Ontario Provincial Election 2014 (Provincial)

List of candidate details and questions for Ontario Provincial Election 2014

Note to Candidates: We make every attempt to ensure that the information provided here is correct. If you notice that any information about you is incorrect or missing, please let us know and we will fix it.

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Candidates (top)

Alex Johnstone Ontario New Democratic Party 0 johnstone009@gmail.com http://electalexjohnstone.com/ 289-426-1840 (bus)
Barry Spruce Freedom Party of Ontario 0 bspruce@cogeco.ca (no website listed)
Donna Skelly Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario 0 info@donnaskelly.ca http://adfw.ontariopc.com/Homepage/Landing 905-627-5488 (home)
Glenn Langton Ontario Libertarian Party 0 glenn.langton@libertarian.on.ca http://libertarian.on.ca/profiles/glenn-langton
Raymond Dartsch Green Party of Ontario 0 raymonddartsch@gpo.ca http://www.gpo.ca/riding/3/candidate-0
Ted McMeekin Ontario Liberal Party 0 info@votetedmcmeekin.ca http://votetedmcmeekin.ca/ 289-768-5233 (bus)
Hamilton Centre
Andrea Horwath Ontario New Democratic Party 0 andreahorwath@ontariondp.ca http://www.andreahorwath.ca 905-581-8868 (bus)
Bob Mann Communist Party of Canada (Ontario) 0 bob@communistpartyontario.ca http://communistpartyontario.ca/?page_id=210
Donna Tiqui-Shebib Ontario Liberal Party 0 info@electdonna.ca http://www.electdonna.ca/ 905.577.0880 (bus)
John Vail Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario 0 John@JohnVail.ca http://www.johnvail.ca 905-528-7991 (home)
289-396-4959 (bus)
Peter Melanson Freedom Party of Ontario 0 (no email listed) (no website listed)
Peter Ormond Green Party of Ontario 0 ormondpm@yahoo.ca http://greenpartyhamilton.ca/candidates/green-party-ontario-hamilton-provincial-candidates/peter-ormond/
Hamilton East-Stoney Creek
Britney Anne Johnston Freedom Party of Ontario 0 britneyanne@me.com (no website listed)
David Brown Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario 0 ken.audziss@ontariopc.net http://www.hesc.ontariopc.com/Homepage/Index 289-396-3788 (bus)
905-662-0977 (fax)
Greg Zink Green Party of Ontario 0 gregzink@gpo.ca http://greenpartyhamilton.ca/candidates/green-party-ontario-hamilton-provincial-candidates/greg-zink/ 905-577-3487 (bus)
Ivan Luksic Ontario Liberal Party 0 info@voteivan.ca http://voteivan.ca/ 289-426-5022 (bus)
Mark Burnison Ontario Libertarian Party 0 mark.burnison@gmail.com http://facebook.com/burnisonformpp 289-213-9711 (bus)
Paul Miller Ontario New Democratic Party 0 PaulMiller@ontariondp.ca http://www.re-electpaulmiller.ca/ 905-549-5656 (bus)
Hamilton Mountain
Albert Marshall Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario 0 rob.conservative@hotmail.com http://www.hamiltonmountain.ontariopc.com/ 289-755-4335 (bus)
Brian Goodwin Freedom Party of Ontario 0 goodwin.82@hotmail.com (no website listed)
Greg Lenko Green Party of Ontario 0 greglenko@gpo.ca http://greenpartyhamilton.ca/candidates/green-party-ontario-hamilton-provincial-candidates/greg-lenko/
Hans Wienhold Ontario Libertarian Party 0 uncleblock@gmail.com http://libertarian.on.ca/profiles/hans-wienhold 289-389-7101 (bus)
Javid Mirza Ontario Liberal Party 0 info@votemirza.ca http://votemirza.ca/ 905-381-9896 (bus)
Monique Taylor Ontario New Democratic Party 0 MoniqueTaylor@ontariondp.ca http://www.moniquetaylor.ca/ 289-755-2663 (bus)
Niagara West-Glanbrook
Basia Krzyzanowski Green Party of Ontario 0 basiakrzyzanowski@gpo.ca http://www.gpo.ca/riding/55/candidate-0 905-563-9293 (bus)
Brian McCormack Ontario New Democratic Party 0 BrianMcCormack@ontariondp.ca (no website listed)
David Mossey Ontario Liberal Party 0 info@votemossey.ca http://votemossey.ca/
Geoff Peacock Freedom Party of Ontario 0 geoff@apedesignz.ca (no website listed)
Stefanos Keratopis Ontario Libertarian Party 0 stefanos.karatopis@gmail.com https://www.libertarian.on.ca/profiles/Stefanos-Karatopis 905-325-2422 (bus)
Tim Hudak Progressive Conservative Party of Ontario 0 info@ontariopc.net http://nwg.ontariopc.com/Candidate 844.223.8683 (bus)

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Known Third-Party Apps (top)

There do not appear to be any known third-party apps for this election.