In your view, what's not happening now in the City of Hamilton that you'd like to see happen? Why? What's not happening now in Ward 7 that you'd like to see happen? Why? What's not happening now at City Hall that you'd like to see happen? Why?

Responses to the question: "In your view, what's not happening now in the City of Hamilton that you'd like to see happen? Why? What's not happening now in Ward 7 that you'd like to see happen? Why? What's not happening now at City Hall that you'd like to see happen? Why?"

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Bradshaw, Philip Yes Regarding Ward 7, I would like to see more participation when decisions that are taken by the City impact the ward. Perhaps by scheduling town halls and meetings where the constituents are made to feel that they can make a difference and to get back the feeling that their voices will be heard.
Farraway, Doug Yes * What's not happening now in the City of Hamilton that you'd like to see happen? Why?

If I may respond this way I would say there are two overriding issues that will impact on our future. First of all, representation by population is a huge issue especially for Ward 7. Our boundaries need to be altered and in some cases the new lines drawn will likely upset some who will think they are too radical. The second issue is attached to the first. We need a council that works together for a Greater Hamilton, in other words the future, and not for what has gone before. Parochialism is alive and well unfortunately and that needs to end.

* What's not happening now in Ward 7 that you'd like to see happen? Why?

There is a distinct feeling at the door that Ward 7 the largest ward by population is not receiving its fair return on taxes. From road and sidewalk infrastructure to express buses, to GO bus service to dare I mention it hospital services. Only ten emergency beds for the Mountain and that includes Wards 6,7,8, 9 and 11 is not good enough in fact it’s dangerous. The conversation about urgent care that ended 8 years ago needs to be resurrected and I propose when elected to do just that.

* What's not happening now at City Hall that you'd like to see happen? Why?

Transparency is a big issue for me because of my media background. The tendency to get behind closed doors goes against my grain. The fact we do not throw open the doors to the latest technology to allow our citizens to see council and committees in the best possible manner is in my opinion just lazy. We need to encourage the media to get involved with the presentation of City Council and General Issues as was done in the past in partnership with Cable 14. The current fixed camera positions do not do justice to the story that is Council and our civic discussions. As well I want to see an end to the idea that the city clerk is the best person to shut off microphones when tempers perhaps flair. Civility should always be the goal at council but when contrasting ideas turn into verbal flair-ups our citizens should be able to see and to hear what is going on to make the best judgement they can about who represents them. I am very uncomfortable with the concept of a button in the hands of just one person making an arbitrary decision about who gets to hear what. Finally we need to have an independent body review complaints against staff, councillors and private citizens. There should not be two sets of rules regarding personal conflicts or misdeeds. I hope council as a body will invite the Ontario Ombudsman to handle any cases like the infamous “shovegate”.
Gordon, Tim Yes Right now I'm troubled by the elimination of the voluntary trusteeship program, the city's lack of progress on the cities report "Preparing Seniors Centres for 2036," and many other issues I have with specific groups of vulnerable people in our city who depend on these policies and programs. I want the voluntary trusteeship program reinstated, advanced progress made in policy and actions/results for advancing our infrastructure and services for seniors as we face a growing ageing population. In Ward 7 we have little opportunity to engage city hall, we need a community council, we must give voice to those who feel disempowered through neighbourhood associations, and it is our duty to advocate for a city that can be a great place to live.
McMullen, Geraldine Yes The era of downloading must come to an end, and uploading must begin.
The provincial and federal governments are continuously downloading costs of services onto the municipalities.
There is a lot of time and energy put into downtown, and there seems to be a gap between what's done up in Ward 7. I would like to see more effort made to provide new opportunities on the mountain.
I would like to see a genuine spirit of co-operation between councillors.
Nicholl, Anthony Yes Due to constant red tape, the City of Hamilton has discouraged new and small business growth. I myself, experienced a tremendous amount of red tape when I opened a small business in Hamilton. I would like to see improved services in the permits department and city consultation for new and small businesses.
For Ward 7, transit for seniors needs much improvement. Currently, the average wait time for Darts could be as long as 2 hours. The Darts service requires refinement and reorganization.

