Gord Hill, Candidate for Hamilton East-Stoney Creek in Federal Election 2011

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NameGord Hill
ElectionFederal Election 2011
AreaHamilton East-Stoney Creek
PartyProgressive Canadian Party
Email aquagemimaging@on.aibn.com
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Please explain how the Prime Minister and cabinet are formed in the Canadian Parliamentary system. Yes The Prime Minister is the Leader of the Party which commands the majority of the seats in the House of Commons. There are other variables concerning coalitions, but the same rule applies The Prime Minister Commands the majority of the seats in the House of Commons. The Prime Minister appoints the Cabinet.
Do you believe global oil production is at or near an historic peak? If so, what will your party do to prepare Canada for declining oil production? If not, why not? Yes Yes, within the next 30 to 40 years based on the figures I have reviewed the World reserves as they are known now will be depleted based on present day consumption. Canada's reserves based on its own usage would last it over 100 years. We need vision now! within ten years we must have alternatives well in place. We would place significant effort in the preservation and control of our resources to fulfill the future needs of Canada the biggest effort would be placed in those that are renewable.
Will your party take steps to make sure the foreign purchase of Canadian companies does not cost Canadian jobs? If so, what will you do? If not, why not? Yes Yes, Yes, YES! We would make every effort to keep companies Canadian. Foreign ownership of Resource companies would be limited to a minority share. We would look for and develop financial vehicles such as income trusts that would allow Canadian Owner Developers to pass their companies on while benefiting fairly through the sale of them. Companies would not be sold outside of Canada for the sake of the sale - as in the case of Alcan, Inco, Falconbridge, Dofasco,who were viable and held great market share. These companies could grow from within or together. In the case BHP Billington buying The Potash Corporation they were stopped - they should have never been allowed to start and where the Potash Corporation holds the largest market share in the World a dominate position (a reason given for many Canadian companies saying that they had to sell because they did not hold a dominate position.) WE have allowed BHP Billington to buy major Potash mining rights in Saskatchewan. I personally do not see the difference between the two. Potash Corporation now may have its position whittled away, along with a fair profit stream that provides income and benefits to Canada. In the case of Stelco major questions should have been asked about US Steel's reasoning and how would it work it into their marketing plans. The contract should have had stipulations regarding the building of new plants within the same market area and All foreign purchase contracts if successful must have monies intrusted that can be held immediately if the contract is not upheld and a given number of days to correct the situation. ALL Foreign Purchases of a set amount or of a patented product must be to the Benefit of Canada and every effort made to provide the assistance so that foreign ownership is not required. Canadians are great at Inventing and Developing Products we need to be able to GROW and KEEP THEM. As there is only a small amount of us Canadians comparatively to the rest of the World and taking into consideration many jobs are outside of manufacturing - there is only a small number of jobs required, to get our people working - Lets Get Going!
Will you always vote along party lines, or are you prepared to vote your conscience on a matter in which you disagree with your party's position? No If I felt the matter to be of Great importance to me I would vote my own way. On subjects that I was indifferent to I would go with the Party.
The House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage has recommended that CBC's annual parliamentary grant be raised from $33 per Canadian to $40. Will you support this recommendation? Why or why not? If so, will you advocate for a Hamilton-based CBC radio station? Yes Yes. I believe we need a strong voice that speaks for Canadians in an over polluted information highway, it must be unbiased and trustworthy giving a true picture of who we are. I would advocate for a CBC Hamilton Radio Station.
Do you believe human activity is contributing to climate change? If so, what should we do about it? If not, why not? Yes Yes, We spent the last 100 years plus since the beginning of the Industrial Revolution creating environmental, and safety regulations for our Industrial sector and its workers. We then allow it all to be moved outside of Canada so that we can buy products at a lesser price from countries that do not provide the same environmental, safety, and working standards thinking that the effects of going through this same revolution will not blow our way and not only do the winds come from the west but we will not in 20 years have the skills to redo what has been undone. We must uphold regulations and not allow any goods that do not meet the standards that are already in place here to be brought in from elsewhere. A World CSA, ISO, ASTM standard should govern the safety and environmental means of production of goods and unless the exporting country's goods hold that standard they will not be accepted by any other country. We could state what this was and set the bar now. There has been a regulation that lead could not be used as a stabilizer for plastics for decades but not many plastics are made here anymore, yet now we fear them coming from elsewhere as lead is less costly and the exporters have yet to catch up.
