The City of Hamilton has committed to doubling transit ridership by 2020. Do you support this goal? If so, how would you realize it?

Responses to the question: "The City of Hamilton has committed to doubling transit ridership by 2020. Do you support this goal? If so, how would you realize it?"

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Behrens, Chris Yes Yes, I do support this goal; I feel that this commitment is not out of reach. First of all, we need to make public transit more affordable to those who need it most. Seniors and students; as a teacher, I see firsthand students who go hungry throughout the day because they need to spend their lunch money on transit for school. While canvassing senior housing apartments, many seniors expressed the need to make public transit more affordable for them. By 2020, we will have many more seniors than we have today, we really need to assist them in public transit fares. Shorter bus wait times, increased buses during peak hours, and a restructured bus route plan will also help with this goal. In order to afford this, we could replace large buses on low-ridership routes with mini-buses, use of gas taxes to subsidize transit, utilize bus and shelter space for advertising. We also need to pump up the benefits to the average person who drives to work every day. We need to educate the general public that they can relax and enjoy a newspaper and a Timmies on their ride home or to work, instead of a white knuckle drive through the city. Lastly, we see what smog looks like on a hot summer day in 2010, what will our air quality be like ten years from now if we continue to ignore the warnings about the environment? This is a great goal and I hope that we do achieve it.
Knowles, Steven Yes I support the plan to double ridership as I believe it is a goal that would go to benefit the people of this city. However the next government has to realize that this is no easy task and will need major planning and a redesign of the current transit structure. The current system is not working but it doesn't service all areas equally (ward 6 is a major issue).
Yan, Nathalie Xian Yi Yes The following is my preliminary plan for making the HSR more effective. Several route changes could more usefully give Hamiltonians much greater coverage and extension of access within the city.

Extend bus route #2: from Barton terminal to Gray's Road, then precede south bound on Grays Rd and along Queenston Road West bound to Eastgate Square, then north on Centennial Parkway Road back to Barton St., then proceed west to downtown. A second option for bus route 2: from Barton St. East terminal to Jones Road, then south up Jones to Queenston Road, then west to Eastgate Square, and then north on Centennial Parkway back to Barton St. and west bound on Barton to downtown Hamilton bus terminal.

Extend bus route #3: departure from Roxborough Parking lot to Parkdale Avenue North turn left to South bound then proceed along Queenston Road East to the Eastgate Square, drive through then proceeds west along Queenston Road East turn to Parkdale Avenue North, back to Roxborough Avenue via Britannia Avenue to Downtown.

The second option of #3: departure from Roxborough Parking lot to Parkdale Avenue North turn left to South bound then proceeds along Queenston East to the Eastgate Square then proceeds south bound on Centennial Park Way South and turn right at King St. E. proceeds along till turn right at Parkdale Avenue South, then back to Roxborough Avenue via Britannia Avenue to Downtown.

Change #44 west: drive through Redeemer University proceeds East Bound along of Garner Road East turn left at Upper Paradise Road turn left at Stone Church Road West bound terminal at Meadowlands.

Extend #44 East: bound along Rymal Road up to Upper Centennial along down to Centennial Parkway North, turn left at Van Wagner's Beach Bl. Turn back to East Bound of North Service Rd till the boundary of city Hamilton at 50 Road turn back through South Service Road till Centennial Parkway North turn left. Terminal at Eastgate Square.

Cancell #9, extend #6, #7,#8, to cover route #9 and extend service to Waterdown and outreach Aldershot with more reasonable schedules and have them run yearly, daily or certain time zone.

Cancell #55

Cancell #56

Extend #52A to cover all over Dundas

Extend #16 to Garner Road E. pass Redeemer U. to fully service Ancaster

Extend #58 to cover all Stoney Creek include Red Hill, Vincent and extend to Winona. Change of #11: Off Red Hill Parkway. From Mount Albion Road turn left at Greenhill Avenue. Drive to meet King Street turns right. Turn Right at Centennial PY. Turn right at Mud Street West to serve Heritage Green, Valley Park and Leckie Park area.

Extend #33: down to Ancaster Meadowlands and back through Garth and Fennell proceeds to Upper Wellington to Concession St. turn right at Upper Ottawa and turn right at Brucedale Avenue turn right at Upper James St. throught Claremont Access down to Wentworth turn right at Delaware Avenue proceeds to Maplewood Avenue turn right at Gage turn right at Cumberland and turn right at Wentworth turn left at Stinson proceeds to Hunter St. E. terminal at Gore Park through Wellington St.

Make #55 only server for McMaster University, downtown commute and Mohawk College. 1, In order to make "net" ready for "birds" land, ie, to increase ridership, the public transit need have speed limitation, at max 35-40k/h, could be slower, but never speedy. If designated stop has no passengers' board, the operator should adjust the speed to dilute the space of next bus coming.

2, bus should be off Red Hill High Way.

3, Garage buses should pick up anyone who still standing at any bus stops whenever their destination are going to the destinations. Make Hamilton HSR more humanly.

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