For your campaign, will you be accepting donations from corporations or unions? If so, why? If not, why not?

Responses to the question: "For your campaign, will you be accepting donations from corporations or unions? If so, why? If not, why not?"

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Baldasaro, Michael James No No. I will not be accepting donations from corporations or unions to support my campaign for Mayor of the G.H.A., "The Greater Hamilton Area". I am not asking for and/or accepting donations from anyone and will spend between $500.00 and $1,000.00 of my own money, running on my name and word of mouth.

The reason I refuse to seek funds from my fellow Constituents to fund my Mayoral Campaign, is because I do not believe in begging, i.e. putting my hand in the pockets of those I am looking to represent and enrich, the Citizens of the 'G.H.A.".

I believe in putting money in everyone's pockets through responsible and accessible Leadership, working together with Council, Municipal Workers and the Citizens we serve equally throughout the G.H.A.
Bratina, Bob No As in the past our campaign will only accept personal donations. This is becoming the accepted practice among constituencies that wish to ensure minimal corporate and union influence on Councillors' decisions.
Butani, Mahesh P. No I will not be accepting donations from corporations or unions.

I believe that elections should be conducted with an entirely different approach if we are at all expecting to see substantive changes in outcomes.

I believe elections should be run on communicating candidates campaign platforms/initiatives - and the media available at our disposal in our times - provides free access to all voters to review what is being proposed by candidates. Live debates offers another channel to get to know the candidates well.
Di Ianni, Larry No In this election, our community-based campaign will only accept personal contributions – no donations, (either monetary or in-kind) from unions or corporations will be accepted. As a previous federal candidate, I have already run an election campaign without corporate or union donations. I am confident that we will be able to raise the funds we need to run our campaign from individual donors throughout the community.
Eisenberger, Fred No I am not accepting corporate or union donations for my campaign. While corporations and unions play important roles in our society, individual members of our community are my priority.
Filice, Pasquale Yes Yes, it will be deposited at city hall bank account.
Graydon, Edward H.C. No I believe that running for Mayor is one of civic responsibility, and believe that taking any contributions will distract from the idea to serve all voters fairly. I believe that if a mayoral candidate does not have the personal funds to run, then they are in the wrong arena! Now that I have decided to run for mayor of Hamilton, it is my goal that I have absolutely no possibility of showing favouritism or that my name be attached to it. I hope to help all people rich and poor to make Hamilton a healthier, cleaner and more vibrant city. I truly believe that all projects in the future should be based on their own merit. I believe Hamilton's disadvantaged need the help the most if our city is to move forward.
Haines, Andrew No The answer to your question is "no, thank-you".

I believe that by accepting a corporate or union donation would leave me vulnerable to the influence of the donor and would, thus, create a conflict of interest for me, before I even get started.

I believe that Hamilton is the centre of the universe, I would like to be its leader and I wish to run an honest campaign which treats everyone fairly.

"Love All, Serve All" is one of the very best mottos that I've ever heard. It's the Hard Rock Cafe's motto and I have adopted it for my campaign.
Hamilton, Glenn Yes As for contributions, the maximum any one entity can contribute is $750.00, based on my knowledge of the laws (MEA) and by what I was told by City Hall. I believe the key is to do it legally.

As for me, I need all the help I can get for my grass roots campaign! I am up against two career politicians and their formidable campaign machines as you know. That's Eisenberger and Di Ianni for sure and whoever else is running.

I want to mention that corporations and unions play a very important role in our community. That is how we have jobs and that is how we make good working conditions between the two of them. We want more of that here in Hamilton Now! The Unions of Hamilton helped to create the middle class in North America and perhaps the world, right here in Hamilton in the 1930s. We have lots to celebrate and be proud of as Hamiltonians, but much more work needs to be done.
Leach, Ken No I will not be accepting donations from corporations or unions.

With past mayoral races in mind, the question that you ask is obvious.

I do not wish to dissuade voters by leaving the impression that I am pro-business, or pro-union.

I am pro-people.

Although corporations and unions support their workers, I do not wish to associate myself with these organizations,
I prefer to associate myself with their members.

With that in mind another interesting question arises, if the candidates are unwilling to accept donations from
corporations, are they willing to accept 'personal' donations from the executive members of the same corporations and unions?

Again I will distance myself from any potential issues.
Marrone, Tone No Thank you for asking such a pertinent question. I am not excepting any donations fron corporations or unions for the simple reason that Im running for office to be a public servant. In my interpretation of such a vocation it means to serve the constituents not the private sector. My slogan for the campaign is "the peoples mayor". My whole life has been lined with integrity, I'm real, not phoney. Nobody is going to tie strings on my back, count on that. Again, thanks for asking.
Speziale, Gino No No we will not be accepting donations from corporations or unions.

As we all know and recognize donations from the these two organizations is only a short term investment on their part for long time returns. Decisions made by any elected persons will always have the influence to ensure that extra considerations are made to the corporations or unions in which gave financial support. This only leads to unfair practices and discriminates against all parties other than the corporations or unions.
Veri, Victor No No. I do not want to feel beholding to contributors. I want to make free thinking decisions.
Waxman, Steven No The campaign is being financed from personal funds.

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