Will your platform promote the growth of manufacturing jobs in Hamilton? If so, how? If not, why not?

Responses to the question: "Will your platform promote the growth of manufacturing jobs in Hamilton? If so, how? If not, why not?"

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Hamilton Centre
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Lisa Nussey Yes The MLPC in Hamilton is at the fore-front of the work to oppose the nation-wrecking of the monopolies, and for manufacturing. We are part and parcel of the Canadians from coast to coast who are organizing and fighting on the basis Our Resources Stay Here! and Manufacturing Yes! - Nation-Wrecking No! Governments must do their duty and stop the rapacious monopolies like U.S. Steel, Vale Inco, Xstrata, BHP Billiton, Exxon Mobil and others who come to Canada and try to dictate to the Canadian people what is going to happen with their industries and resources.

The wrecking by global monopolies of the resource and manufacturing base of our economy has brought to the fore key questions for all of us. Who should profit from Canada's natural resources -- the people or global monopolies? Who should control the direction of the economy? What is the aim of the economy and Canadian society? Who decides?

Under neoliberal globalization, the resources which belong to the people and which are needed to build a society which recognizes the rights of all are being stripped away. Neoliberal globalization is destroying jobs, especially in the manufacturing sector, and reducing wages and benefits and the ability of retirees to live in dignity. Hamilton knows this scenario only too well, as USW 1005 members are still locked out by U.S. Steel, and we continue to lose the factories and jobs that made Hamilton a manufacturing town.

MLPC fights for public right, not the narrow selfish interests of domestic and foreign monopolies. These monopolies must be restricted so that they cannot simply do whatever they want to expand their empires at the expense of the workers who produce the wealth, Canada's socialized economy and social fabric. It is outrageous that these monopolies can mumble something about "rationalizing production, competition, production costs or inefficiencies" and then simply shut down plants, destroy entire industries as they have with forestry or ship raw resources and jobs south.

Public right must control the direction of the economy, not monopoly right. Public ownership of these resources where the people decide their use and development is required. This starts with workers organizing themselves so as to elect governments that permit the people to exercise control over the natural resources and social wealth for purposes of building a pro-social and self-reliant economy which enters into relations of mutual benefit with others.

At the very least, this requires that:

* Monopolies must not be permitted to shut down mines, mills, and entire industries, throwing workers onto the street and doing harm to the local and national economy;

* Resources must be upgraded, processed and manufactured in Canada and near their source.

* Wholesale prices must be publicly controlled, not left in the hands of the speculators and price-fixers.

* Monopolies who exploit natural resources must be held to agreements to provide a definite number of jobs at Canadian standard wages and working conditions, including pensions for retired workers.

* The public and governments have the right to decide on the claim of the owners of capital on their invested capital to ensure that the investment is of mutual benefit to both Canada and the investors and not one-sidedly to the narrow benefit of owners of capital and ripped out of the economy.

* The public and governments have the right to oversee and direct the impact of the project on the environment and to appropriate the needed funds from the monopolies to harmonize the project with the natural environment.

For Hamilton specifically, the MLPC has various proposals which are outlined in our daily online newspaper (at cpcml.ca) which can be searched through google or other internet search engines.
Michael James Baldasaro Yes Yes. Just think of the jobs farming Marijuana/Hemp will bring into the area. Spinning Mills, fuel depots and manufacturing of farm equipment specifically tailored to this Industry and the medical equipment, supply and distribution of Doctor Prescribed Medicinal Marijuana. Let's breathe the life back into Hamilton and make farm machines that feed us, right here in the Hammer! Wouldn't it be nice to bring back our Civic pride in the Stelco Tower and refill it with the riches of this ready-set-go Industry and think of the tax dollars it will bring into the G.H.A., the "Greater Hamilton Area" or as Mayor Bob Bratina referred to it during the Mayoralty Debate of 2010 at McMaster University as "THE GREATER HEMP AREA".

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