Bonus question: If LRT goes ahead, what will you do to ensure Hamilton receives the maximum benefit?

Responses to the question: "Bonus question: If LRT goes ahead, what will you do to ensure Hamilton receives the maximum benefit?"

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Allen, Jason Yes I will ensure that inclusionary zoning is implemented along the corridor, in order to ensure that the benefits of LRT-driven investment are spread out more evenly. I will also use the lessons I learned working with the Eglinton Crosstown team to ensure that businesses along the corridor are well supported. Finally, I will encourage the Economic Development department to stop chasing after big name marquee employers for the development along the corridor, but instead invest in incentives and assistance for small to medium businesses, which are the engine of our economy. We don’t need another ill advised #Hamazon campaign chasing after a project that we don’t have the city infrastructure to support. What we need is to support strong, vibrant small businesses in Hamilton who are employing people now, and could use a bit of help to employ even more.
Anderson, Sharon Yes Making sure that while we gain increased density along the proposed route, we also gain increased rent controlled units to maintain housing affordability as well as increased commercial space. Making sure our existing bus routes are adjusted to make the best use possible of the LRT route in moving people around the City. Promote the use of the LRT to our residents to build ridership throughout the City. Build off the LRT momentum to complete the other sections of our BLAST network.
Cole, Sharon Yes Bringing all partners (the City, P3 partners, HSR, ATU, BIA's, businesses, community groups and residents) to the table will be paramount through the planning and development phases with the cornerstone being communication, facilitated by Councillors to ensure expectations are effectively managed. We are building rapid transit solutions for the future, not just for today and I believe it is my job as a Councillor to help them understand, participate and achieve that vision.
Eroglu, Ela Yes As councillor, I will ensure that as City we are getting all the benefits that LRT can provide. It is important that LRT to integrate other modes of transportation that links a greater number of destinations and connects all communities. Ensure that it provides mobility to everyone and contributes towards walkable and connected communities. LRT will help stimulate economy and contribute the revitalization effort of downtown by attracting new investors, businesses and bring more quality jobs to the City. Since LRT is green and clean we will benefit from reduced air pollution and reduced noise pollution. In order to get full benefit from LRT it must be integrated with Hamilton Street Railway network, pedestrian connections, cycling routes, bike share system, and other systems including GO Transit that connects Hamilton to the neighbouring cities.
Geffros, Sophie Yes LRT is a massive infrastructure project, and with any massive infrastructure project there is the potential for huge investments in our city. Developers are already buying up land around the proposed LRT line -- I will ensure that at least 30% of the new units are affordable or geared to income (this figure is higher than the range given for general housing developments, as it is vital that transit is easily accessible by low-income people and people living with disabilities). I am also excited to work with neighbourhoods, the Chamber of Commerce, and small businesses to ensure that any disruptions to small-businesses are minimal and that individuals are encouraged to patronize the stores along the transit line.
Massie, Richard Yes Along with the economic uplift - I would focus on ensuring development along the LRT route includes affordable housing. It is important to respect existing neighbourhoods' residents who have called Hamilton home for decades by not pushing them out- many are on a fixed income and cannot adjust to greater property tax values.
Miklos, Lyla Yes The potential with any major new infrastructure project is for gentrification to run amok. It is our duty as elected officials who are entrusted to look after the well being of all our citizens to insure that capitalist forces are not what drive our decisions. We need to make sure that any new development along the corridor is centred with a commitment to affordable housing. We also need to help build up the businesses that are based in Hamilton and encourage small business owners to be anchor tenants along the line rather than outside international corporations who are not truly invested in the community or the city.
Narducci, Linda Yes I appreciate that change is hard. If the people of Hamilton can see the benefits the likelihood of using it and accepting the system would be higher. I would like to see a fresh and exciting marketing plan using real people, real residents, real stories and how it has improved their lives and lifestyle. This marketing plan should include the businesses that will be affected by the construction. Supporting them in keeping flow of business to them. I think we need to be aware of rental and housing prices, that they are kept within the plans for affordable housing along the line.
White, Harrison Yes First and foremost is a restructuring of the HSR bus route system. That will improve the day-to-day lives of many in the city. Next up would be attempts to attract new business to downtown Hamilton, we have a significant amount of office space available. I believe we could use the 500-thousand-dollar informational pamphlet utilized to try and gain Amazon’s second headquarters to try and recruit other business to the city. I would like to see plenty of mixed-use zoning in the areas around the LRT to ensure better population density, as well as plenty of store-front shops for people to shop at. I would like to see bike racks at each major stop for the LRT and would prefer if a bike route could connect to each major stop as well. I would like to lobby the government, both federal and provincially, to provide additional transit funding in an attempt to establish a north-south route as well. Given how long it has taken Hamilton to establish the first line of LRT, if the A-Line portion of the B.L.A.S.T. network is to be completed before 2030 we need to start the process right away. I believe if Hamilton uses long-term vision, we can ensure the LRT is the first step to continuing to grow and develop our city.
Wilson, Maureen Yes We need to ensure the value is captured by land use planning that allows for and fast tracks appropriate densities along the corridor and we need to press hard for a community benefit plan that provides important priorities such as apprenticeships and living wage jobs for local residents and businesses. We also must plan with purpose to ensure the availability of affordable housing along and within the transit corridor.

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