Do you support the "Vision Zero" goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries in Hamilton? If so, what specific actions would you take to implement this policy? If not, why not?

Responses to the question: "Do you support the "Vision Zero" goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and serious injuries in Hamilton? If so, what specific actions would you take to implement this policy? If not, why not?"

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Benson, Steve No It goes without saying that I support “Vision Zero” but, yet again, the City has taken a different approach to what studies have shown.
If you take a look at the Zero Vision portion of the City’s website, it is clear that the majority of traffic related issues are not the fault of the drivers at all.
The majority of incidents involve bicyclists and pedestrians who do not obey basic traffic laws.
The City however feels that speed is the main issue and has reduced speed limits throughout the city and implemented a strategy called “Traffic Calming” whereby the traffic lights are timed to turn red at each intersection with the intent of slowing drivers down.
This is backward thinking since it creates increasingly dangerous scenarios with drivers being frustrated with the constant stop and go situation and vehicles clogging the streets in areas occupied by cyclists and pedestrians. Often times turning down residential sides street speeding to by pass the congestion. This causes yet another very dangerous situation. Not to mention the air quality of all these idling cars in a confined areas such as downtown.
The real solution is public education and allowing traffic to flow. We need to install proper countdown pedestrian walk lights and enforce this in congested areas and where needed pedestrian cross walks equipped with large cross walk and flashing overhead lights.. We also have to implement serious penalties for cyclists who feel they are above the law by dangerously weaving in and out of traffic and running red lights. With more and more cyclists sharing our roads, perhaps it’s time to institute an education/licensing program.
Kazubek, Joseph Yes I do support vision zero, but I only have limited knowledge of the project and would need to learn more about it before I can give a full response to this question, but anything that will improve safety among the streets, will always have my support.
MacIntyre, Dan Yes Yes. Full stop. Many of our neighbourhoods need immediate traffic calming measures such as reductions to 30 km/h and speed bumps. It’s a demand from residents and it’s the morally correct thing to do. Many of our major arteries have become speedways and that can’t continue. Measures need to be taken to ensure these activities are eliminated. Protected bike lanes are coming to Hamilton Mountain, you can’t stop the future. But Mountain residents resoundingly are against painted lines and want protection for cyclists if they’re going to be sharing the road.
McMullen, Geraldine Yes Yes, I support the premise of “Vision Zero”. I am interested in learning more about the improvements and investments necessary to achieve the goal of eliminating traffic fatalities and injuries. Input from the entire community is necessary and the importance of achieving this goal will need to be communicated.
Pauls, Esther Yes Yes advocate for more multi use pathways (Cycle and walk).

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