Will your term change people's first impression of Hamilton, and make that first impression more attractive to visitors, students, commuters and newcomers? If so, how?

Responses to the question: "Will your term change people's first impression of Hamilton, and make that first impression more attractive to visitors, students, commuters and newcomers? If so, how?"

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Ward 03
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Black, Bob Yes When elected it is my intention to put every effort I possibly can into cleaning up Ward 3 because Ward 3 is my ward, my home. We need to change the look of the Ward and clean up the parks, derelict buildings and maintain/improve the beautiful green spaces within our ward. One idea to this end it to utilize our current assets, to get the gardeners of the ward who would like to show off their skills, to volunteer to work on the greenery. It is also my intention to approach the Boy Scouts/Girl Guides and possibly the City Kidz to pitch in with the clean up some of the streets as well.

I have already started to work with some of the residents of the ward in an initial effort to start the clean up of the ward. I have no issue with rolling up my sleeves and pitching in, it brings back memories of working on the farm as a young man. If even a few start, in time many will follow as they see the progress and enjoy the beauty it brings out.
Gibson, Sean Yes As a local business owner and an entrepreneur, I have already begun changing the way people look at our city. I have a great deal invested in this City and within the area already. On a daily basis, our business engages students from local schools, to the residents in the community and newcomers in a meaningful way. I would like to bring this passion and progressive attitude to City Hall on behalf of our Ward, and in turn changing how our City and Ward is viewed. I would be privileged to represent this Ward and above all this City as an engaged and steadfast Councillor. In doing so I would continue to hold Hamilton and Ward 3 in the highest regard and strive to make Hamilton a destination for many.
McGrimmond, Wilamina Yes I have tried a few times to get something changed here.

Prince George B.C. has a good working program to clean up the city and park benches throughout the city.

I asked my sister what all the groups of people were doing? Her reply was that everyone that lived in the city has to clean up their own part of their community.
There is no litter around, buildings clean, people in the jail makes outdoor furniture for around the city and it works there so why not here.
you have to be proud of your city to do your own small part.
Tetley, Paul Yes We will use a multi-pronged approach to change people's first impression of Hamilton. That starts with improved marketing of Hamilton's assets, both cultural and physical, not only to people new to Hamilton, but to long time Hamilton residents, and outsiders as well.

We need to incorporate Tourism Hamilton into plans to create, manage and maintain a Hamilton Guide for Newcomers (and Visitors), Facebook Page, Twitter Account and an expanded website that will be used to market the many great things that exist in all parts of Hamilton. This promotion and marketing will target new and long time residents, as well as people visiting, or considering visiting, Hamilton.

We also need to actively engage the students of Mohawk and McMaster to increase the appeal of Hamilton and increase the post graduation retention rates.

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Ward 03
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