Barry Spruce, Candidate for Ancaster-Dundas-Flamborough-Westdale in Ontario Provincial Election 2014

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NameBarry Spruce
ElectionOntario Provincial Election 2014
PartyFreedom Party of Ontario
Email bspruce@cogeco.ca
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Do you support maintaining or expanding the protection of farmland and rural natural land from urban boundary expansions? No In General terms, the Freedom Party is all about Freedom of Property rights, landowners should not have restrictions imposed on their land and how it is used, zoning is in place to manage what the land is intended to be used for. Changes to Zoning and Environmental assessments certainly impact how land is used and developed. Farmland is very important to the Province, as we need to produce our food supply. Any future development would certainly need to be well vetted to make sure that existing Farmland is not eroded at the expense of risking our food supply and economic benefits that it produces for the province.
Do you support the proposal to build a new mid-Peninsula highway? Maybe Again the same approach would apply to the response on the Light Rail question. A key objective for the Freedom Party is to change the culture of our current society, we need to work with Business and government operations, to encourage more flexible time to be in the office, so as to avoid high volume of traffic at Rush Hours, and as well promote work from home where it is feasible, with today's technology it is very possible to work from home in many types of business operations, this can help reduce the load of traffic on the roads.
Should the province play a role in encouraging safer streets that promote more active transportation like walking and cycling? No The province has limited direct impact on the Safer Street concepts, other than enacting new laws that would reduce driving speeds. driver distraction etc. The municipality has more direct impact on this matter, as it provides the policing and parking authority to manage the day to day in the city.
Do you support allowing Ontario residents to appeal to the Ontario Ombudsman with respect to municipalities, universities, school boards, hospitals, nursing homes and long-term care facilities, police and children's aid societies (the MUSH sector)? Yes Freedom Party is all about giving people the opportunity to express concerns and being accountable. Yes we would support an Ombudsman program to appeal decisions across the MUSH sector, There is room for improvement in this area.
The Ontario School Funding Formula currently incentivizes local school boards to neglect and close neighbourhood schools. Do you support keeping neighbourhood schools open? If so, how? No Freedom Party position on Public Schools is to look for efficiency opportunities, the cost of public education is a huge portion of the Provincial Budget, as the demographics change in a community, then in some cases it makes sense to change the locations and possibly close some locations or consolidate. We need to consider all options to continue to be effective and consider the taxpayers costs.
Do you accept the evidence of human-caused global warming? If so, what policy measures do you support to reduce greenhouse gas emissions? If not, why not? No Freedom Party is not convinced that humans are the main cause of so called Global Warming, which now is being changed to Climate Change due the fact that the earth is cooling more than warming. This is one of those idealistic beliefs that is difficult to change despite the facts that there is no solid indisputable evidence that can support either pro or con of the Global Warming agenda. Freedom Party certainly would support innovation and technology that will help reduce the overall emissions and pollution in general that impact our future for generations. Carbon tax schemes are about replacing revenue that governments know they will lose once Hydrocarbons decline in usage, as the governments takes huge revenue from taxes on Fuel. This is why technologies have been slow to come to the market as large government and large Oil & Gas companies are in no hurry to offset the current revenue streams. The Global Warming agenda is the excuse to convince the public that Carbon taxes will be needed. The UN Agenda 21 program is a real threat to how our future will be impacted, and Freedom Party will help to expose how this will impact families in all areas. The Ontario Green Energy act is a good example of how Agenda 21 has impacted the province by driving up the cost of energy. For some further insight on the Global Warming confusion I would encourage you to see this article.
Do you support Hamilton's plan to build an east-west light rail transit line with full provincial capital funding? If so, how will you ensure the project is funded? Maybe Freedom Party has not had an opportunity to review the plans and proposed budget for the Hamilton Project, in principal, the party is more in favour of Private, Public Partnership models, we do not support that the various levels of government need to own and operate infrastructure items. Governments typically add cost, reduce efficiency and are slow to respond to needed changes. If the party reviewed the project in detail and validated the Business Case for it, then likely if the project went forward we would look to include a Private company as the main entity.
Do you support regional GO transit expansion, including all-day two-way GO train service to Hamilton? Maybe We do think that more frequent scheduling is helpful, especially as I mentioned above the ability to work with a flexible schedule, as employees may be able to go to work when it suits them instead of the traditional 8-5 model. Our position is that is seems we need to find more ways to reduce the need to have everyone in the GTA go into Toronto every day. Expansion may be needed, in some areas and again it is the same approach as above.