There is a complete disconnect between City Hall and the residents of Hamilton. Some councillors lack in responding to their constituents. Representatives should listen to their constituents, provide assistance when needed, and be their voice in council. We need to improve communication between City Hall and the residents of Hamilton.
Pacey, Jeanne Yes The City needs to keep Hamiltonians better informed and updated, social media is one of the best ways to do this. Transit is an issue that needs to be addressed in Ward 7, it is a shared complaint of residents. The issue of providing more affordable housing is key and so is the need for Ward 7 to attract new businesses.
Qureshi, Uzma Yes I'd like all of Council to be clear about how we'll work together to strike the right balance between what the residents of our Wards need with the needs of the entire City. I think we can fine tune that balance. It can't be one or the other. We must constantly strive to try to do both at the same time. Not easy, i know, but it's critical, in my view. I think that's what most Hamiltonians want too.
Rabb, Howard Yes I want to see the creation of an independant auditor general. This office would look at every area in the organization and help us learn whether or not we are getting value for our dollars.
Skelly, Donna Yes I would like to see the city direct more attention to its natural assets such as Hamilton's waterfalls and waterfront. We can exploit those opportunities by working with artists and entrepreneurs to promote these natural wonders through community engagement. In Ward 7 one of my priorities will be to encourage investment and arts on Concession Street. This area of the city is poised to realize an economic boost -- as long as the city facilitates that growth and doesn't stand in its way.
Starr, Damin Yes I believe the City of Hamilton fails to put emphasis of "Safe and Accessible Mobility Options" as a broad vision. To often we look a modes of mobility in isolation of each other. Our Transportation Master Plan can be an amazing tool if it's used as a genuine framework with measurability built in.

I believe Ward 7 struggles with effective representation on council due to population growth in recent years and the unique divide created by the Linc. I believe Ward 7 will benefit greatly from the Ward Boundary Review.

I believe City Hall is failing in the area of transparency and communication. A commitment to implement "Open Data", improve "Live Streaming" and archiving of all committee and council meetings, and a review of it's FOI policies will promote engagement and strengthen confidence.
Vecchioni, Louis Yes Engagement needs to be done by more citizens in the running of our city.

- more voter turn outs in elections,
- more issues being put out to vote on
- 16 people on counsel just isn't working the way it should.

Ward 7 is isolating itself, more needs to be done to bring people together and get their inputs; such as area festivals, music events, where we can gather to meet residents / neighbors of Ward 7. In the lower city, decisions by Council take to long,

- some are defeated, with little investigation
- a lot are sent back to staff for more information
- it seems that Council has a us & them attitude, we are all in this together in running this city. Surely we can make decisions for the betterment of Hamilton, that it seems at times to be lost with Councillors !
Young, Robert Yes First and foremost fewer tax hikes and improved expenditures.

Prioritize tax dollar spending.

Right now the system is inefficient and there are endless possibilities to bring it up to full market potential. There is also a great deal more that can be done for our seniors and infra-structure:

1) We need a more consumer-directed model on how to focus business implementation on Upper Wellington.
2) Housing and long term care for seniors and better transport to their homes.
3) More focus and better relations with our hard working lower and middle class.
4) Lower property taxes to the Niagara-region average; collect revenues from user fees, permits, and licenses.
5) Small Business: Attract small business and collect revenues through new industries not yet realized, while ending wasteful spending.
6) De-polarize ineffective Government Grants where the "red tape" alone ends up costing more than the entire project. If the Government cannot intervene correctly then the Government should not waste time & money to become involved at all.
7) A more educated and staffed council that is dedicated to our residents, seniors and infrastructure instead of mishandling our already over-taxed residents.
Zuriel, Hans Yes I would like to see a City of Hamilton which has a revitalized economy to regain its former position as an important city in the industrial heartland of Ontario. Hamilton is a shadow of its former self and it needs to diversify its economy and to modernize its urban landscape in order to reinvent its economic prosperity.

I would like a Ward 7 with denser community centres and vibrant commercial districts which would attract investors and create many local jobs with at least living wages. Besides that, I long for a Ward 7 community which has reduced income inequality and has poverty eradicated.

I would like to see a culture of accountability in City Hall. I would not tolerate City Hall staffs which stretch laws and standards to their advantage to shield them from inaction. For instance, I understand that City Hall staffs could cite a provincial standard which allow them to ignore a pothole for 30 days and they could avoid reimbursing any damages from that pothole as long they are within that standard.

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