Do you support phasing out area rating for transit? Why or why not?

Responses to the question: "Do you support phasing out area rating for transit? Why or why not?"

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Benson, Steve Yes Removing Area Rating will assist in creating more revenue which is needed to supply better service, purchase more busses, and help in providing more adequate working conditions for drivers, such as breaks required by law.
Kazubek, Joseph Yes I do support this topic, all ward should be tax equal, and support all service fairly. Up to this point, area rating funds have not been used for there intentionally purpose, if area rating is maintained, then we need to ensure funds are used appropriately.
MacIntyre, Dan Yes It’s a system that has existed for many years. It will not be as easy to do as many believe, but it should be done for the benefit of the city as a whole. We must ensure residents are educated on any changes to area rating, and communication isn’t an area where the City of Hamilton has thrived. At the very least, we need greater accountability for how this money is spent.
McMullen, Geraldine Yes I believe its time to abandon area rating in favour of a more equitable method of taxation and use the area rating money to expand transit service across the city.It has been almost 20 years since amalgamation and Hamiltonians are enjoying a tremendous amount of growth. Growth, however, has brought an increase in demand on our public services, including transit.

In our current situation, transit is woefully underfunded, and we need to get people where they want to go and be affordable. And we need more investment for quality improvements.
Pauls, Esther Yes Yes

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