Do you believe the Federal Government is doing everything it can to complete the cleanup of Randle Reef? Why or why not?

Responses to the question: "Do you believe the Federal Government is doing everything it can to complete the cleanup of Randle Reef? Why or why not?"

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Hamilton East-Stoney Creek
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Bob Green Innes No As noted, I prefer that the federal gummerment not meddle at all in municipal affairs and should not treat serious problems like Randle Reef as a pork barrel project to be trotted out at election time. All this transferring of money back and forth distorts the democratic process, an example of which we saw when, prodded by Provincial and Federal money, we decided to spend a ridiculous amount of money on a stadium that will do nothing to change Hamilton for the better.

That being said, Hamilton should not be shortchanged compared to other communities and if the Feds helped clean up other toxic sites, then they should help Hamilton too. CAP believes that projects like this cost far less than the $57 billion we pay the bankers every year in interest instead of using the Bank of Canada as it was intended by Mackenzie King, our wartime PM. It's not money that is missing, it is patriotic policy.

Hamiltonians, in being swayed by dangling carrots, instead of just getting on with the cleanup have shot their bolt poorly, in my opinion, and will come to regret it before their bauble is finished and all the cost overruns tallied up and unions paid off. Many real needs are being swept under the media carpet while everyone bamboozles taxpayers into thinking that developer-centric mega projects are oh-so-essential. Gotta have developer's adverts or the Spec will sink, no?

Oh well, in a few years, we should have a raging monetary breakdown hyperinflation to contend with, (not discussed on MSM debates) which will derail many plans, thanks to the inability of Canadians to break their habit of electing the same old parties who only look out for the big multinationals, their trade (& climate) treaties and tax havens. Anytime you're ready voters, you can vote for substantive change. Are you ready?
David Hart Dyke Yes No. The Tories are only the latest federal government that has failed to appreciate how vital it is that this potential environmental nightmare be remediated. Randle Reef could become a major disaster if things go wrong.
Gord Hill Maybe Not sure. There seems to be a number of different views on the subject and it would take sometime to make an educated decision.
Greg Pattinson Maybe I am not currently aware of the situation so it would not be fair for me to comment.
Wayne Marston Yes The only funds to date that have been provided to the Randle Reef clean-up so far have been due to the successful pressure brought on the current government by the three area NDP MPs. The cleanup is a massive undertaking, and will take a number of years. The NDP will ensure that the now $120 million ($40 million of which is the federal contribution) negotiated to clean up Randle Reef moves forward. The money has been committed and now we will ensure that all levels of government follow through.

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