Bonus question: If LRT goes ahead, what will you do to ensure Hamilton receives the maximum benefit?

Responses to the question: "Bonus question: If LRT goes ahead, what will you do to ensure Hamilton receives the maximum benefit?"

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McKechnie, Susan Yes When we say that Hamilton needs to benefit, we are really saying that all Hamiltonians need to receive maximum benefit from the LRT. Outside the lower city, this heavily implicates the effective delivery of the BLAST network that should really augment the LRT with an aim of reaching the key points of transit in non-core parts of the city, many of which include the fastest growing population pools like that in Ward 15. Currently there is no transit option in place to connect outlying students, seniors or workers to the downtown core and its transportation network. The BLAST infrastructure can begin to alleviate some of this demand.

Planning and strategic staffing will be critical to the success of moving this project forward. At a projected capital cost of $1Billion, the LRT represents one of the largest (potentially the largest) infrastructure project the city has ever undertaken. The challenge with mega-projects like this is that there is always the risk of scope creep and other variable cost concerns that could see its projected cost escalate substantially.
Of the LRT projects going on in other cities, each one is substantially over budget and suffering from inevitable timing delays for delivery. Very careful attention to how this is delivered is critical.
Another challenge with mega-projects like this is that they could also “monopolize” resources at the city. Because of their size the City Council, City Staff, Capital budgets, etc run the risk of getting overburdened with the planned infrastructure development. Very careful resource planning needs to be considered in light of these concerns.

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