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NameAlbert Marshall
ElectionOntario Provincial Election 2014
AreaHamilton Mountain
PartyProgressive Conservative Party of Ontario
Email rob.conservative@hotmail.com
Website http://www.hamiltonmountain.ontariopc.com/
BioWe are pleased to introduce our new PC candidate: Albert Marshall

- McMaster University Graduate
- 25 years married with three children
- Former lawyer, pilot, mechanic & entrepreneur
- Founder & Owner of a Chain of Hearing Clinics across Ontario - Hear Right Canada

"My family heritage dates back to the 1800's when my ancestor John Marshall immigrated and made Hamilton his home. I myself was born here in this city, went to school here, and have lived all over Hamilton including on Fennell Ave. I attended a number of schools including McMaster University and Mohawk College, I practiced law here and my kids go to school here.

I have been married for 25 years to a kind, smart, beautiful, hard working woman. Justyna is a lawyer but has been home now for a number of years raising our three children: Justin 16, Matt 19 and Alexandra 21.

During my years I have worked as a mechanic , run businesses, practiced law, and built homes . I have been fortunate enough to have worked in Canada, the USA, Europe and China.

I have experienced hard financial times. While running a manufacturing business I was forced out by the majority owner. My wife and I found ourselves with no income, a young family, and bills to pay. I ended up on employment insurance. I know the fear, the stress, and the pressure it puts on a marriage. I was on EI for only a couple of months, this was just enough to keep the wolf from our door while I worked around the clock to secure a new source of income for my family. This experience made me realize that a good paying job provides much more to a person than just food and housing, it provides dignity.

Today I own a chain of 12 hearing clinics stretching from Hamilton to Kingston. I started Hear Right Canada with the goal of providing hearing care at low prices. This is a business that I started with the belief that it is better to make $1 from 100 people than to make $100 from 1 person.

In my business we help people hear. It is a great privilege to help people and we have days when we are all in tears in the office with the joy of changing someone's life. However in the clinics we can only help one person at a time. What excites me about politics is that if we do it right we can help so many. I will listen to Hamiltonians. I will fight for Hamilton. I will fight for local schools, health care, and to make living in Hamilton affordable again. I will fight to bring good jobs to the city. I will fight to stop the waste of our tax dollars so that these dollars are available to support our communities. We do not need higher taxes; we need to stop wasting them.

Why do I focus on economic growth? I support growth and business for the sole reason of helping people. Businesses and entrepreneurs are tools to generate wealth and jobs in our economy. Without this wealth, governments cannot provide services like health care and education. Without good paying jobs we destroy the very fabric of our city. I support economic growth, not for the love of corporations but for the love of people.

Hamilton is a great city, a city with real people, people that work hard to support their families and pay their bills. I am more comfortable in a Tim Horton's than a Starbucks, and I'm more comfortable here in Hamilton than Toronto." Its about time our politicians puts Hamilton first on their agenda, and I am committed to putting Hamilton first.

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