Hamilton Municipal Election 2014 (Municipal)

List of candidate details and questions for Hamilton Municipal Election 2014

Note to Candidates: We make every attempt to ensure that the information provided here is correct. If you notice that any information about you is incorrect or missing, please let us know and we will fix it.

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Campaign Questions (top)

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Candidates (top)

Baldasaro, Michael N/A 0 michaelbaldasaro@me.com http://www.iamm.com/baldasaro.for.mayor.htm 905-522-3247 (home)
Butt, Ejaz N/A 0 ejazbutt12@hotmail.com (no website listed) 905-387-2586 (home)
289-700-8040 (bus)
Clancy, Mike N/A 0 mikeclancy2005@gmail.com (no website listed)
Clark, Brad N/A 0 info@bradformayor.ca http://www.bradformayor.ca 289-684-4363 (bus)
Eisenberger, Fred N/A 0 fred@fred2014.ca http://www.fred2014.ca 905-527-2014  (bus)
Francis, Warrand N/A 0 threedconcepts@aol.com (no website listed) 905-544-2706 (bus)
Iamonico, Nick N/A 0 (no email listed) (no website listed)
Lavigne, Crystal N/A 0 crystalx4@hotmail.ca https://www.facebook.com/crystal4mayor
McHattie, Brian N/A 0 brian@mchattie2014.ca http://www.mchattie2014.ca 905-667-2222 (bus)
Pattison, Michael A. N/A 0 mapformayor@gmail.com http://www.mapformayor.ca 289-921-6785 (bus)
Ryerson, Phil N/A 0 philryerson@gmail.com https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6DbMtfc8cqf3s6yhyLVF_w/videos
Tavares, Ricky N/A 0 rickyseeds@gmail.com (no website listed) 905-515-4307 (home)
Ward 1
Allen, Jason N/A 0 jason@jasonAallen.ca http://www.jasonAallen.ca 905-920-4954 (bus)
Greco, Tony N/A 0 mrtonygreco@yahoo.ca http://www.mrtonygreco.ca 289-396-9578 (bus)
Johnson, Aidan N/A 0 vote@aidanjohnson.ca http://www.aidanjohnson.ca 289-308-7107 (bus)
Lewis, Brian N/A 0 brian@brianlewisone.com http://www.brianlewisone.com 905-973-9149 (bus)
Rosen, Ira N/A 0 campaign@irarosen.ca http://www.irarosen.ca 905-540-9100 (home)
Shaw, Sandy N/A 0 sandy.shaw@bellnet.ca http://www.sandyshaw.ca/ 905-973-8683 (home)
Ward 2
Dallas, Ed N/A 0 dallasward2@hotmail.com (no website listed)
Farr, Jason N/A 0 ward2@jasonfarr.ca http://www.jasonfarr.ca 905-546-6072 (home)
Heaton, Kristina N/A 0 heaton.kristina@gmail.com (no website listed) 905-393-6242 (home)
289-684-4743 (bus)
Henry, Ryan N/A 0 (no email listed) (no website listed)
Vail, John N/A 0 john@johnvail.com http://johnvail.wordpress.com/ 905-572-7111 (home)
905-528-7991 (bus)
905-528-7991 (fax)
Wallis, Terri N/A 0 terriw@bell.net http://www.terri4ward2.com 905-522-6541 (home)
Ward 3
Agostino, Ralph N/A 0 agostinoralph@gmail.com http://www.VoteAgostino.ca 905-317-6654 (home)
Anastasiou, Maria N/A 0 (no email listed) (no website listed)
Assadourian, Bob N/A 0 (no email listed) http://www.forabetterward3.com 905-929-8511 (home)
DiMillo, Mark N/A 0 info@markdward3.ca http://www.markdward3.ca 905-521-5555 (home)
905-777-8086 (bus)
Gibson, Sean N/A 0 seangibson510@hotmail.com http://www.seangibson.ca 289-244-3195 (bus)
Green, Matthew N/A 0 info@matthewgreen.ca http://www.matthewgreen.ca 289-275-5482 (home)
Hess, Jol N/A 0 hess.jolyon@gmail.com (no website listed) 289-242-9933 (home)
John, Eva N/A 0 evacornflower@aol.com (no website listed) 416-451-1347  (bus)
Kelly, Brian N/A 0 (no email listed) http://www.kellyforcouncil.net 905-962-3994 (home)
Mejia, Victor N/A 0 victor.mejia.ward3@gmail.com http://www.victormejia.ca 905-923-5400 (bus)
Millette, Byron Wayne N/A 0 (no email listed) (no website listed)
Omazic, Drina N/A 0 vote@drinaforward3.ca http://www.drinaforward3.ca  905-581-3538 (bus)
Pinho, Carlos N/A 0 (no email listed) http://www.facebook.com/carlos.pinho 905-543-9339 (home)
Simmons, Tim N/A 0 elect@timsimmons4council.net http://www.timsimmons4council.net 905-544-6152 (home)
289-700-2366 (bus)
Szajkowski, Bernie N/A 0 (no email listed) (no website listed)
Ward 4
Laurie, John N/A 0 (no email listed) (no website listed)
Merulla, Sam N/A 0 sammerulla@cogeco.ca http://twitter.com/sammerulla 289-780-4732 (bus)
Moreau, Lorna N/A 0 lanks13@hotmail.com (no website listed) 905-545-9533 (home)
Whalen, Tina N/A 0 tinawhalen@hotmail.com http://www.tinawhalencouncillorward4.com 905-520-8840  (bus)
