Council has voted dozens of times since 2008 to advance Hamilton's light rail transit (LRT) project, including voting to submit the plan with a full funding request to the Province in 2013, and voting to accept full funding and implementation from the Province in 2015. Do you support completing the LRT plan? Why or why not?

Responses to the question: "Council has voted dozens of times since 2008 to advance Hamilton's light rail transit (LRT) project, including voting to submit the plan with a full funding request to the Province in 2013, and voting to accept full funding and implementation from the Province in 2015. Do you support completing the LRT plan? Why or why not?"

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Allen, Jason Yes I fully support LRT, along with the 1200 construction jobs, 200 permanent jobs, and likely over $3 billion in property investment it will bring to the city. I am well aware that the majority of people in Ward 1 who oppose LRT are older than I am, but I continue to remind them that they are not going to be able to driver forever – at some point their doctor will not permit it. At that point they are going to want a safe, accessible, reliable transit system, and LRT provides that.
Anderson, Sharon Maybe Yes I support completing the LRT however, I have some clarifications and concerns with the current version of the plan which I think need to be addressed. In particular there are sections along King Street where there appear to be isolated blocks where two way traffic is proposed which when I interpret them on my own do not seem practical. I would also require a detailed communication, detour and access plan for the business owners and residents who will be impacted by the construction zone prior to the start of construction.
Cole, Sharon Yes I have for a number of years, been a strong advocate of integrated rapid transit solutions in Hamilton, including LRT. I had the opportunity a few years ago to witness LRT in action in western Canada and was thoroughly impressed with the impact this form of rapid transit had on the entire community. I witnessed the advantages of LRT connecting the city, altering transportation habits for the better and enhancing community growth and its ability to integrate with other rapid transit options. That prompted me on my return to engage in the debate, penning Op/Ed's in the Spec. and on social media, and engaging with the City, the Hamilton Street Railway and the Amalgamated Transit Union. I felt it was time to lend my voice to protecting current and future investments in Hamilton's integrated rapid transit solutions.
Eroglu, Ela Yes I support LRT. I believe LRT will provide accessible, affordable, reliable and comfortable means of public transportation that connects residents not only within the City but provides foundation for future developments. Providing a reliable, accessible and affordable public transportation is vital for our ward as well as for the City as a whole. By investing in our public services wisely we can make transportation, housing and access to arts and recreation affordable and accessible to everyone.
Geffros, Sophie Yes Hamilton needs Light Rail Transit, with a promised one billion dollars in provincial funding this is a well researched investment in mass transit we cannot afford to pass by. We need to increase our capacity for mass transit, and as a wheelchair user I am well aware that the HSR does not meet the needs of our city for accessible mass transit. Beyond this, I believe that if implemented correctly, LRT can be used to develop equity in our city through holistic investment in communities specifically in affordable housing infrastructure along the line.
Massie, Richard Yes I support the LRT plan because infrastructure and transit in Hamilton has been starved for years - if the province is funding the infrastructure replacement underground along the downtown corridor then that frees up City money for other necessary infrastructure projects on the mountain.
Miklos, Lyla Yes If we want to be a world class city we need to have a world class transit system. We need to dream big and want to be the envy of other municipalities in this regard. The LRT isn't just an investment in some amazing new public transit infrastructure, it also an investment in our environment. The LRT will not be powered using fossil fuels. It will be run via renewable resources. This is making a commitment to the next generation and insures that our children and our children's children will have clean air to breathe, clean water to drink and clean earth to play and build in.
Narducci, Linda Yes We need improved ways to move around the city; faster, more efficient, less pollution. I do support the LRT along with the BLAST network to accommodate the growth and development not only within the city but also the mountain, Waterdown, Ancaster, airport. Currently, Hamilton has a precarious work rate of 60% which has a negative effect on lives, potential growth of a city and home affordability. LRT along with the BLAST network will not only support the cities transit needs but extend to combat this precarious work and affordable homes epidemic.
White, Harrison Yes It is time for Hamilton to complete the LRT. While I was not a big fan of how Hamilton conducted their process for obtaining LRT, nor am completely in agreement with Memorandum of Agreement that Hamilton signed, the LRT is necessary. The net benefits to the City of Hamilton are too important to ignore. Hamilton has roughly a 3.5-billion-dollar infrastructure deficit, the implementation of the LRT will help with that. There will be a net benefit of roughly 205 million dollars to Hamilton’s aging infrastructure. This is important to help Hamilton upgrade necessary infrastructure, such as the Longwood bridge, without worrying about increasing that deficit. This will allow Hamilton to refocus on other important infrastructure projects that the City needs. It will also allow the HSR to redirect a plethora of buses, as the routes will now revolve around the LRT. The LRT appears to be a benefit to everyone in the City of Hamilton, and should attract more business, development, youth, and professionals to the city. Hopefully Hamilton can expect just as much economic benefit as seen in the Waterloo region (~$2.1 billion).
Wilson, Maureen Yes Yes, because we need to do what we said we would do repeatedly if we hope to have the confidence of both our citizens and prospective investors. It is also the spine upon which the Blast network is constructed.

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