Philip Bradshaw, Candidate for Ward 7 in Ward 7 By-Election 2016

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NameBradshaw, Philip
ElectionWard 7 By-Election 2016
AreaWard 07
Email phillage13@gmail.com
Website (no website listed)
BioFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/Philip-Bradshaw-for-Ward-7-Councillor-979598868778970/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bradshawward7

Q&A on The Hamiltonian: http://www.thehamiltonian.net/2015/12/7-candidate-phil-bradshaw.html

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Responses to Questions (top)

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Will you push for increased transit investment on the Mountain? If so, how will you pay for it? Yes I will do my best regarding increased transit on the Mountain. Perhaps we can funnel taxpayer money in this direction from areas where money is being wasted. We will have to see once on City Council.
Will you push for a safe, continuous cycling network in Ward 7 with better connections to the rest of the mountain and the lower city? Yes Absolutely! Cycling paths are important, as long as a road can accommodate them, and they may help in having people stop from riding on sidewalks especially in shopping areas where many seniors are present. I have witnessed this first hand and many of the cyclists should know better because they are adults. Children can be forgiven.
Will you encourage the creation and growth of more neighbourhood associations in your ward? Yes This is my major issue. To create community. To allow constituents to come together in groups, associations, meetings where they feel they have a voice. A voice that I will bring to City Council.
Will you encourage the city to shift new development away from car-dependant sprawl? Yes This connects to the two issues above when we talk about transit and cycling lanes. Perhaps by creating rapid transit within the lower and upper city Hamilton can diminish the dependency on cars.
Income inequality is a serious problem in Hamilton, and poverty is increasing in mountain neighbourhoods. What will you do to reduce inequality in Ward 7 and across the city? Yes I have seen this first hand while canvasing. This needs to improve throughout the ward. This starts with communication and community involvement when the issues and concerns that are being discussed by the City pertain to any of the residents of the individual wards. Perhaps, taking into consideration the level of taxes and fees that are charged.
Do you support a more vibrant neighbourhood retail destination on Upper Wellington? If so, what do you propose to achieve this? Yes Yes. I grew up in the Queensdale and Upper Wellington area. I feel there is potential and that the street needs more exposure. It can become vibrant with the help of community involvement and community partners. Too many rules and regulations tend to choke the beginnings of small business. New business owners become disenchanted when opening a new enterprise. So, these need to be reduced. Further, there are grant programs, through the City, that help perk up shopping areas. For example, many storefronts and properties located in the Concession Street shopping area have been visually enhanced because of these available grants.
How important is it for Council to work with specific goals and targets for each City Department at the beginning of each year? How would you ensure this happened? Yes There should be no question. Of course it is important. I do not believe it is farfetched to hope that each department meet with Council and bring forth their views and their plans for the year at hand and have a discussion with members of Council, in order to implement the ideas that will work. This starts with community engagement.
In your view, what's not happening now in the City of Hamilton that you'd like to see happen? Why? What's not happening now in Ward 7 that you'd like to see happen? Why? What's not happening now at City Hall that you'd like to see happen? Why? Yes Regarding Ward 7, I would like to see more participation when decisions that are taken by the City impact the ward. Perhaps by scheduling town halls and meetings where the constituents are made to feel that they can make a difference and to get back the feeling that their voices will be heard.
How will you help to break down barriers between Councillors and the Wards they represent to ensure a more cohesive Council and more balanced decision making? Yes Although we would be working for our own wards, councillors should understand that some of our issues might be the same and by working together we can overcome some of the problems by bringing the people together. After all, we belong to the individual wards but we are all Hamiltonians and we should be striving to work towards a common good, for the good of the City.