905-544-5561 (fax)
Ward 5
Brown, David N/A 0 david@electdavidbrown.ca http://www.electdavidbrown.ca 289-396-2146 (home)
Collins, Chad N/A 0 chadcollins@rogers.com (no website listed) 905-545-3737  (home)
Rusich, George N/A 0 (no email listed) (no website listed) 905-929-1919 (home)
Storm, Larry N/A 0 larry@larrystorm.ca http://larrystorm.ca 905-741-0838 (home)
Ward 6
Jackson, Tom N/A 0 tjackson@sourcecable.net (no website listed) 905-383-3470 (home)
905-645-0435 (bus)
Olynchuk, Brad N/A 0 (no email listed) (no website listed)
Rodrigues, Dan N/A 0 voterodrigues@gmail.com http://www.voterodrigues.ca 905-966-0508 (home)
Ward 7
Beck, Keith N/A 0 keith.beck@live.ca http://www.keithbeck.net/ 905-923-1465 (home)
905-966-1465 (bus)
Burghall, Greg N/A 0 gburghall@gmail.com http://www.GregForWard7.ca 289-925-0605 (home)
Duvall, Scott N/A 0 sduvall63@hotmail.com (no website listed) 905-385-6858 (home)
Ward 8
Czerniga, Joshua Peter N/A 0 vote4czerniga@hotmail.com (no website listed) 905-977-4822 (bus)
Whitehead, Terry N/A 0 terrywhitehead8@gmail.com http://www.terrywhitehead.com 905-526-4888 (bus)
Ward 9
Austin, Lee N/A 0 leeaustinward9@bell.net (no website listed)
Conley, Doug N/A 0 dconley@cogeco.ca http://www.dougconley.ca 905-531-3334 (bus)
Fiorentino, Nancy N/A 0 nancy@myward9.ca http://www.myward9.ca 905-902-2986 (bus)
Galindo, Cam N/A 0 info@camgalindo.ca http://www.camgalindo.ca 905-869-0932 (home)
Marrone, Tone N/A 0 tonemarrone@gmail.com http://www.tonemarrone.ca
McMullen, Geraldine    N/A 0 votemcmullen@gmail.com http://www.votemcmullen.ca 905-818-0499 (home)
905-578-6722 (bus)
Robbins, Marie N/A 0 marielouiserobbins@live.com http://www.marierobbins.ca 905-662-1813 (home)
905-536-5802 (bus)
Rosser, Christopher N/A 0 christopher@voterosser.com http://www.voterosser.com 289-880-7677 (bus)
888-775-3452 (fax)
Rukavina, Frank N/A 0 frankrukavina@gmail.com http://www.frankrukavina.com 905-547-6925 (bus)
Ward 10
DiFalco, Teresa N/A 0 teresadifalco@cogeco.ca http://www.voteteresadifalco.com 905-643-8990 (home)
Pearson, Maria N/A 0 mariapearson@sympatico.ca (no website listed) 905-662-5215  (home)
Yachetti, Luana N/A 0 lyachetti@hotmail.com http://www.getreadyforyachetti.com 905-930-7614 (home)
Ward 11
Johnson, Brenda N/A 0 contact@electbrendajohnson.ca http://www.electbrendajohnson.ca 905-865-2743 (bus)
Rigitano, Vincenzo N/A 0 vincerigitano@hotmail.com http://www.vincerigitano.org/
Ward 12
Bryson, K. Grace N/A 0 kgmbryson@yahoo.ca (no website listed) 905-648-3769 (home)
Ferguson, Lloyd N/A 0 ldf@lferguson.com http://www.lferguson.com 905-975-0575 (bus)
Iachelli, John F.F.   N/A 0 jiachelliward12@gmail.com (no website listed) 905-517-9408 (home)
905-520-4830 (bus)
Nicholl, Anthony N/A 0 vote4nicholl@gmail.com (no website listed) 289-260-4621 (home)
Ward 13
Coull, Mark N/A 0 votecoull@gmail.com (no website listed) 905-627-2400 (home)
Court, Rick N/A 0 rickcourt.dundas@gmail.com http://www.rickcourtdundas.ca
Mitchell, Pamela N/A 0 pamela.mitchellw13dundas@gmail.com (no website listed) 905-869-3811 (home)
Norton, Kevin N/A 0 kevinphillipnorton@gmail.com (no website listed)
Risdale, Marc Rhéal N/A 0 marcrisdale@gmail.com http://www.marcrisdale.ca 905-628-0139 (home)
Scime, Danya N/A 0 danyafordundas@hotmail.com http://www.danyafordundas.ca/ 905-541-2980 (home)
Urquhart, Christeen N/A 0 (no email listed) (no website listed)
Vanderbeek, Arlene N/A 0 arlene@votearlene.com http://votearlene.com/ 905-627-5488 (home)
Yull, Toby N/A 0 toby4dundas@gmail.com http://www.toby4dundas.com 905-627-0998 (home)
Ward 14
Knowles, Steven N/A 0 knowles.steven@hotmail.com http://www.stevenknowles.ca 905-870-9092 (bus)
Pasuta, Robert N/A 0 (no email listed) (no website listed) 905-659-7100 (home)
Stewart, Scott N/A 0 scottstewartward14@gmail.com https://twitter.com/stewart_ward14 289-339-5607 (bus)
Ward 15
Bos, Neil N/A 0 info@neilbos.ca http://www.neilbos.ca
Partridge, Judi N/A 0 judi.partridge@sympatico.ca http://judipartridge.ca 905-546-2713 (bus)

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Known Third-Party Apps (top)

There do not appear to be any known third-party apps for this election.