Will your term change people's first impression of Hamilton, and make that first impression more attractive to visitors, students, commuters and newcomers? If so, how?

Responses to the question: "Will your term change people's first impression of Hamilton, and make that first impression more attractive to visitors, students, commuters and newcomers? If so, how?"

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Baldasaro, Michael James Yes Yes, I believe my term in office will change everyone's first impression of Hamilton and make that first impression more attractive to everyone.

The first impression of Hamilton will be, what the Hell, these people are survivors and know how to live well.

Today we have a dysfunctional Council and City Services because our Leaders have not been capable of working with and communicating with Council or City Employees.

As Hamilton's Chief Justice of the Peace, I will run City Council as the Court and Civic Parliament it is and should be. I will work to place time limits on Councilors submissions accordingly. We must do our homework at home and bring to the Council Table short concise submissions, just as we do when we run as Candidates for Office.

We will once again be known for our prosperity, fairness and innovation, especially in the Industrial fields due our employment of vacant buildings and U.S. Steel and other workers in order to make equipment to supply our new found Industries for harvesting, handling, research and processing Hemp/Marijuana products.

We will provide Bus Depots/Stations where Buses will service and reside throughout each City of the G.H.A., Ancaster, Dundas, Flamborough, Glanbrook, Hamilton, Mount Hope and Stoney Creek. Our fleet will all run on bio-fuels grown and developed within the Greater Hamilton/Hemp Area.

We will be known for our ingenuity by creating the Office of 2 Councilors per Ward, one of whom will be wo-man-dated to be a female. This will reduce the need to throw away millions of dollars we now spend on Consultants and will raise the bar for contenders seeking Office while providing greater representation more evenly for everyone so we may better find solutions to the problems facing everyone in our Area which should and will be rated fairly and equitably.

We will build condos, residences and entertainment at the West Harbour and a Crystal Palace as it was when Gore Park was glassed in. Indoors and out-door walkways from Gore Park over top Jackson Sq. all the way down to the West Harbour. Hamilton will be a destination for to enjoy year round. inside and out.
Bratina, Bob Yes During my first term Canadians will be hearing different things about Hamilton than what they have heard, especially from the Mayor's office during the previous two terms. The Mayor is or should be the number one salesperson for Hamilton.

The thing that will be significantly changed is the Hamilton "brand". At one time "made in Japan" implied cheapness and low quality. That was changed diametrically in a generation after the 2nd World War. We can do that for Hamilton.
Butani, Mahesh P. Yes My term will be defined by the theme: HamiltonNow! - not our yesterday, not our tomorrow, but our NOW!

It will strengthen our shaky confidence in our own abilities to seize the moment and run with it in order to carve out our own destiny -- an act of 'community self actualization' that is rooted in implicit respect for our younger generation and their dreams & aspirations; while not loosing our deep admiration for our seniors and their contributions.

My proposal to develop an open citizens office in the mayor's office called InnoHa! - short for "InnovateHamilton" - will define new standards in community collaboration; organizational transparency & public accountability; and cutting edge innovations in sustainable living.

Creativity or a' creative city' will be the natural outcome of adopting these principles, and the first impressions of my approach will be: a truly open and welcoming Hamilton - which will never again have to shout out aloud about its attractiveness, but by the very way it conducts itself, will be perceived as one.
Eisenberger, Fred Yes We have already made great strides with new anti-graffiti measures, by reviving a program to plant flowers on traffic medians, thereby erasing urban blight, and through our Clean and Green by 2015 program of cleaning up the city.

Going forward, our Pan Am Games initiative will be a driving force in cleaning up our community through brownfield re-development, new sport infrastructure, and a legacy of increased activity in wellness. Hamilton will never be the same as we welcome the world with open arms during the 2015 Pan Am Games.
Filice, Pasquale Yes Yes, fix downtown first. It's imperative or change will not come.
Haines, Andrew Yes If Hamilton became known as the City which is, truly, guided by its own citizens.,

If Hamiltonians were given the opportunity to love each-other and to help each other just a little more than they already do.,
If Hamilton NO LONGER NEEDED to have homeless shelters or soup wagons.,
If Hamilton had easy access to affordable and efficient transit.,
If Hamilton RE-emerged as the "Centre of the Universe", THE place to be, THE place to work, THE place to raise a family and THE place to invest-in, what would ALL that say about those of us here, in the Hammer?

As I have asked countless times: PLEASE visit www.UsNowfilm.com and see exactly what I want to introduce to Hamilton.

