Do you support improved public transit in Hamilton? If so, what changes do you propose? If not, why not?

Responses to the question: "Do you support improved public transit in Hamilton? If so, what changes do you propose? If not, why not? "

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Marley, Kevin Yes Yes, public transit is an important part of any large city and with the layout of the city of Hamilton it makes it even more vital to the success of this city. Citizens need ways to get around this city and we need to do a better job at meeting that requirement. LRT is one such aspect that will have a positive impact but also taking a critical look at bus routes as well as utilizing the train station are all ways to improve this sector without spending more money.
Scime, John Yes I support improved public transit and the whole system of BLAST. We need to begin with the Bline LRT in order to provide the intrinsic benefits that LRT offers while revenue generating. Specifically in Ward 12, we need to slow down urban sprawl. Only the LRT version of the BLAST system will introduce the necessary density to slow down the mass development projects until we can get a handle on the necessary infrastructure needs.

Transit in any city is the backbone, and having a totally interconnected system is vital to becoming the big city we need to be. Reliability and safety are my main concerns. Currently we cannot transport people to different areas of the city. In Ward 12 we have 2 massive retail complexes and a Business Park that employ Hamiltonians. These need to continue to employ Hamiltonians. We need to provide reliable transit through well planned scheduling. These areas of the city are not 9-5 and schedules need to be carefully implemented. We do not do a good enough job to maintain rider confidence. HSR is a business and customer confidence is the same as any other business, we need to adapt to our customer, Riders.

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