-5020 (bus)
Wendell Fields Communist Party of Canada (Marxist–Leninist) 0 info@mlpc.ca http://www.mlpc.ca 416-253-4475 (bus)

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Known Third-Party Apps (top)

There do not appear to be any known third-party apps for this election.