Hamilton's Cycling Master Plan has Council approval. However, the implementation timeline is very long and ward councillors can block individual bike lane projects. Do you support accelerating the completion of a continuous bicycle network and other initiatives like a bike sharing program and better access up and down the Escarpment? Why or why not?

Responses to the question: "Hamilton's Cycling Master Plan has Council approval. However, the implementation timeline is very long and ward councillors can block individual bike lane projects. Do you support accelerating the completion of a continuous bicycle network and other initiatives like a bike sharing program and better access up and down the Escarpment? Why or why not?"

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Baldasaro, Michael James Yes Yes, I support accelerating the completion of a continuous bicycle network and associated initiatives throughout the Greater Hamilton Area.

As bicycling has become more popular and with some, more necessary, to me, it is imperative that the bicycling network be completed as soon as possible.

If elected Mayor I will work with the Councillors to get their acquiescence and approval for any bike trails that have been laid out.

Bicycles are best ridden on trials and old rail lines. They make very usable bicycle and walking paths and are much safer than riding on the street. A cyclist can peddle up the escarpment behind the Chedoke Martin Golf Course and end up at Upper Paradise on Mount Forest.

The reason I refer to the Hamilton Mountain as Mt. Forest is because Hamilton, and the Golden Horse Shoe surrounding it, is actually located at the foot of Mt. Forest. The Town of Mt. Forest, on #6 Hwy. North, is the highest elevation in Southern Ontario. It is near the top of an ancient mountain, better known today as the Hamilton Mountain, and we live at its foot. Lower Hamilton is approximately 350' above sea level "asl"; Upper Hamilton 600' asl; Guelph 1,000' asl; Fergus 1,380'; Mt. Forest, 1,560' asl.
Bratina, Bob Yes I believe Council has shown reasonable support for the Shifting Gears program. Ward Councillors have to respond to special circumstances that may occur in the routings through their neighbourhoods, so adjustments may be made from time to time. No Councillor should be able to arbitrarily "block" or otherwise defeat sections of the project. Yes to the acceleration of the continuous bicycle network, bike-sharing, and escarpment access. In fact I believe re-establishment of an incline railway should be considered as part of the cycling strategy. There are many who find an escarpment climb daunting.
Butani, Mahesh P. Yes I strongly support the need to develop a much quicker time-line for the phased-in master plan for cycling.

Introducing bike lanes is a design challenge more than a budgetary problem as it is being made out to be. The implementation of the bike lanes in our city presently suffers greatly from conventional thinking and a piecemeal approach. This has created more hazards for cyclists and auto drivers than it it offers alternative modes of commuting.

Our current patch work of bike lanes exposes the half-hearted attempt in developing critically needed alternate transit solutions. The present approach has led to many misunderstandings of this critical mode of transit among many in our community, and instead of highlighting the many economic benefits in many urban areas of our city - in some cases, as on Dundurn Street South, its impact on merchants has been negative as reported, on account of them loosing kerbside parking.

Our unique geography and landscape offers us a rare opportunity to avoid conventional and often harsh to use city bike lanes. Making creative use of low density roads, older neighbourhoods, historical locations, landmarks, amenities, back roads, nature trails, the escarpment, scenic routes and vistas -- to develop a contiguous and visually rich network of bike lanes across various neighbourhoods, would result in a very safe, appropriately paced and experientially rich biking experience in our city.

While the current phasing in of bike lanes is underway -- it is critical that corresponding design enhancement to the lanes with high quality signage is also implemented in a very comprehensive manner - (ref: http://www.activelivingresources.org/assets/chicagosbikelanedesignguide.pdf ), along with concurrent community education outreach. This will not only enhance the groundwork already done to date, but also create a better appreciation of bike usage, respect for bike users, and a broader community acceptance of the underlying values that this mode of transit holds.

With sophisticated design and rich user-experience oriented continuous lanes; high quality signage; comprehensive community educational outreach; and a well developed bike share program, our city can very quickly become the premier bike friendly city in the GTHA, with one of the most unconventional and visually stunning urban bike lane networks in the world.
Di Ianni, Larry Yes During my time as Mayor, several initiatives regarding cycling in our community took place, including a 2004 and 2006 Update on Cycling Infrastructure Initiatives and the West Hamilton Bicycle Network Review in 2006. I have always supported safe bike lanes, and I emphasize the word safe. Ever since I began riding my Vespa, I have viewed the necessity of road etiquette, safety and road infrastructure in a far more bike-friendly way. I support accelerating the completion of a continuous bicycle network in Hamilton. Other initiatives like a bike sharing program need further study and must consider the experiences of other municipalities who've implemented similar programs.
Eisenberger, Fred Yes We have already made good progress on the cycling front. Under my leadership as Mayor we implemented bike racks on buses, created more secure bicycle parking downtown, and included a velodrome as part of Hamilton's Pan Am Games participation. Implementing our Cycling Master Plan is a key element of my "Livable Streets" policy, which I announced during the Open Streets festival.

The Cycling Master Plan was updated under my leadership and it is crucial to take the next step and implement the Cycling Master Plan. Why? Because without an interconnected network of on-street and off-road bike routes, we simply can't achieve our transportation goals as a community. Implementing a bicycle sharing program sends a powerful message both inside and outside our community that we value bicycles as a practical form of urban transportation.

Advance work is already being done by staff in the city's Smart Commute office. I support improving access up and down the Mountain. I want Hamilton to be a world leader in being a bicycle friendly city.
Filice, Pasquale No No, Must cut taxes, hydro, gas they are to expensive. You have to ask citizens, the counsil is there to serve. Its a great project, you have to prepare for investors to come, you must cut taxes also.
Graydon, Edward H.C. Yes I support the accelerated completion of the bike lanes and support the bicycle network that maybe in the works, but as a very competent biker and a true pioneer in this area, I will only support it if all cyclists get a licence and learn the rules of the road.

