Hamilton's Cycling Master Plan has Council approval. However, the implementation timeline is very long and ward councillors can block individual bike lane projects. Do you support accelerating the completion of a continuous bicycle network and other initiatives like a bike sharing program and better access up and down the Escarpment? Why or why not?

Responses to the question: "Hamilton's Cycling Master Plan has Council approval. However, the implementation timeline is very long and ward councillors can block individual bike lane projects. Do you support accelerating the completion of a continuous bicycle network and other initiatives like a bike sharing program and better access up and down the Escarpment? Why or why not?"

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Caplan, Marvin Yes As a former member of City Council, I was the most aggressive supporter of the bicycle network at tithe time. I, almost single handed, got the support of Councillors (Including the majority of Suburban Councillors) brought the bile lanes back to King St. after they had been removed.

Ward one had tens of kilometres of Bike lanes added, including many that had been approved and installed after the election. Former Councillor Horwath and I had led the battle to install bike carriers on HSR buses, the new stairs up the escarpment in Ward One were the first in Hamilton to have special bike access.

In short I have always been a strong supporter of Bike lanes and if elected to represent Ward 2 I hope to be again.

The Bike sharing program is an exciting initiative, and I am anxious to see it implemented. Better access up the escarpment would greatly accelerate use of bikes in Hamilton. A gentler rise in grade is already in place on the Bruce trail from Chedoke Golf Course to Ancaster.

Bike riders may recall that the improvements to that section of the trail were made over the objections of my former ward mate, and championed by me.
Casey, Paul Yes I would definitely believe in the value of accelerating the implementation of the Cycling Master Plan. If one of our goals as a city is urban densification, this will be a key component. Densely populated cities rely on cycling as a primary mode of transportation, not just a recreational activity. Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Portland all have integrated their bike plan into the whole urban experience. As we attract more residents to the urban areas, we will have no choice, no other way to stem gridlock and pollution.

We also must consider many of our new residents are from countries where the bike is THE primary mode of transportation, we should take this cue and look at this as an example of the importance of the simple bike and what it's real role can be in our city.

But it can't stop there, we have to encourage new businesses, as well as those that already exist, to consider those that commute to work as well. Safe bike storage, shower facilities and such.

Finally, this is a Hamilton Cycling plan, not Ward specific. No councillor should be able to "block" portions going through their ward. That would be a tragedy.
Castle, John No Unfortunately again, I believe bicycles and cars vehicles just do not mix (they are dangerous to both parties). I would support segregated bike paths, where possible.
Chiarelli, Diane Yes I fully support accelerating the completion of a continuous bicycle network. All great cities allow their citizens good transportation options. This plan will assist in reducing traffic congestion, reduce our carbon footprint, allow a person to get excellent exercise. There are different cities in Canada that have bike sharing programs and that increases the use of cycling in those communities. We have a wonderful escarpment; however, we do need to allow better access up and down the escarpment for cyclists. We have to make sure that this plan moves forward quickly and does not get mired down in red tape or put on the shelf.
Coleman, Shane Yes I am in full support of a continuous bicycle network and bike sharing program. I can't figure out why Hamilton is so far behind the times in developing bicycle lanes in the city.

Many modern developed cities around the world have them. In Amsterdam 40% of the population cycle to work. It makes for healthier and happier citizens. Cycling is also a fast and inexpensive form of transportation in the city. Hamilton needs a New Chapter.
Deans, Ian Yes I had the pleasure of visiting China while I was an MP and I was very impressed by the use to which bicycles were put.
Farr, Jason Yes Bike all the time - anyway to make it easier and get more people on two wheels - works for me.
Ferguson, Lloyd No I have familiarised myself with the Cyling Master Plan. However, in these difficult economic times when many people in our comunity are experiencing difficulty with food and shelter, I do not see the implimentation of a Bike Plan as a priority at this time.
Geleynse, Martinus Yes The implementation of a proper bicycle network in Hamilton is critical for several reasons. These reasons include:

1. The safety of cyclists when traveling on roads, and the safety of auto traffic while sharing the road with cyclists;
2. Encouraging the use of bicycles rather than cars by increasing the ease of use; and
3. Encouraging health and fitness through cycling while reducing auto traffic and emissions.
Gentile, Matteo Yes Yes we need to accelerate the cycling plan. Studies show that well marked bike lanes reduce accidents helping motorists become more aware. It's a green initiative that I support and great exercise!
Hess, Erik Yes Having the opportunity to design and build many trails through Hamilton I feel this program which I was part of in its early years of development needs to continue rolling at a faster pace. The master plan indicates a system of interconnecting trails throughout the city that would allow for not just recreational use but also commuting to work opportunities.

The preferred trails would be off street and separate from motorized traffic. However, in the interest of a complete interconnecting system we will need to implement bike lanes in a sensitive way with the community where off street trails are not possible. I have designed and built many kilometres of trails on the waterfront and the city and understand the issues and costs related to this project and also the benefits to our health and the environment.
Ielasi, Pat Yes It is important that the bicycle infrastructure be co-ordinated and completed so that it is safe. There are to many bicycle lanes that just suddenly end and it is confusing to both cyclists and motorists alike.
Janjic, Ned No I fully support anything that can enhance physical fitness and reduce pollution. However, my primary concern with respect to bike paths is safety, as many children and young people are the most likely users. I would like to see a network of bike paths through green spaces and parks where safety can be ensured.

I remain, nonetheless, somewhat skeptical about the safety of cyclists in traffic on many of our existing urban streets and on our main thoroughfares. I recognize the trend toward increased bicycle usage in densely populated European cities, but am not convinced that given our climate and the design of our city that Hamilton will ever become an Amsterdam, for instance.

I would like to see a less ambitious (more realistic) plan that could perhaps be implemented around Mohawk College and McMaster University, and where possible along dedicated bike paths through green spaces. I would limit bike lanes along existing side-streets linking green spaces and/or bike trails

My secondary concerns are how the bike lanes in the core of the city could affect the flow of traffic and how the potential loss of parking spaces in some instances could impact street-level commercial establishments. I do not believe these have been satisfactorily addressed.

As it currently stands, the Master Cycling Plan is neither a practical nor a desirable solution for the city of Hamilton.
Jelly, Matt Yes The City's road infrastructure budget must include the cycling master plan implementation. Both time and money must be built in to the budget to consult, in a meaningful way, with residents and businesses where the cycling and road infrastructure work will take place. In addition to the infrastructure, we need to move to requiring safe storage for bicycles at work locations, showers, and reward employers who provide these. The City can lead by example by ensuring all City workplaces have these facilities.

Because we are an Escarpment City, it is very important that all Escarpment crossings on the cycling master plan provide safe cycling routes. This includes all Escarpment stair facilities which need to have bike rails adjacent to the steps.

I do support the bike sharing program and support funding for it. I also support providing incentives for City employees to use their bicycles to commute to work - again, leading by example.
Lescaudron, Dawn Yes Yes. I fully support the acceleration of the bicycle network and bike sharing program. In addition to the obvious health benefits I believe that it would be a great alternative to car and bus transportation. We must move forward with this plan and not allow for any ward councillor to block any portion of it.
Novak, James Yes I made this very clear at the Durand Neighbourhood, All Candidates Meeting. Urban implementation in 8 years and full implementation in 14 years. I also suggested front-loading the implementation to include bicycle storage and racks, promotion and educational programs.
Pipe, Charlie Yes I fully support the Cycling Master Plan. The plan can only benefit both the environment and the health of our population.

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