For your campaign, will you be accepting donations from corporations or unions? If so, why? If not, why not?

Responses to the question: "For your campaign, will you be accepting donations from corporations or unions? If so, why? If not, why not?"

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Caplan, Marvin No I do not plan on accepting donations from Corporations or Unions. This is a bit of a phony issue as far as Corporate donations go. Since donations are not tax deductible, a donation from Mr. Smith or Smith Corporation doesn't have any more or less benefit to Smith. The other point, if you think a candidate can be bought for a few dollars, you shouldn't vote for him or her in any event.
Casey, Paul No I will not be accepting donations from any corporate or union sources. Although a such a revenue stream would provide a definite advantages paying for a bigger campaign, I personally believe the benefits are short lived. I would not want to feel compromised in any way. If the members of a union or employees of a corporation believe in me and what i stand for, their individual choice to vote for me has far more value.

That said, once I finalize my website this week, I will have a "contributions" page, however I will be asking that instead of funding my campaign to buy flyers and posters that have a relatively short usable life, individuals consider donating any time or money that they would consider giving to my campaign to a cause of their choice instead. It blows me away how much will be spent over the next 5 weeks. In Ward 2, candidates have a cap of $21k for campaign expenses. I am trying to be fiscally responsible right out of the gate and will force myself to be as strategic and creative as possible. I figure one of my big expenses is going to be footwear as i plan to do a lot of walking over the next 36 days.
Castle, John No I don't expect any offers for contributions or donations from anyone.
Chiarelli, Diane No For my campaign I will not be accepting union or corporation donations. When I made the decision to run l decided to run an old school grassroots campaign! It is my belief that a councillor works for all the people of their ward and is their voice at council. I would not feel comfortable if anyone felt that l was only representing the interested parties of certain corporations or unions.
Deans, Ian No I'm financing my own campaign because I want to set an example for the people and the council.
Farr, Jason Yes Both - only from those I know well - have worked with in the past - and who are well aware, I am nobody's "man" on council.. we have had great support from many familiar friend (from decades of community work) and the team is very greatfull.
Geleynse, Martinus No I am not accepting any corporate or union donations for my campaign. My reasoning is that I wish to maintain transparency and integrity in my campaign; refusing to be in the pocket of anyone. If I am elected, it will be by the will and votes of the citizens of Ward 2.
Gentile, Matteo No I do not believe that organizations that have an inherent influence with a group of people should be able to use that influence to try and affect the outcome of an election.
Hess, Erik Yes As a candidate with no corporate or union affiliations, I will accept campaign donations from all sources with the intention of using those donations strictly for campaign purposes. I will not accept money from any source that makes it contingent upon a perceived agenda or with strings attached.
Ielasi, Pat No I will not be accepting any donations from big corporations or unions. I believe that decisions made should be made on the merits of the issues and that no influence, either real or perceived, should play a factor in any decision made.
Janjic, Ned Yes I would gladly welcome any help I could get from donors.
Jelly, Matt No We will not be accepting union or corporate donations - only from individuals.
Jones, Hoojung Yes Currently, our campaign office is accepting donations from individuals (99%) and small businesses (1%) to help raise the funds. We are not accepting donations from large corporations or unions. When you accept the donations from them, it might influence and hinder your clear judgment to work for all residents. I believe that donations from many grassroots individuals will have a positive outcome, and it will also help them to engage in a voting process.
Lescaudron, Dawn No No, I will not be accepting donations of any sort from corporations or

I am a firm believer in perception. If in fact one was to accept donations
from the corporations or unions wouldn't they be considered indebted? Would this create questions from the public when and if a decision was made by the council that was favourable to the contributors?

Although I admit that I have received offers of donations from these sources and I am appreciative, *I have declined*. There are far more needy places that their donations can be made such as women's shelters, teen centers, etc. I would encourage them to put their money to good and better use.

I will run my campaign as I do my life with utmost honesty and integrity.
Novak, James Yes I will accept only donations which are legal under the Ontario Municipal Act.
Pipe, Charlie No My campaign has not accepted any donations from corporations or unions. It has been funded solely by donations from individuals.
Wright, Kevin No I will not be accepting corporate and/or union donations.

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