Hamilton Municipal Election 2010 Ward 2 (Municipal)

List of candidate details and questions for Hamilton Municipal Election 2010

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Ward 2
Abdi, Liban N/A 96 liban.abdi@libanabdi.ca http://www.libanabdi.ca 905-920-1266 (bus)
Caplan, Marvin N/A 559 marvincaplan@gmail.com http://www.caplanforward2.com 905-526-1033 (home)
905-573-8304 (bus)
Casey, Paul N/A 81 caseyforward2@gmail.com http://www.caseyforward2.com/ 905-523-1560 (home)
905-730-9226 (bus)
Castle, John N/A 42 jdcastle5858@hotmail.com (no website listed) 905-541-6109 (bus)
Chiarelli, Diane N/A 403 dchiarelli@hotmail.com http://www.dianechiarelli.com/ 905-523-9656 (bus)
Coleman, Shane N/A 217 shanecoleman@hotmail.com http://www.shanecoleman.ca/ 289-921-7388 (bus)
Deans, Ian N/A 231 iandeansward_2@yahoo.ca http://iandeansward2.weebly.com/ 289-389-6720 (home)
Farr, Jason N/A 1607 jasonfarrward2@gmail.com http://www.jasonfarr.com/ 289-426-5170 (bus)
Ferguson, Lloyd N/A 0 lloydferguson@hotmail.com (no website listed)
Geleynse, Martinus N/A 805 martinus@martinus.ca http://www.martinus.ca 905-537-5928 (bus)
Gentile, Matteo N/A 174 matteogentile2010@gmail.com http://www.matteogentile2010.ca 905-578-9061 (home)
905-746-5048 (bus)
Hess, Erik N/A 602 ehess@rocketmail.com http://www.erikhess.ca/ 905-540-9408 (home)
905-536-5015 (bus)
905-575-7679 (fax)
Ielasi, Pat N/A 67 ielasip@aol.com (no website listed)
Janjic, Ned N/A 113 rockcastle95@yahoo.ca http://www.ned-for-ward-2.com/ 905-525-9885 (home)
Jelly, Matt N/A 1434 ward2@mattjelly.ca http://www.mattjelly.ca
Jones, Hoojung N/A 312 hjones1@cogeco.ca http://www.hoojungjones.ca 905-648-9433 (home)
905-648-3622 (bus)
905-648-9433 (fax)
Lescaudron, Dawn N/A 77 countondawn@gmail.com http://www.countondawn.com/ 905-524-5863 (home)
905-870-0043 (bus)
Novak, James N/A 514 jamesnovakward2@gmail.com http://www.jamesnovak-ward2.com/ 905-529-9996 (home)
905-902-6686 (bus)
Pipe, Charlie N/A 135 charlie.pipe@hotmail.com http://www.charliepipe.com/ 905-741-8275 (home)
Wright, Kevin N/A 91 votekevinwright@gmail.com http://www.votekevin.co.cc/ 905-730-1685 (home)

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