Do you support Vrancor's attempt to remove heritage protection from 150 Main Street West (the old Revenue Canada building)? Why or why not? Maybe We must preserve our Heritage. Old is not enough - those items that are significant and are actually of Historical value must be preserved and integrated with what is new or the Old restored. The City of Augsburg, Germany was completely destroyed during WW II yet it celebrated the 2000 year anniversary of being the Northern Capital of the Roman Empire looking much the same as it did prior to the War its cobblestone streets still intact. We must have a connection between the owner and public that brings about what is best for both now and into the future, so that who we are and were is not lost.
Do you believe parliamentary rule has been eroding in Canada? If so, what will you do to reverse it? If not, why not? Yes Yes. A Minority Government would not be able to change Institutions without a vote in Parliament. The rules of Parliament are being missused and in the case of the Government closing Parliament or Prorogueing Parliament the Governor General should have requested a meeting with the other leaders to ask them if they wished to form a coalition Government, which they had already agreed to.
Do you believe the Federal Government needs to do more to support cities? If so, what needs to change? If not, why not? Yes Yes. Investment vehicles such as income trusts giving fair dividends to supply on going infrastructure projects that are a benefit to both the Cities as well as the Canadian Investor. CHMC to insure only 25 year mortgages so that our youth is not caught unable to pay mortgages they can't afford when it comes to renewal time. The Federal Government must facilitate the planning and industrial strategy for all cities helping decide the best direction and markets that that city is best suited for, based on the positioning and history of the city in relation to the resources that surround it. I have had the opportunity to meet a number of the executives in Hamilton, they are hard working and innovative men and women who deserve to be helped in everyway possible. We have a very small population and a very rich country we can determine how and where we want to process our resources and as, many of the people are in other fields, manufacturing would only need so many to move forward, Lets Get Going!
Will your platform promote the growth of manufacturing jobs in Hamilton? If so, how? If not, why not? Yes Yes, I have spent my life developing markets and products in the plastics industry. Things have changed drastically. My last business was in high volume injection moulding this was lost to mainly China. I decided to go into digital printing acquiring the highest quality machines available and led the City in technology this lasted only a short while as technology is moving so fast that it has become extremely competitive with many of the post secondary schools pumping out designers creating an over supply of designers and printers. What we need to do is look at products based on our Natural Resources and apply our Human Resources to them. We must be competitive on a World Wide basis. One example for me is to be the World producer of Stainless Steel Sinks we set up a manufacturing line from the beginning until the end product, utilizing Canada's Nickel, Iron Ore, etc. producing the roll in line and stamping the product out at the other. Our goal would be to manufacture all Stainless Steel Sinks for all World manufacturers under license, They design we produce. We look at products that would benefit from having a savings in freight and and the gain of opening the North American market to them those companies outside of North America with Patented products who are truly here for the purpose of growing and the utilization of our Resources that they could not get otherwise. We help Canadians by facilitating and helping them meet their goals of creating new products and markets - our Financial Institutions, Universities, Colleges and Governments are set up to promote these ideals.
Do you believe the Federal Government is doing everything it can to complete the cleanup of Randle Reef? Why or why not? Maybe Not sure. There seems to be a number of different views on the subject and it would take sometime to make an educated decision.
Will you call for a full public inquiry into the 2010 G20? Why or why not? Yes Yes. We need to know the facts and through them make sure that what was right or wrong allows us to be better equipped for the future. Maybe we can learn from the Royal Wedding.
Do you support some form of proportional representation instead of first-past-the-post voting? If so, what will you do to promote it? If not, why not? No No, I do not support it as we start from the vote of the Individual then their riding and it is this race that then decides the number past the post which gives the authority to run the Government.