Stephen E. Brotherston, Candidate for Hamilton Mountain in Federal Election 2011

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NameStephen E. Brotherston
ElectionFederal Election 2011
AreaHamilton Mountain
PartyGreen Party of Canada
Email sbrother@mountaincable.net
Website http://greenpartyhamilton.ca/hamiltonmountain/candidate/
BioA Geological Engineering graduate of the University of Toronto, Stephen moved to Hamilton in 1981 where he completed a Masters of Business Administration at McMaster University. Later, Stephen completed the requirements for the Chartered Business Valuators designation while working with one of Hamilton’s regional public accounting firms.

Stephen’s business career started in finance. Accomplishments in personal financial planning were followed by business banking and then financial consulting with several of Hamilton’s public accounting firms. He was made a Partner with a flourishing Hamilton regional practice.

Upon gaining a number of years of business experience, Stephen joined the family business manufacturing specialty chairs for the disabled and elderly. Under the direction of Stephen and his brothers, the business expanded with sales across Canada, the U.S., Germany and Japan. The business continues to experience success and increased sales across the world. In time, Stephen joined an independent auto parts manufacturer as its Chief Financial Officer, eventually assuming operational control as Chief Operations Officer. Having guided businesses through a period of irregular economy, Stephen understands the difficulties facing companies who have experienced its adverse effects. He is currently retired.

Stephen’s business experience is compounded by his local volunteer experience, which includes organizing events as Chair at The Hamilton and District Chamber of Commerce. He has developed the leadership and organizational skills needed to achieve high goals and see projects through to their successful completion. The change towards a green economy does not have to be financially hurtful; Stephen believes that this change represents our best opportunity to bring high paying manufacturing jobs back to Canada and Hamilton in particular. The quality of our environment and the quality of our lives are not in conflict.

Stephen is married to Lucy Petruccelli, a long-time Hamilton resident. They have been married for over 25 years and have 2 adult children, David and Stephanie.

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Responses to Questions (top)

QuestionBrief ResponseFull Response
Will your platform promote the growth of manufacturing jobs in Hamilton? If so, how? If not, why not? Yes Greens believe we should be actively encouraging green companies to be locating in Canada instead of Germany or the USA. A focus on helping growth industries locate here instead of sunset industries.

If we want the Steel industry to survive in Hamilton – and we should – we need to help them become the greenest steel producers anywhere – to be leaders in their industry and a model other countries want their steel mills to follow. Canada can’t afford to let our existing major industries continue to slide into brown fields.
Will you call for a full public inquiry into the 2010 G20? Why or why not? No Why have an inquiry for an event that can be 100% blamed on an uncaring PM.
Do you support some form of proportional representation instead of first-past-the-post voting? If so, what will you do to promote it? If not, why not? Yes Some form of proportional representation would be highly preferable.
Please explain how the Prime Minister and cabinet are formed in the Canadian Parliamentary system. No I’m sure your readers can figure this one out for themselves.
Will your party take steps to make sure the foreign purchase of Canadian companies does not cost Canadian jobs? If so, what will you do? If not, why not? Yes We could start by actually following the investment rules currently in place and applying a measure of common sense.
Do you believe global oil production is at or near an historic peak? If so, what will your party do to prepare Canada for declining oil production? If not, why not? Yes As a geological engineer, it is apparent our ability to raise oil production for more than brief periods is ending but Canada has a large supply of oil remaining – the rest of the world maybe much less.

It should have been obvious for some time that Canada should be diversifying its energy supply across many different methods/sources including renewable and micro sources.
Will you always vote along party lines, or are you prepared to vote your conscience on a matter in which you disagree with your party's position? No When push comes to shove, I would have to vote my conscience.
The House of Commons Standing Committee on Canadian Heritage has recommended that CBC's annual parliamentary grant be raised from $33 per Canadian to $40. Will you support this recommendation? Why or why not? If so, will you advocate for a Hamilton-based CBC radio station? Yes I would personally like to see the CBC have a greater presence in Hamilton and your idea for CBC-Hamilton Radio is a good idea.
Do you believe parliamentary rule has been eroding in Canada? If so, what will you do to reverse it? If not, why not? No We have voter apathy in Canada. A majority government can be won with less than 25% support from eligible voters. Everything stems from this.
Do you believe human activity is contributing to climate change? If so, what should we do about it? If not, why not? Yes Over 6 billion people impact on absolutely everything.

Canada can’t change the world but we should be moving towards cleaner, more sustainable sources of energy and reducing our own energy demands. It is in our own best interests.
Do you believe the Federal Government needs to do more to support cities? If so, what needs to change? If not, why not? Yes Greens support the creation of 6 municipal superfunds totalling $2.4 billion annually to help cities with brownfield remediation, water & waste treatment, recreational facilities, mass transit, cycling & pedestrian promotion, and community housing.

Our cities are under-funded and need federal support.
Do you support Vrancor's attempt to remove heritage protection from 150 Main Street West (the old Revenue Canada building)? Why or why not? Yes Hamilton needs that building either reclaimed or torn down and replaced – Hamilton needs to clear its abandoned buildings. They are a blight on our city.
Do you believe the Federal Government is doing everything it can to complete the cleanup of Randle Reef? Why or why not? No A poorly, possibly deliberately, constructed deal that requires the Fed, Province, Hamilton, Burlington, Halton, & Stelco to all agree to pay for part of the cost before any cleanup will happen. The Fed government did their best to ensure it would take multiple elections before clean up starts, if ever. On a positive note, the province is working very hard to keep this project alive.