I believe that this is a great program, but also expect all those using the infrastructure to help pay the costs, I would suggest that a bike licence be issued to those people that take a safety course and all fines be strictly enforced for those that decide to not obey the road safety act.

I believe that a car wins out every time. When an accident occurs, I want all precaution to be taken to insure the roads are safe to both car and cyclist.

I know first hand the dangers of the road, and am lucky to have survived. It is for this reason that I ask that safety lessons be ensured before this is moved forward in hast.

Teach each person safety lessons and pay a $75 yearly road maintenance fee and I will help to make it happen.
Haines, Andrew Yes Yes, I support accelerating the completion of a continuous bicycle network and other initiatives like a bike sharing program and better access up and down the Escarpment.

For the longest time, Brantford was the MOST bicycle-friendly City in Ontario while Hamilton was the most bicycle-UNfriendly City. In recent years, that has changed somewhat. Hamilton NEEDS to be extremely bicycle-friendly, as soon as possible.

I ride a bicycle from time to time, and when I do, I marvel at how comparatively few injuries and fatalities are experienced by Hamilton cyclists.
Hamilton, Glenn Yes It helps to create healthier lifestyles, better safety, and reduced green house pollutants.
Leach, Ken Yes The Cycling Master Plan has my utmost approval. However, we not only need to move forward with this plan, we need to ensure that the end destination is determined. The long delays in the Transit Master Plan, combined with the uncertainty of the LRT proposal, make it difficult to ensure that the eco-commuters' safety is ensured. I strongly agree with a community that can travel by foot, bicycle, skateboard or any other self propelled mode of transit. I must ensure that we do not shuffle these commuters onto streets that will bear the brunt of the overflow traffic once we move forward with the Transit Master Plan. I will ensure that we provide a safe environment for these people, before I create an avenue to fail.
Marrone, Tone Yes I'm a strong advocate of interconnecting bike lanes. I've been a cyclist for years and it is one of my platform objectives to have interconnecting bike lanes. Being a fitness enthusiast my whole life, I've often dreamed of being able to ride without concern of motorist from east to west, north to south, across this beautiful city. I'm all for it and count on any red tape being eliminated after I'm elected into office. Everyone should take the time to exercise for the benefit of all humanity. A healthy body begets a healthy mind.
Speziale, Gino Yes There are over 160 clubs registered with the Ontario Cycling association, ranging from a small group of friends, to organizations of several hundred members. Clubs organize a variety of programs and events, such as regular training rides, recreational tours, educational clinics on racing, touring, mountain biking as well as social get-together.

Local cycling clubs include, All The Right Gears (Stoney Creek), Elite Health, Hamilton Cycling Club, Mazur Coaching, Ontario Masters Cycling Association, Pierik's Cycle, Team Cross all of Hamilton and Wheels of Bloor (Dundas), Neworld Cycle of Burlington, Team Nanoblur - Gears (Carlisle). The interest and spirit in cycling is evident and growing but the majority of cyclists are individuals using their bicycles for practical means of transportation to a destination and by leisure enthusiasts riding aimlessly.

Again the city and the Region of Hamilton Wentworth falls behind other Municipalities in promoting cycling as a practical means of transportation as well as the Environmental and physical benefits. Our roads are not "share friendly" with vehicles and because of our heavy industry, transport and all other large trucks have little space on their respective lane to negotiate around cyclist which acts as a deterrent for many people not to cycle on any main arteries.

The cycling clubs mentioned above and the Ontario Cycling association must take part in the consulting and layout (blue print) of any bike lanes. These people are the experts and know the shared roads and off roads better than any Mayor or Councilor. These experts see the bike lanes as automobile drivers see the road in front of them. All precautions and considerations will be identified by these experts and this will assure all bike lanes are as safe as could be. And just as important it will be inviting for all.

The newly designed bike lanes will promote itself. With the introduction of bike tunnels in high traffic areas and properly attended rest stops which hands out free bottled water and equipped with first aid supplies on the scenic routes. This will reflect the efforts, expertise and commitments on behalf of The City of Hamilton on promoting cycling and make it enjoyable for all. If presented and implemented properly, hundreds if not thousands of vehicles will be taken off the road even for short periods of time. And when these short stints are added up both the citizens and the Environment wins.

As Mayor, bike lanes which would include construction of overpasses and tunnels would be one of the top priorities to move Hamilton forward literally! All road construction and projects will have the bike lane mandated in the scope of work without exception. Many trails will be carved out of the side of the escarpment which will have an gradual incline with rest stops. Diverting natural water flow from creeks and streams from the top of the escarpment will create waterfalls to enhance these trails and with a breath taking view of the lower City. We will have a near perfect scenic trail that will very inviting and delight all.

The City of Hamilton will allocate funds for the promotion of cycling throughout the City and Region and will use the local media groups to inform the public. These on and off road bike lanes and trials will be state of the art and with the annual funding allocated by the City of Hamilton and the assistance of the many cycling clubs in our area, Hamilton will be a prime location to entertain local and international cycling events.
Veri, Victor Yes Yes, acccelerate the completion. I really like the concept of bike sharing but we need to wait for test results from Montreal Trial Program.

PS France's trial program was very expensive with much financial cost to the taxpayer.
Waxman, Steven Maybe Bike sharing is definitely supported. A Master Plan must be acceptable prior to implementation, otherwise there is really no 'Master' plan with the Ward based conditions.

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