Anthony Nicholl, Candidate for Ward 7 in Ward 7 By-Election 2016

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NameNicholl, Anthony
ElectionWard 7 By-Election 2016
AreaWard 07
Email vote4nicholl@gmail.com
Website https://vote4nicholl.wordpress.com/
BioFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/vote4nicholl

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vote4nicholl

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Responses to Questions (top)

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Will you push for increased transit investment on the Mountain? If so, how will you pay for it? Yes Yes, I believe transit is an important investment on the Mountain. There is a need for improved transit to and from the Hamilton airport. I would also implement improved transit to the downtown core by creating a B-line schedule directly from Lime Ridge Mall to Gore Park. By creating a well balanced budget, improved transit options can be implemented.
Will you push for a safe, continuous cycling network in Ward 7 with better connections to the rest of the mountain and the lower city? Yes Yes, we need to make the roads safer for cyclists and everyone else who uses the roads. Cycling is becoming a more popular and environmentally friendly option for commuting and getting around town. We need to invest in more bike share programs and safe bicycles lanes in Ward 7.
Will you encourage the creation and growth of more neighbourhood associations in your ward? Maybe Maybe, if there is a need for neighbourhood associations. I would be happy to collaborate with various communities and organizations to ensure that the neighbourhood voices are heard.
Will you encourage the city to shift new development away from car-dependant sprawl? Yes Yes, I will encourage the development of more community type centres that will shift away from car-dependant sprawl and focus more on improved transit, cycling, retail, and various business development throughout the Ward.
Income inequality is a serious problem in Hamilton, and poverty is increasing in mountain neighbourhoods. What will you do to reduce inequality in Ward 7 and across the city? Yes As poverty is increasing in areas across the mountain, it is important to improve access to affordable housing and entice developers to build more affordable housing in Ward 7 by offering tax incentives. I would also propose attracting new businesses to Ward 7 which improve the employment and economic situation.
Do you support a more vibrant neighbourhood retail destination on Upper Wellington? If so, what do you propose to achieve this? Yes Yes, we need to attract more businesses to Ward 7. Upper Wellington is one of the main roads that connects the Hamilton mountain to the downtown core via the Jolley Cut. It would be beneficial for both the community and entrepreneurs to create an appealing retail centre.
How important is it for Council to work with specific goals and targets for each City Department at the beginning of each year? How would you ensure this happened? Yes It is extremely important for council to collaborate with the City departments to strategically develop clearly defined goals and objectives. By doing so at the beginning of the fiscal year and developing a sound budget with the goals and objectives in mind, the collaboration would ensure improved services and programs for our community.
In your view, what's not happening now in the City of Hamilton that you'd like to see happen? Why? What's not happening now in Ward 7 that you'd like to see happen? Why? What's not happening now at City Hall that you'd like to see happen? Why? Yes Due to constant red tape, the City of Hamilton has discouraged new and small business growth. I myself, experienced a tremendous amount of red tape when I opened a small business in Hamilton. I would like to see improved services in the permits department and city consultation for new and small businesses.
For Ward 7, transit for seniors needs much improvement. Currently, the average wait time for Darts could be as long as 2 hours. The Darts service requires refinement and reorganization.

There is a complete disconnect between City Hall and the residents of Hamilton. Some councillors lack in responding to their constituents. Representatives should listen to their constituents, provide assistance when needed, and be their voice in council. We need to improve communication between City Hall and the residents of Hamilton.
How will you help to break down barriers between Councillors and the Wards they represent to ensure a more cohesive Council and more balanced decision making? Yes As I have mentioned, there is a disconnect between City Hall and the residents of Hamilton. It would be ideal for Councillors to improve communication with their perspective Wards. I would implement quarterly Ward Hall meetings to give Ward residents the opportunity to raise concerns with their Councillors.