Will you encourage the creation and growth of more neighbourhood associations in your ward?

Responses to the question: "Will you encourage the creation and growth of more neighbourhood associations in your ward?"

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Ward 07
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Bradshaw, Philip Yes This is my major issue. To create community. To allow constituents to come together in groups, associations, meetings where they feel they have a voice. A voice that I will bring to City Council.
Farraway, Doug Yes There are several solid neighbourhood associations, but they generally focus on sports for their kids, which is a good thing. But I’d like to see them take another step forward. I want to see more citizen engagement in Ward 7 neighbourhoods and if that engagement evolves satisfactorily then I will not hesitate to introduce participatory budgeting to the central mountain.
Gordon, Tim Yes I am a member of my local neighbourhood association, being an attendee and participant in planning at our very first meeting, here in Ward 7! I think this is essential to empowering citizens to be heard in the context of our city. I will do my best to attend start-up meetings as our Ward councillor for neighbourhood associations and fully encourage their development. Furthermore, I will create a community council to further engage citizens and give us a voice.
McMullen, Geraldine Yes Yes. They enable consultation amongst residents at the grassroots level. We have seen the success of community hubs in many neighbourhoods.
Nicholl, Anthony Maybe Maybe, if there is a need for neighbourhood associations. I would be happy to collaborate with various communities and organizations to ensure that the neighbourhood voices are heard.
Pacey, Jeanne Yes Yes, if Ward 7 residents want this, I am certainly open to helping to facilitate neighbourhood associations. I would add that these associations are not only important, but they are a sign of healthy and vibrant communities. Again, my experience and background in working with community groups will be an asset in this.
Qureshi, Uzma Yes I'm committed to encouraging, supporting, and assisting neighbours to come together to share a common voice about issues that affect their neighbourhoods and Ward 7. I don't view vocal neighbourhood associations as a threat, I view them as a sign of a strong and healthy neighbourhood. As Councillor, every neighbourhood that wants to come together to speak with a common voice will have my support.
Rabb, Howard Yes YES. This is a huge yes for me. Working for Councillor Whitehead I was pleased to participate in between 20 and 30 community meetings a year. These meetings held in every neighbourhood in ward 8 as well as our drop ins at Westcliffe Mall helped us stay connected to the residents. From these meetings that we would facilitate neighbourhood and parks associations were born.

Ward 8 has many very active and healthy neighbourhood groups and parks associations. These groups maintain regular communication with the Councillor's office and hold events all year in their communities that foster togetherness, and a senses of community.

This is something that I find lacking in ward 7. I want to take the best practices I learned working in ward 8 and apply those to creating more community meetings and helping to create more neighbourhood and parks associations. This is one of my top priorities on the constituency side.

The first thing I do will be to locate a site that we can hold a monthly drop-in. We used Westcliffe mall in ward 8. I foresee something similar for ward 7 possibly in one of the larger grocery stores.
Skelly, Donna Yes Neighbourhood associations are a necessity in a city that believes in smart growth. I would absolutely encourage the creation and growth of more neighbourhood associations.
Starr, Damin Yes I am already working with the community to do this. Regardless of the outcome of this by-election, I fully intend to lend my efforts to grow new Community Hubs like "The Butler Hub" because I believe in their potential to promote citizen engagement and empowerment.
Vecchioni, Louis Yes Community Hubs are an important everyday function in the lower city, such as Beasley, a new hub in the Butler community has just started to organize on the central mountain area, with hopefully more to be created on the mountain.
Young, Robert Yes Yes, in fact it was through local neighbourhood associations that I first became actively involved in the community. They are often very capably run without any government spending, and in many cases they are better run than the government-lead organizations.

1) Neighbourhood associations are great for bonding locals together.
2) These associations are a great pre-requisite to solving neighbourhood issues.
Duties to commission:
1) Encourage residents to attend regular get-togethers at their leisure.
2) Test market for BIAs versus neighbourhood associations.
3) Don't force BIA taxes, instead have systematic expenditure evaluations with people local to each district within the Ward to evaluate where & when BIA's should operate.
4) As field studies grow implement as many neighbourhood associations as possible.
5) Let residents run tax free BIAs if they prefer neighbourhood get-togethers.
Zuriel, Hans Yes Yes, it is important that neighbourhood associations which are beneficial to Ward 7 residents are given the necessary support for their creation and growth. This is primarily done through reducing red-tape for these associations as well as through joint initiatives with the City Council. Besides that, City Council should establish connections with neighbourhood associations such as "Raise the Hammer" which aim to unlock Hamilton's true potential while making a more desirable place to live in.

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Ward 07
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