Do you support regional GO transit expansion, including all-day two-way GO train service to Hamilton?

Responses to the question: "Do you support regional GO transit expansion, including all-day two-way GO train service to Hamilton?"

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Barry Spruce Maybe We do think that more frequent scheduling is helpful, especially as I mentioned above the ability to work with a flexible schedule, as employees may be able to go to work when it suits them instead of the traditional 8-5 model. Our position is that is seems we need to find more ways to reduce the need to have everyone in the GTA go into Toronto every day. Expansion may be needed, in some areas and again it is the same approach as above.
Raymond Dartsch Yes I wish we could fund the construction of a time machine to go back 40 years and get all-day two-way GO service started in the early 1970's. Failing that, it needs to implemented ASAP, with as much express service as possible.
Ted McMeekin Yes The Liberal party has a plan to bring all-day, two-way regional express rail to Hamilton. GO Regional Express Rail will be available on all existing GO tracks and will run to Hamilton. GO Regional Express Rail is a priority and will deliver a fully electric zero emission train service every 15 minutes in both directions. The Hudak PCs have been clear that they will not electrify any GO lines.

While we know that families and businesses in Ontario would benefit from our plan, the Hudak PCs have been clear that they do not understand the urgent need for new investment. Furthermore, Ontarians are worried that the PCs will cut massively from public transit like they did under Mike Harris. And when the NDP rejected investments in infrastructure across the GTHA and beyond by calling an expensive and unnecessary election, they gave Tim Hudak the chance to make massive cuts.

I'm extremely pleased with the investments we've already made to improve GO transit in Hamilton. These include a new $44 million GO station on James St. N., and a new GO bus terminal at McMaster to name a few.

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