Many observers argue that Council meetings could be more respectful and professional. Do you agree? If so, what will you do to change this?

Responses to the question: "Many observers argue that Council meetings could be more respectful and professional. Do you agree? If so, what will you do to change this?"

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Black, Bob Yes Yes I agree that Council meetings should be held in a professional, respectful manner ,we are the REPRESENTATIVES of the people of Hamilton so it would appear that we they are okay with acting in a childish fashion, I don't think most people would accept that kind of behaviour from their children why should they have to see it from their REPRESENTATIVES?
DiMillo, Mark Yes Of course I agree that council meetings should be more respectful and professional. Personally, it seems to me that the Councillors do not meet outside of council to discuss and deliberate issues that are presented on the agenda in advance. The formal televised sitting of council should be the last step in the process to publicly support, refer or decline to move forward with agenda items.

I will encourage that we meet more regularly, without time restraints and cameras and seek to get all of the answers we need in advance, so as to present ourselves in a professional manner, showing deference to our positions as Councillors -representing the electorate in a unified and professional manner.
Gibson, Sean Yes Treat others they way you want to be treated; Respect- Integrity- and above all Honesty are the cornerstones of my character and those values I'll bring to City Hall.
McGrimmond, Wilamina Yes Yes, Council meeting should be more respectful and professional. I will not act like a spoiled child like the present council does and even Queens Park is trying to change their image as a lot of people are getting turned off by the presend leaders we have in power.
Tetley, Paul Yes I come from a background in my professional career where colleagues are treated with respect. That respect is extended to all in attendance even when there is a difference of opinion.

I will bring that professional experience to council, and treat my colleagues, and any differences of opinion, with respect. A key part of my past experience is being able to understand the reason why differences of opinion exist, and identifying what can be done to narrow or eliminate the gaps, thus reducing the chances for discourse.

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