Will you push for a safe, continuous cycling network in Ward 7 with better connections to the rest of the mountain and the lower city?

Responses to the question: "Will you push for a safe, continuous cycling network in Ward 7 with better connections to the rest of the mountain and the lower city?"

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Bradshaw, Philip Yes Absolutely! Cycling paths are important, as long as a road can accommodate them, and they may help in having people stop from riding on sidewalks especially in shopping areas where many seniors are present. I have witnessed this first hand and many of the cyclists should know better because they are adults. Children can be forgiven.
Farraway, Doug Yes Not only will I push for an expanded continuous network but a safer network for families to enjoy. I will also push for an expansion of the SoBi program on the Mountain. The current route through the central mountain is a mysterious winding route that utilizes what was when it was designed existing infrastructure. In other words one minute Bendamere is your bike route to Upper James but you must veer off course to McElroy to use the lights, when in fact the bike route could continue eastbound on South Bend if only we gave people the opportunity to cross Upper James. The same holds true at Upper Wentworth where the bike route attempts to cross to East 24th. My recommendation and something I will work for is pedestrian push buttons that will stop the flow on both of these major arteries to allow families on their bicycles or pedestrians on foot to safely cross these dangerous high speed routes. This of course is not the only issue we face regarding cycling safety. The death of Jay Keddy was avoidable. If the good people of Ward 7 chose me on March 21st I will make it one of my top three priorities to push for not only a planned route up the Claremont but a functioning safe bike lane before the snow flies in 2016.
Gordon, Tim Yes Pushing for a safe, continuous cycling network is essential to orienting a transit development plan that will work for us. Non-motorized transit planning has proved to have a significant positive impact in Ontario's communities, decreasing traffic congestion and simultaneously increasing public transit ridership. This will reduce total traffic, reduce peak period traffic, shift automobile traffic dependence to alternatives including public transit, and appears to be correlated with also increasing walking traffic. There is no way that a non-motorized transit plan that includes cycling is not a good move for our city. We need to investigate it fully and make choices the reflect making mobility safe for both cyclists and commuter traffic.
McMullen, Geraldine Yes Yes. Cycling is recreation to some but a commute to others. The trend towards increased cycling is universal and an asset in our efforts to control climate change. I would like to see our expansion of safe routes proceed in accordance with a complete plan rather than piecemeal. Cyclists have the right to expect well-planned, safe corridors.
Nicholl, Anthony Yes Yes, we need to make the roads safer for cyclists and everyone else who uses the roads. Cycling is becoming a more popular and environmentally friendly option for commuting and getting around town. We need to invest in more bike share programs and safe bicycles lanes in Ward 7.
Pacey, Jeanne Yes I am an avid cyclist and runner. I understand the importance of a continuous cycling network. We want to see more people cycling and they will, if we give them the bike lanes and paths to safely travel on two-wheels across the city. Yes, I would definitely push for a safe, continuous cycling network in Ward 7 and be out there enjoying it, too!
Qureshi, Uzma Yes Although there is much work still to be done, Ward 7 already has some cycle paths that were approved by Councillor Scott Duvall. I do plan to work with neighbourhoods to determine where best to locate safe and convenient cycle paths so that local residents, and residents from other Wards, are able to cycle safely on the mountain.
Rabb, Howard Yes Any time road work is planned the City looks at how to safely integrate cycling, and how to further expand our cycling network. One of my biggest concerns is how people get up and down the mountain. I am disappointed that the cycling manager has pushed back any work on improving safety on the accesses to at least next year.
Skelly, Donna Maybe Since January I have been meeting with community groups and residents of Ward 7 and, while not a priority, cycling is becoming an issue for some residents concerned about safety of both the cyclist and pedestrian due to the lack of dedicated lanes. As Councillor for Ward 7, one of my priorities will be to encourage growth on Concession Street. I will be working with young entrepreneurs and artists encouraging them to establish a business on the street. As Councillor I will track the growth and change of demographic which I expect will lead to more extensive conversations about cycling routes in the immediate area and across the Mountain.
Starr, Damin Yes
Vecchioni, Louis Yes Cycling is also increasing as a method for transporting people,, more residents want more bike lanes and safe lanes in which to travel in this city. The Claremont access has a down lane that has been closed to traffic since a ground slide, caused the metal barrier to collapse down the side of the hill, a few years ago. Why not use that lane for up & down cycle lanes ?
Young, Robert Yes Yes. A safe cycling network would be great for the people. I believe the lower city is also developing their bike routes, this will eventually merge with ours up in Ward 7, completing a continuous network. Much of this is already in progress.

Once again these projects should be carefully planned around holding spending reviews, with residents to discuss the cost efficiencies and consult with the residents on prioritizing tax dollar spending.
Zuriel, Hans Yes Yes, I will ensure that throughout my tenure, bicycle lanes continue to be built across the streets in Ward 7 and with better connections with the rest of the city. To achieve this, I will collaborate with other Councillors in Hamilton and urban planners.

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