Ward 7 By-Election 2016 (Municipal By-Election)

List of candidate details and questions for Ward 7 By-Election 2016

Note to Candidates: We make every attempt to ensure that the information provided here is correct. If you notice that any information about you is incorrect or missing, please let us know and we will fix it.

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Candidates (top)

Ward 7
Bolton, Robert N/A 0 robertpaulbolton@gmail.com (no website listed) 905-961-8016 (home)
Bradshaw, Philip N/A 0 phillage13@gmail.com (no website listed) 905-929-6845 (home)
Burt, Shaun N/A 0 shaunburt@hotmail.com (no website listed) 905-966-0560 (home)
Charters, Bob N/A 0 bob.charters@bell.net http://www.bobcharters.ca/ 905-973-3810 (home)
Danko, John-Paul N/A 0 votedanko@gmail.com http://jpdanko.com/
Farraway, Doug N/A 0 dfarraway@rogers.com http://farrawayfor7.com/ 905-388-4499 (home)
Gordon, Tim N/A 0 gordon.timothy@me.com http://www.votetimgordon.com/ 905-516-4981 (home)
Heroux, Chelsey N/A 0 chelseyherouxward7@outlook.com (no website listed) 289-489-6308 (home)
Hetu, Luc N/A 0 luchetu@icloud.com (no website listed)
Lenko, Gregory N/A 0 (no email listed) (no website listed)
McMullen, Geraldine N/A 0 votemcmullen@gmail.com,geraldine.mcmullen@gmail.com http://www.votemcmullen.ca/ 905-818-0499 (home)
Murphy, Glenn N/A 0 murf@bell.net (no website listed) 905-975-1790 (home)
Nagy, Paul N/A 0 paulynagy@gmail.com (no website listed) 289-527-6047 (home)
Nicholl, Anthony N/A 0 vote4nicholl@gmail.com https://vote4nicholl.wordpress.com/ 289-489-9603 (home)
Pacey, Jeanne N/A 0 jpacey@sympatico.ca http://www.jeannepacey.com/ 905-979-8857 (home)
Qureshi, Uzma N/A 0 info@uzma.ca http://uzma.ca/ 905-923-3190 (home)
Rabb, Howard N/A 0 howardrabb@gmail.com http://electhoward.ca/ 289-426-2386 (home)
Shahrouri, Mohammad N/A 0 shahrouri2016@gmail.com (no website listed)
Skelly, Donna N/A 0 info@skellyward7.ca http://skellyward7.ca/ 905-318-9999 (bus)
Starr, Damin N/A 0 damin@daminstarr.ca http://www.daminstarr.ca/ 905-572-0326 (home)
Vecchioni, Louis N/A 0 lou@sourcecable.net (no website listed) 905-387-8343 (home)
White, Fred N/A 0 (no email listed) (no website listed)
Young, Robert N/A 0 robertyounghbsc@gmail.com https://www.facebook.com/RobertYoungWard7/ 905-296-3611 (home)
Zuriel, Hans N/A 0 zurielward7@gmail.com http://www.zurielward7.com/ 905-973-2777 (home)

RTH Articles (top)

Time to Reject the Status Quo and Reimagine Our Public Space, By John-Paul Danko, Published 2015-11-26

Aim High With Claremont Redevelopment, By John-Paul Danko, Published 2016-01-19

New Ward 7 Councillor Faces Great Challenges and Opportunities, By Ryan McGreal, Published 2016-03-22

Reflections on a Council By-Election Campaign, By John-Paul Danko, Published 2016-03-28

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Known Third-Party Apps (top)

There do not appear to be any known third-party apps for this election.