And remember: "Career Politicians" are a lot like diapers: they need to be changed often and for the same reason.
Hamilton, Glenn Yes Yes, I would change our image to a new business hot spot so jobs and new companies are plentiful and bring new life to our business sector for jobs. I would make City Hall business friendly. I would also aggressively market and change Hamilton to express all our natural beauty, arts and lifestyle. We need a new Hamilton and that's me. Vote Glenn Hamilton for Hamilton on Monday Oct 25th.
Leach, Ken Yes People's first impression of Hamilton is negative at first glance. Entering the downtown core is a lesson in social planning gone wrong. We have grouped all of our social services in a single area. Through simple use of postal code sampling, we could shift social services to the areas at risk, while changing the face of the downtown core.
Marrone, Tone Yes I believe that our city's image is the most critical issue facing this city. Poverty has helped develop the image we have,so in a round about way,poverty is the most critical issue facing Hamilton today. People in poverty need to have a sense of purpose in life. We as a municipal government have to help facilitate programs that will enrich the lives of the less fortunate and develop a renewed sense of belonging and purpose.

My platform has been based on a rejuvenated city that will be pleasing to the senses. A city that looks beautiful will attract people and business. Making that ideal a priority is exactly why I'm running for Mayor. Hamilton needs a new image. My term as mayor will concentrate on bringing the arts and entertainment world to our community. I envision a major film festival,studios in our brownfields, a vibrant clean downtown, a major theme park somewhere on our waterfront and a state of the art Pan American stadium at confederation park. I would like to have a consensus on bringing a casino to Hamilton ,if the people want it, why not. Tourism is big business that our community is missing out on. It's time for a change.
Speziale, Gino Yes To achieve this goal of changing people's perspectives and first impression of Hamilton, I as Mayor would institute and charge all councilors to obtain an accurate census from their respective constituents on how to improve, revitalize and to embrace the changes that need to be made by the people and for the people. Only citizens can see the real light that shines on their community. By instituting their recommendations which could and in some cases would infringe and superseding Federal and Provincial laws.

At best, laws of the land are created by individuals that are so far removed from the common citizen of Hamilton and Region that their decisions at the Provincial and Federal levels respectively, causes greater hardships for our citizens then beneficial as it was intended. The negative impacts of our City have greater challenges than most other Municipalities. Such as having the HIGHEST UNEMPLOYMENT in the nation, being the highest TAXED Region in the Province, having the highest CRIME RATE PER CAPITA in the Nation and just about TWENTY FIVE PERCENT(25%) of the population is living on or below the POVERTY LINE. All these unsustainable conditions create enormous and immense hardships and stresses on our citizens. Statistic show that the percentage of citizens throughout this Region are among the highest living with all levels and stages of depression. These alarming levels have not been seen or documented since the second world war.

Most of which is induced by living standards and conditions that should not be and are mostly forced upon the citizens by laws that deter the good citizens of our Region to do the right thing in bad times. By shear numbers of the population, each community would present their councilor a list of recommendations (demands) that may include the elimination of crime such as drugs, prostitution and gang activity from their community and a completion date to ensure the mandates are completed. The councilors will be held accountable to ensure all is completed within the time allotted to the satisfaction of the concerned citizens. If the mandate is not completed or did not meet the citizens expectation, the community could start proceedings to remove the councilor from his or her position under a new law which I as Mayor will put on the table for a vote and ensure it passes. Any councilor that votes against it will show their true colour and motive for their position in Council. This is were laws of the land could be infringed upon. Laws will be passed that states "Any person that infringes or violates another person in any way and found guilty will be fined no less than $25,000 per charge. Court and policing costs will be covered and the difference be given to the victim. Any person caught in the act of illegal entry of a citizens home will have no rights of defence and any actions taken by the citizen to protect his or her home and family will not be chargeable in this act of defence.

These are a few examples of the necessary changes needed to turn the City and Region around. At which point all systems are in place, the natural metamorphosis from being labeled "The armpit of Ontario", "The filthy City", "The City with nothing to offer" and many other negative impressions will be replaced with valid statements such as " The safest City in Canada", "True City of ambition" and "The City to work in, raise a child in, play and enjoy in and most importantly, to retire in".
Waxman, Steven Yes Hamilton is troubled by perceptions which become realties to thos who perceive same. We must appear cohesive and organized and strive to become 'ambitious' once again. We must ensure that there is substance behind any image campaigning. You can only sell waterfalls so much before they dry up!

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