Will you call for a full public inquiry into the 2010 G20? Why or why not?

Responses to the question: "Will you call for a full public inquiry into the 2010 G20? Why or why not?"

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Hamilton East-Stoney Creek
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Bob Green Innes Yes Not only is an inquiry into the G20 fiasco necessary, but it is essential that wrongdoing be punished and the Civil Liberties of Canadians restored. There is much to restore. CAP is particularly concerned about provisions that have, or will erode our civil rights. These include preventative detention, arbitrary arrest, investigative hearings, suspension of the right to remain silent and the principle of innocence until proven guilty (especially within new & proposed domestic/ foreign tribunal systems), use of agent provocateurs, warrantless seizures, foreign determination of regulations, negating law of trespass, and withholding access to legal representation. That's a long list.
David Hart Dyke Yes Yes. This fiasco is one of the greatest large-scale violations of human rights in Canada's history. Nothing like it must ever be allowed to happen again. Measures to ensure this must be enacted, and those who participated in this abnegation of all that is best about Canada should be tracked down and held to account.
Gord Hill Yes Yes. We need to know the facts and through them make sure that what was right or wrong allows us to be better equipped for the future. Maybe we can learn from the Royal Wedding.
Greg Pattinson Yes Absolutely! The police state instituted by Liberal Premier Dalton McGuinty is one of the major reasons I got involved in politics. The kind of human rights violations that occurred during the G20 cannot be tolerated in a free society. If the people who are responsible are not held accountable, it sets a bad precedent for rights to be infringed again in the future. This could lead to a militant revolution here in Canada and a total breakdown of law and justice. I would like to see those whom are responsible held personally liable and charged criminally, regardless of their current position.
Wayne Marston Yes Not only does the NDP support a full public enquiry into the events surrounding the G20 summit, but it was the first political party in Canada to do so. The scale of the abuses that occurred-the mass arrests, the physical and verbal abuse by police of peaceful demonstrators - amount to the most outrageous abuses of human rights in Canadian history. Nothing less than a full public inquiry into these abuses will suffice. That such violations can occur in a country such as Canada is simply unacceptable.
Wendell Fields Yes The MLPC has time and time again denounced the state violence against the G20 demonstrators and called for a people's inquiry into what took place. This call was based on the direct experience of MLPC activists involved in G20 organizing and in the demonstrations last June. In Hamilton, MLPC candidates Lisa Nussey (Hamilton Centre), Jamilé Ghaddar (ADFW) and Wendell Fields (Hamilton East-Stoney Creek) were lead organizers of our city's participation in the week of actions that took place in Toronto while the illegitimate G20 met. Many other local MLPC activists and members were also very involved in this work. We were on the front-lines face to face with the 25,000 riot police under the control of the Integrated Security Unit, which in turn is run by Northern Command, which in turn is under the control of the U.S. military. We directly experienced the state attacks as we worked tirelessly in the lead up to the demonstrations, during the actions and afterwards to affirm the right to dissent of all Canadians.

Throughout these efforts, and since the brutal state repression of our legitimate right to dissent, the Hamilton MLPC and every level of the party (including provincially and nationally) has been demanding a full public inquiry into what took place. We have continued the organizing work, supporting those facing charges from G20 organizing, and continuing to provide information updates through our online daily newspaper.

In our view, the only legitimate inquiry would be a people's inquiry. There has been movement to do this and we are part of these efforts fully. We do not support the notion that the criminals investigate and pass judgement on themselves. As such, the various police-led inquiries that were announced on the heels of the G20 are fraudulent.

For further information on the MLPC's views and involvement in G20 organizing, please read our daily newspaper, The Marxist-Leninist Daily. We published many articles, reports and views on the G20. A few sample links can be found at the following:






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